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  1. We wish your wife a speedy recovery from whatever is causing her fever.
  2. It's been my experience that each individual will be able to use their portion of the FCC whenever they want. The total cruise fare for the cabin will be divided between roommates.
  3. Even though a lot of people are currently upset with Celebrity, I'll suggest that all will be forgotten if Celebrity offers 2 free perks when all of this is over.
  4. Actually I think this could be one of the first itineraries to open. US ports and Bahamas will probably be the first ports to open. They could sail to Nassau, Freeport or their private islands.
  5. Because I've often seen policies changed and improved after they were originally announced.
  6. And the person that wrote the letter isn't wrong? Or perhaps the policy has been revised.
  7. Tell me why you think the FCC is correct and phone agent is wrong?
  8. I wish there were mandatory IQ tests an minimum IQ test scores for all of the cruise ship passengers before they could board. Many I think would fail. πŸ˜‰
  9. I’m sure they are, but the more important question is: What countries will open the ports to cruise ships this year? As long as there are significant concentrations of the virus in Europe and North America, I don’t think many countries will open their ports to cruise ships. The only place that I see opening any time soon are the private islands.
  10. That wouldn't surprise me. I have one booked for November, I still hoping that happens. I'll be driving to that cruise, so the logistics and planning are a lot easier. I may still cancel as we approach final payment. If they are going to cancel, I hope they do it begore final payment.
  11. Sorry I mis-read you post, I thought you were telling us that you were making a final payment when it wasn't due until July. My fault. But having said that, I'm skeptical that any cruises will happen in July. Even if the cruise lines want to sail, I'm not sure what ports will be open. I probably would cancel now and get my money back. If they actually cruise in July, I'll bet that you'll be able to book at a large discount before the cruise. At this point I wouldn't be giving the cruise lines any more money hoping that they will give me a refund. MSC's changing refund policy may be an example of what could happen with Celebrity.
  12. I appreciate your optimism, but I'm not sure I understand making the final payment before the beginning of July. I would just as soon not have Celebrity hold my money and I don't understand why you take the additional risk of things going really bad. Then you may have difficulty getting your money back from Celebrity.
  13. We use a warehouse club TA and cancelled a November cruise on March 20 using their online form. We received a cancellation confirmation the next day and my CC was credited the entire deposit amount on March 26 (this booking had a 100% refundable deposit). Given the current volume of cancellations I'm amazed things moved this quickly.
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