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  1. thanks bflo john. earlier today a HAL rep I spoke with said . . . no problem, I do it all the time! Perhaps they re-sell them! I'm going to bring an extension chord that has a couple of slots for plugs. No electrical parts. I also contacted the TA to ensure HAL had an extension cord for the room as I use a CPAP .
  2. I spoke with HAL and they told me - no issues bringing one on-board. Suggestion by IFLYRC5 to request one via my TA. Done - seems like much less hassle. Thanks everyone. Now I have to figure out how the "Roll Call" stuff works on this site . . . 🙂
  3. Greetings to All, I'm on the Vaandam November 19 and have a few devices that require charging, Will I be able to bring a power strip (no surge protection) on board? If not, how many power outlets are available in my stateroom (Main Deck, Ocean View). Thank you in advance, Guillermo
  4. Hello all, Newbee here. Does HAL's Zaandam permit power strips? On Amazon, they have a few without surge protectors. How many power outlets in each cabin? I'm in a Main Deck ocean view. Embarking November 19. Many thanks! Guillermo
  5. Hello, staying in Valparaiso until November 19 then taking a taxi to San Antonio. Would love to share the ride. Cheers, Guillermo and Phyllis
  6. Excellent idea and already researching where to stay. Thanks again! Guillermo and Phyllis
  7. Thank you!. Will check those tours. When we arrive in Buenos Aires, we are flying to Iguazu for two nights then back to BA for 3 days before flying back to the States. Cheers
  8. Thank you! I like your idea of an all-in-one (keep it simple). Probably spending Saturday and Sunday in Santiago then Monday head to San Antonio. No clue yet as to how early to get there. Cheers!
  9. Greetings to all, The Mrs and I are taking a 14 day cruise on HAL's Zaandam November 19. San Antonio Chile to Buenos Aires. Really don't know what to expect. flying into Santiago November 17. Getting to San Antonio from Santiago? Best (and cost sensitive) day trips? Experienced travel (air) but ZERO cruising. Appreciate any advice, etc. Thanks! Guillermo and Phyllis
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