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  1. Happy Cruisers has hit the nail bang on the head. My trip back from Dubai to Southampton was spoiled by the ludicrous price of Cunard drinks. It’s not just the cost but after dinner evenings are spoilt by the lack of cruisers in the jazz and other bars put off by the high prices. We are not poor but I hate being ripped off by cruise lines with a captive audience. We loved the QM2 and would like to do a transatlantic crossing but I will never book Cunard again until they change their ways. Next trip is with Celebrity on their Baltic/ St Petersburg cruise with an all in package at a reasonable price, that way I can drink all I want when I want without the dreaded bill at the end of the trip. Surely Cunard must know that drinks purchased per passenger is well down on others in their various fleets.
  2. Hatie. I think the point here is that we are trying to bring to Cunard’s attention cients objections to overpriced slcoholic drinks on their liners not the finite way they measure them. I believe rightly or wrongly they are losing clients and onboard business by their charges. Maybe they could provide an answer and not a cc moderator telling us what we already know.
  3. “Das ist verboten”. Only if they find out. Lol.
  4. Or cruise was Dubai - Southampton last year. We did find that Cunard were pretty lenient about taking bottles of alcohol onboard after port stops. Not sure how they feel about drinking your own in public areas. Good luck and enjoy your cruise.
  5. i am new to Cruisecritic but my wife and I have cruised several times. Overall I like Cunard ships and the general ambience is great. However we do have a complaint about the cost of drinks on board. To pay around $40 + 15% service for bottles of mediocre wine and excessive prices in the bars is extortionate. We never book as early savers and so do not usually qualify for on board spend. We feel that we are subsidising those with on board spend by paying these prices. No wonder the bars are nearly empty after dinner. We would usually have a bottle of wine between us for dinner but cut down to a half on Cunard. It has put us off taking a Christmas cruise with the line this year. End of rant!
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