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  1. If you want a more detailed discussion (or maybe more confusion?), there was a recent discussion here -
  2. When I was on Anthem last year DSB Band played several shows - at least one in the Music Hall and then one in Two70.
  3. A quite valid question, one which I have not seen addressed. I imagine it would result in the son "eating" the cost of any travel arrangements and missing whatever event it is that has made this discussion necessary.
  4. Unless my TA was given misinformation, this is somewhat incorrect. If you have the excursion credit perk you absolutely can call and reserve the excursion in advance but not get charged until on the ship, but if you're not using that perk you have to pay if you call in advance. I had an excursion reserved, then decided to drop that perk (I picked 2 as I don't drink). In order to do that they had to cancel the excursion reservation and charge me for the excursion at the time of booking the excursion.
  5. No problem. I actually have them from all the cruises I've been on (only 4 so the pile isn't that big), but those images were the pictures I took to have the info on-hand when in port...
  6. Wonder who told you that. Direct from https://www.ncl.com/termsandconditions/promotions Shore excursion credit is applicable for each port, including debarkation port, and is not transferable to other ports. Use the credit or lose it. Wait, for the $20 transfer to airport? No, can't be used for that. For an excursion that ends with you being dropped off at the airport? Yes..
  7. @TopDogSparky08 Welcome to the world of solo cruising! IMO, NCL has a GREAT solo program on the Breakaway/Breakaway+ class ships (Breakaway, Getaway, Bliss, Encore and possibly one more I'm forgetting but the Joy does NOT have the cabins and lounge). There is a Studio cabin "complex" with the Studio lounge, only accessible to passengers in that complex except at the time of the solo gathering. You aren't forced to participate in the gathering, dinners or organized activities. The solo host will try to arrange times for the group to go to the main shows so you have someone to sit with if you want and will arrange for the group to have a table in one of the MDR's. Again - you are not forced to socialize with them but they are, literally, in the same boat as you sailing on their own. This does kind of solve the "issue" of either dining alone or with people that don't really want you there but you were sat with them by the maitre'd. I did a cruise in that setup on the Bliss in April. On the first night I went to dinner with a group of them at one of the specialty restaurants and ended up having dinner with them twice more. For what it's worth - that was my first true solo cruise but I did sail in a Studio on Anthem in 2018. In some ways RCI's cabin was better, in others NCL's was. You note that you've heard the solo cabins on Anthem fill fast (they do, if the travel agents know about them), the Bliss has 86 solo rooms compared to maybe 18 on Anthem. That's how much NCL embraces solo travelers. Don't misunderstand my post - Anthem is a really nice ship.
  8. I've been on the Bliss and loved the Studio cabin/lounge setup. It's also a beautiful ship with two great Broadway-quality shows plus multiple bands and Prohibition (for $35). I did a Pacific Coastal on the Bliss in April and went back for a Mexican Riviera this Fall, though in a balcony on the second one due to the minimal cost difference. I actually had an absolute BLAST the second time, though the first one was pretty good also or I wouldn't have gone back. The Bliss also has some great public areas to hang out in if you want to be outside the Studio "complex".
  9. For the record - you have to actually TAKE the NCL excursion, just booking it isn't sufficient.
  10. I did a balcony guarantee and ended up on deck 14 near the aft elevators on the Bliss. My travel companions ended up more mid-ship on deck 9. Neither was horrible, IMO, as the deck 9 cabin was over the shopping areas, not a restaurant or bar. The deck 14 cabin allowed me a view of the pier runners (including some that didn't make it)...
  11. If you're going from the hotel I don't believe you'll need to get to an "Uber or Lyft stand", they should be able to pick you up at the front door of the hotel shouldn't they?
  12. All the info on room sizes is available on NCL's site. The site even has a picture and an overhead diagram! The main (only?) difference is the size of the bathroom.
  13. Enjoy your on-ship activities. The CD (Jake) was AWESOME. He wasn't a "ghost" voice that made announcements periodically, he was INVOLVED IN ACTIVITIES. His entertainment staff were mostly fantastic as well, including our favorite (to the point that we snagged her for a pic on the last night) that was extended through your cruise. She was actually supposed to debark with us in LA 2 weeks ago, until her contract was extended. I know this isn't really suggestions for your trip - I'm not a huge fan of the 3 ports in 3 days cruises like that. My last one was the same, with all the ports bunched consecutively. I wouldn't say it felt rushed but a sea day break somewhere within the port calls would be appreciated. I get that it's not possible on some itineraries such as the one I was just on.
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