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  1. This is our sailing as well, cant wait! First time at both ports. Bringing our 10 and 11 year olds.
  2. We were planning on doing the train same day but have been told now that there can be major delays going into Penn Station. If we have an arrival time of 1215 for a cruise that leaves at 4, is that really cutting it too close? I tried to find online about delays and searched average times and it looked like the average was 15 minutes which wouldnt be bad at all. So is the Amtrak reliable or not? Thanks in advance for advice. Going into NYC the day before isnt an option because of child care. Dont want to fly but if it's that bad to ride the train then we would consider it.
  3. June 24th to July 2...Sunrise going to Bermuda and Grand Turk.
  4. They have cruised once but they were so much smaller, like 5 and 6 yrs old. I actually worry if I told my son beforehand he would talk himself out of wanting to go because he has a lot of anxieties if he has time to think about it. Once we are doing the activities, he is fine. He over thinks everything. I am looking into going Sunday or maybe even flying out of Richmond. It would be hard to ask my in laws for another night of kid watching though. Lots to think about.
  5. Thank you! I love suggestions!
  6. You're not raining on anything. I probably needed to see this so I can plan better! Thank you!!
  7. How awesome! I'm sure you'll never forget her smile that day. I plan on videoing various points like when we wake up, when we get to the train, when we get to NYC, and then rolling up to the terminal. Each point will be surprising to them.
  8. This is a good point! We are not train travelers so didnt know delays are typical. We were planning on taking the 6am train with arrival around noon. In your opinion, is that time frame too risky? Are delays usually likes hours long? May have to consider going the night before. I haven't bought the tickets yet so glad I'm considering it now.
  9. It's okay if nobody actually reads this but I just had to say it somewhere so I don't tell my kids. They are 10 and 11 and the plan is to wake them up day of the cruise, hop on a train to NYC (we live in VA) and board the cruise all while not telling them what we are doing at all! Grandparents will be watching our 2 little ones, age 4 and 1. It was just too expensive for us to add them and I'm banking on the hope they won't remember when we left them behind...insert a whole lot of mom guilt and hope it doesn't ruin my vacation. We go to Bermuda and then Grand Turk. Have no idea what they will want to do excursion wise so we may just wing it. I would love to hear others stories if they surprised someone like this and what the reaction was!
  10. This goes against everything in me as I am the type who plans out every minute of vacations, but I'm thinking of just winging it in Bermuda. Is this a good port to just go and see what you want to do when you get there? Like will there be last minute excursions available off ship or does it really need to be booked in advance? My husband and I are surprising our 2 oldest kids, ages 10 and 11, with a cruise that docks overnight Bermuda and then a day in Grand Turk. I'm hesitant to book anything because they may just be as happy walking along the coves and beaches or we may see something and make it up as we go. Anyone else just go with the Bermuda flow?
  11. Loved your review! I think we will turn right 😉
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