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  1. Thanks jean!! You have a beautiful day. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. I’m in my office right now so my cellphone and my computer do everything for me!! I just need to write in Spanish and translate and the same for English to Spanish Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. . It’s very ease just copy paste Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. only cozumel by ferrye because riviera maya is continental, my travel agent offers routes leaving from galveston tx that passes through one of these ports and I love the caribbean islands, the best routes sail from florida but next month I will try from puerto rico .. has beautiful routes! We'll see how it goes.:D
  5. ok this is my google translator is my tool and of course I’m use my iPhone whit corrections words, I’m very sorry this topic is a problem for some people I just tried to learn like always Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. ok is enough, my father is a person who has just come out to know the world thanks to cruises, in his house and his routine he does not take piña colada or any other cocktail, he can hardly use his cell phone to communicate with me as smartphones are very complicated for him, his only illusion is to take mom to know the world and wants to pamper her, he just drinks with coca and says Cuba and mama takes tequila, I do not have to explain if my post is real or not of people like you It's who I want to get away from on my next cruise, I'm afraid because I just wrote in a meeting called meet and megle and I would not like to go through another experience like that again, I know, you will tell me then do not leave, but do not know try that.
  7. Thanks George and tried to find a cruise from texas but for some reason the flights are more expensive than Florida Ney York or Puerto Rico( my next cruise departure), but surely one day I will take that beautiful route, I try not to step on Mexican ports when I sail for RCI because as mexican is very easy for me to know those destinations and most of the routes that sail from Texas arrive at Mexican ports, but I will take it into account, thank you for your advice and I wish you a beautiful day !!
  8. I have not tried to do this, I'm sorry that this is the idea I gave.
  9. What you just wrote is exactly what I want to convey .. thanks Alfaérico for understanding it, it is not my intention to create a debate, it is as well to understand a problem, I love Royal Caribbean because these cruises bring out the best of each human being to travel in one of them is always joy for us, the passengers are invaluable as well as the experience. Thanks again.
  10. Hi Alfaeric, I’m speak English a little better than I write and I don’t have problem sharing with English speakers, for me it’s very good because I learn a little more, not only from their language but also from their culture, and Yes !!! I will take the FODS next September 15th a day before the Independence Day of México!! Hugs! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Hi, Living4acruise2day, I will explain a little better, when my parents had been aboard the Oasis of the Seas (November 20th 7 nights western Caribbean cruise) in the second day, they decide to spend the day in the pool areas, my dad is 58 years old and my mom is 60 but they are very happy and like to be where the music is. And dad wanted to give a piña colada to mom, so he went to the pool bar and asked for it, ( he does not speak English so he take the menu and point it) after several minuetes a very friendly American gentleman who fortunately spoke Spanish took my father and asked to speak with the supervisor of the boys at the bar, it was there when my parents found out thanks to that Good Samaritan, that they were using racist words against them just for funny to some customers who were at the bar, the supervisor take out the bar guys (workers) from his area but not before apologizing to my parents. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Thanks Kay, you are really amazing, I will take a note of your advice, I wish you a happy life!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. Hello mike, what do you mean with “Don’t buy this post.The OP’s IP”? Sorry I don’t understand some words ,Tanks! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. Thanks Bloodgem, at that time the only thing we had in cumin my wife and l and those guys was the pool! That’s why I found his actitud incredible! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. You’re right!! Tanks for the advice!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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