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  1. @bege759 Looks like Canada has shut down cruising in Canadian waters through October...
  2. Not quite. Definition - a form of fraud in which belief in the success of a nonexistent enterprise is fostered by the payment of quick returns to the first investors from money invested by later investors.
  3. Just a point of note, those are placeholders. Those flights you see are not final. Until you get the booking numbers they are subject to change. I booked on August 22 for a cruise on Oct 28. We had placeholders for the flights right away, and the ones for my booking were different than for my sister's. By Sept 17 we had the final flight reservations with booking numbers and were able to pick our seats for the flights.
  4. Care to explain? 4 levels of booking? As long as you're on a flight, why does it matter how many "hops" that booking took? NCL would not book a flight that does not get you to the port city in time. Will you like the time that your flight takes off? Possibly not.. The conditions of the offer are that domestic flights have no more than one connection when possible, with international flights having no more than two when possible. For example, I might need a 3 hop flight to get to Tahiti, depending on where the final leg to Tahiti leaves from. @Anonymoussol what ship are you on? The terms/conditions I'm looking at for the free/reduced airfare offer indicate Norwegian Jewel sailings that embark or debark in Tahiti are not eligible for deviation.
  5. In your favor may be that I believe there are very few flights to Tahiti, even in normal times. Do you have a say in what time you board your flight? No. Do you have a say in what DAY you board your flight? YES. It's a $25pp surcharge and you can deviate up to 2 days (I believe you can do it at both ends if you pay $50pp). You become responsible for hotels and additional transportation to/from the hotel, and you can still make use of cruise line transfers from the airport if you go back to the airport to get it. You will see placeholder flights on your booking after you've made final payment (or maybe even before). You will receive your airline booking number sometime after 60 days to go. Once you have your booking number you can generally go on the airline website and select your seats and possibly even pre-pay for luggage but those options depend on the airline. There was a long thread on this last Fall, I participated.
  6. Don't get TOO excited, indications from many are that Alaska 2020 may not happen at all. The biggest issue is Canada allowing Vancouver and/or Victoria to be open for cruise ships, with the actual ship locations and ability to crew them coming in a close second.
  7. Lol, someone on my Facebook posted a graphic showing a comparison of transmission speed/rate to other illnesses. That graphic was generated IN FEBRUARY!
  8. I was thinking that, and if that's what the poster I quoted means with that abbreviation it tells me all I need to know about them...
  9. Was that 40% stat derived just from the NYC Metro area or was it all of New York State? You know, the green part of the state where half of the population lives. Curious - what does 'ccv' stand for? I've heard Covid-19, Coronavirus, Novel Coronavirus but nothing that comes out to ccv...
  10. The CDC is allowing crew to leave, if the employer/cruise line can meet some stringent and expensive requirements. The management of the cruise lines (all of them) have decided it's cheaper to use their ships as ferries to repatriate crew by sea rather than follow the CDC guidelines for crew debarkation.
  11. I think the issue is that the original link was posted from Apple's news page rather than direct to the source Apple pulled the news from.
  12. Isn't this the same doom and gloom article about how crew are being treated but just posted by a different news outlet? There have been similar articles posted here recently...
  13. Did someone start one for Royal also? From scanning their board it seems the situation there is almost as bad - even worse when you consider Royal wants a cash deposit for a cruise on which you'll use the FCC granted for the cancelled cruise (last I saw anyway).
  14. They really need to take a page from NCL's book on this (with the Breakaway-Plus class ships, or at least the Bliss Encore and maybe Joy) and start building the ships with segregated areas in the casino for smoking. I'm talking walled-off (with glass) areas with dedicated ventilation where people who smoke can play/gamble, but ONLY active gamblers are allowed to hang out in there and smoke.
  15. I'm not sure what the first part of this means, most phones will use WiFi if connected and available with many carriers offering WiFi calling and texting (which needs to be set up before you leave home or at least before you board if it hasn't been done previously). Additionally - I would NOT leave cellular on and rely on the WiFi staying connected all the time. It would be just your luck that the WiFi would disconnect, you wouldn't see it and would then rack up one heck of a bill through the Cellular At Sea system. Always, ALWAYS, enable airplane mode then turn on WiFi and Bluetooth (if needed for a watch or other connected device) when on the ship to ensure you don't get any odd/huge bills. If you don't get the unlimited plan you can still be connected to the ship WiFi all the time, you just need to be sure to use the log on website to start your session and log off website to end your session so you don't run through your allotted minutes in the course of a day.
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