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  1. Typical of someone with no proof. You're making the accusation that the results were held back, show your work...
  2. Do you have proof that the studies had reached the appropriate measurement time prior to the election? The initial announcement from Pfizer was based on only 94 participants, with the rest reaching the required study time over the next few days/weeks. Can you prove that they shifted release of the results by 1-2 weeks so as to do it after the election?
  3. One of the speculations I saw in another thread is that they're pricing the cruises in such a way as to discourage bookings right now, until they know what's going on with 7+ night sailings, the CDC and the CSO.
  4. Some have 3, such as the Bliss (this might apply to all of the 'Away' class ships) Left side are the "standard" items - appetizers, salads, sides, etc. There are also some entrees on the left, those are available every night. Right side are the 'featured items' for a particular night, those change every night. It's a French restaurant, what did you expect? Kidding aside, I enjoyed my visit to Le Bistro. I'll add my own opinion of NCL's "Freestlye" in comparison to RCI's dining. I found it to be quite relaxing, being able to show up for dinner whenever
  5. NCL is not alone, there's at least one post on the Royal Caribbean forum section that was a similar reaction.
  6. I said it in previous threads - you can't look at the raw number, you need to look at the per capita rate. It's a given that if more people are tested you're going to have more cases as a raw number. New York is reporting tests that come back positive as a percent of total tests done.
  7. All this does is further people's opinions that cruise ships are "petri dishes" and instill fear towards cruising in those people. I agree that considering there are no cruises even allowed to sail there should have been no change in the recommendation.
  8. I bought one on my April cruise last year, I never had to call NCL to use it for my October cruise. My TA handled everything, but I don't think even she needed to call except I had never used that TA before so during the process of getting me quotes I was issued a second Latitudes number since she didn't have mine yet so she had to call to get that sorted out...
  9. Counting from 14244 using the alternating bathroom/balcony bed location, this matches...
  10. If you pause this video at 2:19, you can see the emergency escape plan. On that you can see the other hallway access areas for the Studio cabins, near rooms 10501 and 10549 exiting to the Port hallway and near room 10555 exiting to the Starboard hallway. If you look closely you can see that those areas have no wall indicated and the space near the room you're asking about, 10447, has a wall indicated.
  11. And what part of HIPAA does the cruise line requiring a vaccine violate? Do schools also violate HIPAA then, for requiring certain vaccines in order to attend? The cruise line would be asking people to provide the proof that they received a vaccine. When you provide the information yourself there is no HIPAA violation. If the cruise line keeps that information on record then the cruise line needs to protect that information just as any other entity storing health records does. What they CAN'T do is ask for your physician's name and the pharmacy name, then go to them
  12. I can tell you that 14244 has the bed near the door and 9254 is near the balcony. You can figure from there for that side of the ship (both port side) on those decks.
  13. You didn't read the entire thread - it appears the OP got favorable pricing on a new booking, look at the post from 8:49 PM 2 days ago (they took away post numbers in the last update) I'm not a contract lawyer, but I suppose a REALLY good one will be needed in order to figure out how to reverse accepting the terms of cancellation and refund in the form of FCC.
  14. I was simply replying to the post questioning HIPPA laws applying to foreign flagged ships. You are correct, though, HIPPA does allow for release of the information if the patient/passenger signs a release detailing WHAT information is being released and why it's being done. If the patient/passenger has a document with the information on it already, all they need to supply is that document and HIPPA still doesn't apply, except if the cruise line is storing that documentation they need to protect it like any other entity protects medical records.
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