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  1. The tax would really add up plus the 99 dollars a person a day plus gratuities. Let hope it's not the case. I dont want to rack up 100s of dollars in tax charges.
  2. Just 20 days till we are on Epic. Anyone know if you have to pay taxes on drinks there. With our transfers we will be on the boat several hours before it leaves. Thanks
  3. Interesting. I just checked the website of the company I purchased through and they specially said all tips have been included. I am certainly not against tipping I want to make sure I'm fair.
  4. So please be gentle. My first cruise coming up in August. I know that we have our taxes and tipping included already. Do people normally tip more or not at all. If I have already tipped is their a need to do it a second time? Thanks
  5. Hello all! What an amazing group of people I have met on this forum so far. We are on the norwegian epic starting August 25th and just booked 3 excursions through the website cruisingexcursions.com They seems legit and promise to get us back to our ship on time. I am hoping someone has used them before and can give me peace of mind as a reputable company. We booked rome with Vatican city florence and pisa and Morocco and monte carlo day trips. Thanks
  6. Our first cruise is coming up in August of 2019 on the epic. I am new to this bidding thing. Would I be more likely to be offered a chance to bid if I called or emailed norwegian? Can I tell them I am interested in this option? I only have an inside cabin and a chance to upgrade to a balcony would be amazing. I chose not to do so when booking due to the cost. Any advice or tips would be amazing.
  7. Look forward to review this ship. Don't think I will add any extra meals for now. Looking forward to planning excursions and seeing what people love to do on board. Some amazing tips so far and cant wait to hear more.
  8. My first post was such a hit I thought I would try my luck a second time. I booked the norwegian epic in August and am super excited for my first real cruise. Looking at the special dining restaurants and wondering what people thought I see it starts at 89 usd per person plus tip. Do many of you take this an option or is the food included satisfactory. Thanks
  9. I've heard no bottled water energy drinks or special coffees. I looked at the prices for bottled water and I will not pay 35 bucks for 12 bottles. I am sure others have great tips on what to do.
  10. Appreciate it. Wasnt sure if the 20 percent was a flat fee you pay every day you have the package or if it is everytime you get a drink. Looking forward to my first ever cruise this summer on epic.
  11. Apologies if this has been answered prior. Looking to book a cruise on Norwegian Epic this summer and included is an ultimate drink package and all tipping service charges and taxes. I have read that they charge a 20 percent gratuity per drink. Would that be covered with the package or is that a separate charge? I know that they charge a 20 percent tax when you buy the package just curious how this works. Is the tipping then covered for the trip? Thanks
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