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  1. And make sure you have the port correct. Carnival uses Long Beach, don't they? I suppose it's possible Carnival could use San Pedro as Princess (a Carnival company) does... In fact - looking at the Carnival site for Journey's cruises, they list the port as "Long Beach (Los Angeles), CA" While the ports are considered "one", they're some distance apart..
  2. That really depends on the weather. I've sailed from NY twice, both in April, once was rough and once was smooth. The smooth trip was down the coast, probably the same trip you're doing but don't take my experience as what will happen on your trip.
  3. The problem isn't just a simple "some can't afford it" problem. The problem is that they're taking away space that was open to all and could be used by a rotating assortment of everyone on board and have now replaced it with a chargeable upgrade that has a limited number of slots available. As a result, it's not just a "who can afford it", it's a "which 150 or 200 of the 4,000 people got here first" even if everyone was able to swing the $200. With Encore, with the omission of Spice, this makes matters even WORSE as Spice was a nice retreat that was a combination of free venue but still some level of exclusivity (NO KIDS!).
  4. 2 words - naughty room They'll see it and call you to the "naughty room" to check your luggage...
  5. There were some contractors in the studios on my Bliss sailing. I'm not sure what they were working on but they had nametags on.
  6. https://www.ncl.com/faq#!#can-i-bring-alcohol-board Doesn't say you CAN bring it on embarkation day and they'll store, but it also doesn't say you can't bring it at all. It only addresses alcohol purchases in port-of-call or on board.
  7. One way in which Anthem is NOT better than NCL (at least the Bliss anyway) is the Studio cabins. I've stayed in both, Bliss was much nicer for the Studio when you consider the lounge. This is important to me as I sail solo...
  8. Actually, I think it's more so there's an "alcove" for the virtual window TV, so you don't bash your head on it if you sit up in bed. By saying this I'm kind of making the point for the OP though. I didn't much mind it, I thought it was nicer than the Studio cabin on RCI's Anthem. Despite being listed as the same size it felt more roomy than RCI's offering.
  9. Not to mention that the bed in a standard inside room is larger than that in a Studio, taking up more room.
  10. Is it ACTUALLY a lower category, or just lower-priced than an inside as a single paying the single supplement? As noted - the Studio cabins have the dedicated lounge and exclusive access to their area of the ship (except during the solo meet every night), features only available in the Haven.
  11. The point I'm trying to make is if there are only 100 vibe passes (or maybe now 150 if they expanded the Vibe section) that accounts for 100 passengers out of nearly 4,000 on the ship. Are you saying that those other 3500 (assuming not everyone tried to get one) shouldn't have even bothered buying the cruise if they weren't going to budget and try for the Vibe? I'll be honest - I never tried getting into the area on the Bliss that is equivalent to what has been converted to Vibe, but that's partially because the cruise i was on wasn't very conducive to outdoor activities. I can't fault a company for trying to maximize profits, but this is starting to turn into maximizing profits at the expense of those who either can't afford to buy the upgrade or don't have the opportunity because it's such a limited opportunity to grab.
  12. So, because I can't afford $200 for a Vibe pass I don't deserve to spend time on a relaxing vacation? That's what you're saying. I'm lucky that this year I might be able to cruise twice, but it's otherwise a once a year treat at best. Next thing you know, the entire outside deck space will be set aside for Haven or other paid upgrade access and people that can afford to pay for it will justify it and say that the rest of us just need to deal with it!
  13. For what it's worth, Google Maps will give you walking directions from the QM to the Aquarium (the first place you get to when you cross that bridge), if it'll give you to the Aquarium you should be good to go for anywhere on that side. "Safe"? I can't say...
  14. You don't pay up front if you book, it's simply a reservation. The charge (if you don't have the package) is at the time of dining as many are a-la-carte so there's no way to know what the charge is until you've ordered. I looked on the NCL site - the only restaurant listed as NOT being a-la-carte is Teppanyaki. As noted - more "spots" open on embarkation day.
  15. Even worse was when they started using the "machines" (not iPads then) as an advanced way to play, but it was along side the paper method so anyone playing on paper just had no chance at winning...
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