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  1. I did CDG-Pittsburgh on a Delta 757 a few years back and found it to be tolerable enough
  2. How often do you fly? since Global Entry comes with TSA Pre-check, figure if you fly two round trips (or equivalent) a year whether foreign or domestic, it works to paying $10 per trip for a slightly to moderately more pleasant experience when dealing with immigration and security. Adjust those numbers up or down based on flight patterns. I do about 5 domestic round trips a year and feel like Pre has been Worth Every Penny of the modest extra cost per ticket. I've been trying to figure out how to get Global Entry in addition but the nearest place to my home to do the interview is a several hour drive away and I haven't managed to get a planned layover in ATL to line up with an interview time there yet.
  3. American is slightly worse than their peers for on-time arrivals but IMO it's not enough to really be worrying . And as long as you make your first connection, airlines give priority to getting international flights out on time for logistics reasons- because there is no radar over the open ocean, every day planes on those routes are assigned very specific 'lanes' and times by regional air traffic control offices and no airline wants to lose their transatlantic slot so there's a big emphasis on making sure those longer haul flights are most punctual
  4. If you're a gambling sort, there's also the option of holding tight for another 2-3 months and hoping that another schedule change would put you below the minimum legal connection time. Delta does a lot of schedule changes
  5. Our route is Basel to Amsterdam, and we're DIYing it at both ends. Since the reviews of the Motel One Basel are filled with 'I was here for two nights before the cruise' comments, I figure that worst case, there are probably 20 other guests there who will all be looking for the same Viking ship at the same time we are and we can help each other out if need be. Went for price and location on the Amsterdam end, and took advantage of a good opening rate award option for a Holiday Inn Express there. Yeah, I know European HIXes are pretty basic, but free hotel nights mean more fun stuff at other points in the trip.
  6. I've done 42 minute ATL connections without incident many times and have also had them go bad on me (one of those times when the ticket was cheap enough and there were enough back-up flight options where I was able to rebook successfully and make it to my destination the same day despite thunderstorm disruptions) 35 minutes is their published minimum legal connection time but is not particularly the sensible minimum connection time, even though it helps that December is generally a good flight weather time for north Georgia. If your original connection time was at least an hour (ie. you'd be trying to recreate a comfortable connection time for your party), I'd make a polite request to change to flights that rebuild that buffer. Delta doesn't have to offer a 'golden ticket' rebooking if you're still above the MLCT and the time change was less than something like 90 minutes but their front line customer service reps have a lot of leeway in going beyond contract of carriage minimums if you can politely and kindly make a good case for the change.
  7. We've never really had cruising on our vacation list but my parents wanted to take the family on a Viking river cruise, and I'm a firm believer in not turning down something that should be interesting and fun. So we're in for a Basel-Amsterdam trip in June and are DIYing a few days in Bernese Oberland before and Amsterdam afterwards, and I'm starting to get excited about the trip 🙂
  8. I'd rather have a proper hour, but the minimum legal connection time I can find for domestic to international at SEA is 30 minutes and Delta's schedule tends to get padded 15 or so minutes for airport congestion so it sounds quite doable to me. In terms of the 'what happens if you misconnect?', I found 7 Seattle-Vancouver flights for Delta on a random day in July, and as long as you aren't on the last flight of the day, I'd assume you could be rebooked on another flight that day and get to Vancouver just fine.
  9. Aer Lingus and BA are both part of the Avios frequent flyer program (Admittedly I'm not up on my Avios rules enough to know how hard it is to move Avios around among Aer Lingus, BA and Iberia these days) though they're a free agent when it comes to airline partners rather than opting into one of the Big Three alliances.
  10. In general, if you ever need a list of non-stop destinations from a specific airport, there are folks who update for Wikipedia who do a very good job at keeping each airport entry correct.
  11. The airlines were early adaptors of computer technology and if you look under the hood of their current computer screens, you'll still find a lot of clunky mainframe-based databases that are from times when hard drive storage space was dear enough to limit the number of characters allowed in a name field (and plenty of airline have no space for a middle name on your ticket at all) and none of the different airline systems were expected to swap data with each other. So the major alliance partner carriers are used to seeing all kinds of names get mangled as the ticket information goes from system to system and different cultural norms do and don't get picked up (Iberia's second surname field needed to reflect common Spanish naming tradition probably maps weirdly to other systems) and an experienced gate agent knows that you're not always going to get a letter perfect match because of system limitations.
  12. In addition to the Himalayas, the Chinese are also apparently very fussy about granting overflight rights to any civilian commercial aircraft, whether Chinese or foreign-flagged, in their air space. If the India-Pakistan disagreement drags on for weeks or longer, something will be carefully negotiated with them, but unless there's a mechanical emergency, you can't just get a quick permission to reroute to the north in their territory.
  13. Here's the list of allowed co-terminals from JetBlue's own web site: https://www.jetblue.com/travel-agents/schedule-change "IMPORTANT: Customers traveling in or out of the areas listed above (only) may make changes due to B6 schedule change to a co-located airport." If you booked directly with the airline were asking to be moved to an allowed co-terminal and the agent refused, hang up and call again (HUCA) If you are asking for an airport change that's not on the list, the refund is probably the better option for you
  14. AA has underperformed in terms of on-time percentages in the past year or two if you look at the DOT reports. (Hawaiian and Delta tend to have the best numbers among the American carriers) And there are also localized delay patterns that aren't necessarily reflected in the big picture. Southwest tends to be pretty middle of the pack in terms of on-time numbers. They keep everything on track in part because their single plane class and no assigned seating lets them do far more equipment swaps than their peers. Which is great because if you're flying from major station to major station with them, they can move aircraft assignments around a lot on the fly. But if your final destination is one of their outstations, and your scheduled flight is the last one of a night with that aircraft scheduled to remain overnight at that outstation, then the Southwest Operations office is likely to take 'your' plane away to use on another route. Sometimes multiple times. (It's an issue where I live and plays into my flight selection process)
  15. I think the merger integration issues are hitting American now (employee job satisfaction is reportedly quite low) like they have for United-Contenental and Delta-Northwest in years past and the employees are more likely to end up coming across as indifferent to customer needs than they previously had been.
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