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  1. I would take the refund and look at other cruise lines. Compared to the competition, the current prices are ridiculous.
  2. Can you tell us how many piercings the barista has and where they might be located? Maybe this would help us understand.
  3. I wonder why they are starting with these cruises? Perhaps they really don't envision sailing until May 2021.
  4. Thanks for the info. It will be interesting to see how different countries handle this difficult job.
  5. Not yet. So the real question is why. Is it the masks preventing infected people from spreading the flu? Or is it the masks preventing people from catching the flu? Is it hand washing? Or is it just staying away from people? You're assuming the mask is preventing people from catching the flu and that data just isn't there.
  6. Are you really sure or does wearing a mask prevent you from spreading it to others? Doe those illnesses exist on surfaces longer than the Covid virus? Is the main path for infection respiratory droplets or hand to face transmission?
  7. Has Canada rolled out a plan how they will vaccinate the population? Who will do it and where will it be done? Have you been involved in any discussions on how nursing homes will vaccinate their residents?
  8. And no one is there to give you hand sanitizer
  9. GREAT! Now that we are all in agreement, perhaps you want to consider forgetting about RCL and move over to the Azamara Board. You don't need to waste your time worrying about RCL and their terrible food. Just in case we never meet, Bye
  10. Absolutely nothing. I know at least one guy who liked the barista better.
  11. If you need to get a PCR test 3 days before your cruise you may not be able to get that onboard, so that would prevent you from taking the second cruise
  12. Yep, I think you're correct. No Black Friday Sales for Celebrity.
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