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  1. What a beautiful girl. I am sorry for your loss.
  2. Tami, I am sure anything you choose to wear to the MDR on a "regular" night should be fine. From your pictures it's easy to see you have a nice sense of style and fashion, not that you had to prove that to me or anyone else. Also distressed jeans have been around for quite a while now. To me the designer type of distressed jeans is meant to be prettier than an old pair of Levis that has holes from working around the house/yard. And distressed jeans have been around for a while now. With a nice top and some cute shoes or sandals I think you will be fine. BTW DH and I dress up for the first Evening Chic night, and on the 2nd chic night we hang out in our cabin with dinner delivery from MDR, or we do the buffet. We've lost our excitement over dressing up by the second night, but the first night dressing up is fun for pictures. Regular nights I wear a work-worthy dress, or black pants and a nice top, DH does a polo or short sleeve button down shirt and khakis/chinos.
  3. bermadu22

    LLP Q&A

    I saw that too Mynki. But when I clicked on the thread it was about another line called Lindblad or something like that. No Celebrity threads. And no Q/A threads, just weird.
  4. Considering what they are asking for those suites, it would be almost a years salary times two for us to travel at that level. Lovely suites for sure, especially that wall of windows in the iconic suite - what a view! But I don't think we will be in one anytime soon.
  5. Try clearing your browser history. Lately I've been getting an error message that says they have my info and to try again later. Instead I clear my browser history, and it works like a charm. DH says it's an issue with the sites cookies. Or my pc's cookies. Forgive me, IT people. I forget where the cookies are lol
  6. My favorite is the tres leches cake at Café al Bacio. It's sweet, creamy, fluffy, and delicious. The crème brulee is also excellent. And I agree that the little "donuts" in Tuscan grill are good, as is the pistachio creme brulee. The specialty dessert of the day (pie or cupcakes come to mind) in the OV Buffet is usually good too. Honestly though by day 4 or 5 I'm looking for the smallest serving of dessert to share with DH once a day, if that. There's a lot of every kind of food. It get to be a bit much about halfway through the week! lol
  7. I wonder if the free drinks in the casino appear when action is light in the casino, to draw people in. Though there doesn't seem to be any discernable factor that makes any cruise line consistent...
  8. I don't think Luminae's "signature" burger is lamb. They have a separate lamb burger for one of the lunch menus.
  9. Exactly, everyone knows a toaster oven would be the most useful.
  10. No matter the circumstances, villainizing that poor man is so wrong. I can't even begin to imagine the emotional pain the grandfather and family are going through over the loss of their baby.
  11. IMO the best place to get t shirts in Bermuda is a shop called Flying Colours in Hamilton. It is located on Queen St, just up from the ferry terminal on the left side of the street. The shirts are well made and mostly less than $20 each. There might be a few more expensive shirts too. They have all sizes, DH is a big and tall guy, and we have no problem finding 4x shirts for him. They have souvenirs other than t shirts as well. It's a nice store.
  12. And it looks like there is no shortage of Invicta watches in the $50 to $80 dollar range on Amazon. No need to wait for a cruise to get an Invicta "bargain."
  13. If you like creamy treats, there is a cake I had in Café Al Bacio that is so good. It's their Tres Leches cake. It is creamy, sweet but not sickeningly so, covered in a fluffy soft meringue like frosting. I hope they still make it, looking forward to having it with a nice latte in September.
  14. We were in a Sky Suite last time, and we got a bottle of Celebrity sparkling wine. No VC. It's good to know it's available by the glass for a small upcharge with our drink package though.
  15. I haven't been able to log in to the Celebrity site for days now. When logging in I get a message at the bottom of the screen saying they have my information, and to try to login later. No access to my account for our upcoming 9/1 cruise on the Summit since last Friday.
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