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  1. Thank you, Misty Morning. That is exactly how the package was presented to me. We are deliberating.
  2. Has anyone been offered the Windstar "All in One Package"?
  3. Menea, the current answer to your question is that each person in the cabin can have a different beverage package -- or none at all.
  4. I found this earlier post and thought it would be helpful.
  5. According to the documents we just received from WS: you are allowed to bring aboard 2 bottles of wine per cabin for a 7-day cruise, 3 bottles for 2 weeks or longer. If you consume this publicly, you will pay a corkage fee and gratuity. You cannot consume any alcohol purchased in ports and brought onto the ship. It will be taken from you and returned when you disembark.
  6. Thank you, Misty Morning. That is very helpful information. Do you know -- or does anyone know -- if they are still discounting the daily charge on the longer cruises?
  7. Thank you, everybody! I got it. I don't think it's a very kind policy, but love is love and business is business. Being on the Wind Star is worth either option: paying too much or the hassle of signing for each drink. Later: I finally understand why you all have been sending me such harsh answers. I assumed there was a limit to the daily beverage plan, e.g, $100 a day. So, if you had paid that, you paid it, and it shouldn't matter who drank it. I now realize that there isn't a limit, so of course two people can't share a package: that would be two people drinking for the price of one, and totally unfair to WS. Also, I did just read a recent announcement that both cabin mates do NOT have to have the beverage package. Don't ask me where I saw it, but I did.
  8. Is there any reason a couple can't share a beverage package? If a drink is paid for, it's paid for, and I don't see why WS should care. And who would or could take notes on who drinks what drink? I would really appreciate clarification on this. We are sailing on the Barcelona-Lisbon Transatlantic in 2019: 23 days, so the right beverage package is an important decision!
  9. Has anyone been able to get a list of the Wind Star's wine and spirits costs at the bar? If you don't have the Beverage Package?
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