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  1. I believe there is a thalassotherapy pool by the spa café on the Summit. It is separate from the regular pool, but on the same deck as the pool and the spa.
  2. I agree, I believe I read in previous posts that the regular MDR offerings like Caesar salad, onion soup, shrimp cocktail, and escargot as well as broiled salmon, chicken breast and NY sirloin entrees were available from the MDR menu in Blu and Luminae. I was hoping it was true as the salmon is my default meal when nothing else on the menu appeals.
  3. In regards to shows being on a ship for more than a year, I could swear we saw the show "Soundtrack" or something very similar on the Summit in May of 2017. I'm sure it's not likely the exact same show, but the one we saw was about music from the movies/Hollywood. TBH the production shows don't seem like X's strong point. That being said, I do recall being very pleased with the live music in various venues throughout the day and evening on the Summit.
  4. DH and I would like to thank you both for sharing your vacation with us. We've enjoyed your review, and it gave us a little emotional boost we need to make it through the next 100 or so days we have left to wait for our cruise on the Summit. I especially enjoyed the photos and the dailies. Great cruise, take care.
  5. Congratulations! Our last cruise on the Summit they had real ginger beer. I believe several cocktails call for it, one being the Dark n' Stormy, which I like a lot.
  6. I think it depends on the travel agent. We once transferred our direct booking with HAL to a local travel agent and got...nothing. No OBC, not even a cheap bottle of wine. I told my husband that was pointless, as the cruise line wouldn't/couldn't deal with me directly after the transfer. That was frustrating when a dining time issue occurred. I didn't like going through someone else to address things. So it probably pays to shop around for a travel agent that will make it worth your while to transfer the booking.
  7. I think they've improved. They look much better than the daily treats we got in our Summit Sky suite 2 years ago. Several times we received mystery meat pate and stale crackers that weren't very appealing.
  8. Courting controversy shows a lack of impulse control as well.
  9. I'm sorry to hear this. May he rest in peace.
  10. I agree. We couldn't afford a suite on HAL or NCL for what we've paid for a Sky Suite on Celebrity. And that has included all 4 perks, access to the Suite lounges, and meals at Luminae. We think the value for what we pay on Celebrity is excellent. We loved our Sky Suite experience on Celebrity. We would love to try a Royal Suite. Maybe next time.
  11. The butler will do all of the things listed here, and also other requests. Our butler also helped my husband order flowers and a small cake for our Anniversary while onboard. Our butler was Chip, he was from Romania and he was awesome. He was constantly reminding us of stuff he could do, like get things ironed, could he serve us breakfast/dinner on the balcony, etc. I've read some butlers don't suggest things to do for you, you have to ask. But they are there to make your cruise pleasant, so don't hesitate to ask for their help with any reasonable request.
  12. Wow that is awkward. It doesn't even look right at all.
  13. Thank you for your thorough review Jim. Our last Summit sailing I had the PBP and was able to have a couple of drinks per day. Due to medications adjustments, I will not be drinking alcohol on our upcoming cruise. I know they must have non alcohol beer like O'Douls. But did you notice if there are any non-alcohol wines available? Now if they could make a non-alcohol martini that tasted like the real thing, I'd be thrilled lol.
  14. Surely you jest. But I did once see a woman take bread from the buffet serving tray with her hands. I pointed out where the tongs were, in case she didn't see them. She said to me "It's okay dear, I only touch the food I'm taking." There was no use explaining to her that her argument just doesn't hold up, her fingers were touching more than the bread she took. Also it's just gross to see people grab at the buffet food with their bare hands, like it's been days since their last meal.
  15. I agree. There are lots of nice places to eat and get drinks, shopping, and a National Gallery that costs about $5 entrance fee, which is a newish policy. But all the times we've been, it's been more than worth the $5 to tour the galleries. Also we like Hamilton as we can easily take a bus to the Aquarium, which is a fun jaunt. The Aquarium also has a lovely outdoor area out back with gorgeous views of the ocean, and a small zoo too. I think I just talked myself into going back to the Aquarium and Zoo on our next Bermuda cruise. It's been a while since we've been there, and it is really nice.
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