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  1. sumiandkage

    Stressed and Sad

    As tempting as it is to select 'bishop' or 'baroness' in my BA Executive Club profile, I typically leave the title field blank when making my own flight reservations.
  2. sumiandkage

    Best search engine to find cheap airfares?

    The secret is that there is no secret when it comes to cheaper simple flights. There are some sellers of package travel (air-land-sea-whatever) that have agreements with airlines to sell consolidator/bulk fare tickets as part of the package and part of that agreement is they don't publish fares or sell standalone tickets. There's also the grey world of what they call fuel dumping (groups of people who work together to pretty much look for a specific variation of mistake fares) but the fuel dumpers let finding a cheap ticket drive the destination they select and not the other way around. But for the most part, 95% of the airlines you want to fly all use the same ticketing and pricing database that then gets used by all the airlines, travel agencies, and OTAs to sell those tickets, and the pricing is generally not going to vary much.
  3. sumiandkage

    Stressed and Sad

    I'm on Cruise Critic because my parents are taking us on a river cruise and I wanted to learn more about that kind of vacation. As part of that, my parents' TA booked plane tickets for us and I've now got a ticket for May that has the first name field filled in as MYFIRSTNAMEMIDDLENAMEMRS . I've got zero concerns about Delta having issues with how that name shows up since it's obvious that I'm that person.
  4. sumiandkage

    Flights from Fort Lauderdale

    Especially if you've got a loyalty membership with a company like Hertz or National that lets you go directly to the car lot to select a vehicle and bypass going to the counter, which can cut another 15+ minutes from the transit time.
  5. sumiandkage

    Stressed and Sad

    While anything can happen in theory, I would have zero worries about the tickets. The things is that if you look under the hood, the software that many airlines use for ticketing and other business operations was written for mainframe computers in the 1970s, and was also designed for a set of very specific naming conditions common in the airline's home territory. (A Spanish airline's system may have been built with no space for a middle name but two spaces for surnames, An American system may not have as many letters as needed in the last name field to fully record a Thai surname , etc.) So the current systems often do a very poor job of matching names as written on your passport or other government ids and everyone knows it. I've had tickets issued to me after buying them as (using my screen name as an example) Sumi K Musha Sumi Kage Musha MRSSUMIKAG MUSHA Sumi Musha SUMIKAG MRS MUSHA in assorted conditions and no one has really cared when looking at my ticket or boarding pass info. I've been told that for USA or European carriers, (exception possible Wow, but they're about to fold anyways) the only time it actually might matter is that you want a 100% match if you have TSA Precheck and want to make sure that populates to your ticket correctly. I actually never put my full middle name on plane tickets until I signed up for TSA Precheck for those mapping concerns- sometimes a middle initial, sometimes no middle at all, and never had a problem
  6. sumiandkage

    Across the Pond

    United still has a public portal to TIMATIC. (far easier to find it from a general search engine like Google than to search within United's web site) https://www.united.com/web/en-us/apps/vendors/default.aspx?i=TIMATIC
  7. sumiandkage

    Delta seat assignment at check in - families?

    As long as you stay out of Threads of Contention (seat swapping, window shades up or down, passengers of size,. newbie flyers in security lines etc) Flyer Talk is often a very polite and kind place, especially to inexperienced or nervous travelers trying to figure things out. Even if that sometimes involved very politely and kindly telling someone that they screwed up when they books a non-refundable ticket, but here are a few small things that might mitigate the pain.
  8. sumiandkage

    Across the Pond

    There may be rare occasions when someone gets a message that they cannot check in online. This is often not because there's a problem with the ticket but, Oh Joy!, someone in your party has randomly been selected for enhanced security screening. So get to the airport a little earlier than planned and if the gate agent at the counter prints out a boarding pass with the dread SSSS on it, then yep, you're going to get additional screening regardless if you've got Pre-check or Global Entry.
  9. sumiandkage

    Across the Pond

    I always print a paper boarding pass even with a digital boarding pass in both phone app and digital wallet. I've had occasions where the airline's scanner software was having problems with digital passes and other times when I was having phone issues on my end while in the airport so it's an easy back-up precaution. If you do frequent flyer miles, it's also useful to keep the paper passes until the miles credit correctly to your account. Some airlines will ask for the paper passes as proof of the flight is there is a crediting problem.
  10. sumiandkage

    DTW to MIA during Christmas/NYE

    We go Florida to Michigan to visit family around Christmastime and I've learned to not even bother searching for tickets until August or so. Granted I'm a Delta outstation captive, but it seems like they don't really load cheaper fare buckets until that time.
  11. sumiandkage

    Understand the Rules

    We're doing our first river cruise this year, and the usual flight booking is to go into Basel, Switzerland and home from Amsterdam on one ticket or vice versa. It's a perfectly ordinary sort of multicity booking the river cruise air divisions use all the time. Once you start adding legs, it's good to price out the route in different ways because the price differences can be pretty huge depending on how different tickets get constructed. When we did a big European trip a few years back, it was about $1500 cheaper per person to have one ticket be a Home-Edinburgh and Paris-Home ticket on Delta and partner airlines and fill in the 'jaw' with some one way flights from Edinburgh to London and London to Munich (BA has some cheap one way fares in order to compete with European low cost carriers but you have to book directly with BA) and then high speed rail between Munich and Paris (we wanted to have the European train experience) instead of putting the whole route on a single ticket. I'm actually one of those people who find vacation planning to be a lot of fun so didn't regard the extra effort in putting that together as 'work'.
  12. sumiandkage

    Understand the Rules

    Often more economical to book those kind of routes as multicity route tickets since some of the cheapest fare classes can still require a Saturday night stayover, especially for international flights.
  13. sumiandkage

    Air Canada keeps changing flight time

    I want to say that a flight booked by a US-based web site that falls under FAA/DOT rules is required to 'clearly' disclose the operating carrier(s) on a ticket as well as the marketing airline. I've ended up with a ticket that was sold by Delta with a final leg by Virgin Atlantic Little Red that was actually operated by Aer Lingus under a wet lease agreement, and all was disclosed properly at the time of ticket purchase.
  14. sumiandkage

    I made a Mistake!

    Some airlines like Delta also have informal co-terminals in terms of allowed changes during IRROPS recovery. The coastal northern Gulf Coast is prone to bad fog during the winter, and gate agents that know that climate well will often give a fair amount of leeway from Biloxi, MS to Panama City, FL in terms of rebooking requests regardless of original fare class because, heck, they know that your scheduled flight that day is probably going to end up diverting to Dothan, Alabama or Baton Rouge, LA anyways and you're one fewer person they have to find ground transportation for to reach your final destination.
  15. sumiandkage

    I made a Mistake!

    Buried in each airline's contract of carriage are the rules that allow for a flight change or refund for a ticket whose original schedule has been changed, even if it was fro ma fare class described a no changes-no refunds. The criteria are typically: 1. Change of flight time more than X number of minutes 2. Any change that would put a connection shorter than the airline's filed minimum legal connection time for that aircraft type and routing type 3. Any change of operating carrier on any leg. This is not just the obvious ones like 'The Delta operated flight is switched to a KLM plane' but when there is a change from mainline service to regional partners 'United to United Express' and even a switch in regional partners 'SkyWest dba United Express to ExpressJet dba United Express' It's my understanding that #3 is a DOT/FAA rule There are some people who actively book in the hopes of schedule changes that will let them move from the cheap and worse option to a better flight option for no change fee and no fare increase. Just be prepared with the flights you prefer when requesting rebooking because if you don't know what you want, the airline will just give you what's cheapest and easiest for them even if it'd not ideal for you