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  1. Congratluations!!!!! Absolutely stunning!!! So glad you guys had suxh a great time!!!!!!!
  2. Yes definitely post!!! I hope you have the best time and the wedding is everything you dreamed of!!!
  3. Thank you!!! Yes we had the best time!!! I hated to see it over today! It was everything I imagined it to be. Best of luck to you and definitely a good sign of things to come!!! Enjoy the time! It goes by so darn fast!
  4. Just got back today from our wedding cruise! Everything was absolutely perfect! We had the most perfect wedding day in Bermuda. The cruise was also probably the best we've been on even though I've come back with a sinus infection womp womp. Wedding pictures came out absolutely perfect and we had them back the next day!
  5. Got all of doca set to go, negative test and we will be getting on that ship tomorrow!!!! Will recap when I come back!!
  6. Yay! That's exciting! Hair is the last thing I have to do. Can't make that appt until we are on the ship. Stay as safe as you can! Testing in an hour!
  7. Hi there runner!!! Just less than 2 weeks out from cruising! Everything is pretty much all set! I ordered a last minute welcome letter for my guests from zazzle with the itenerary and hopefully it comes in on time! It should. Picking up my dress this coming Saturday and then gotta start packing! I have random things all over the place right now. Also need to put the welcome bags together! Now just gotta worry about the covid test the Friday before and getting the pup situated over at his daycare facility where he will be staying. How are things coming together for you?
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