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  1. Okay! I misunderstood what you were asking. That is a good question, but I just can't imagine someone getting denied boarding unless they went out of their way to do so. Even with health and safety being a top priority on our sailing, they simply asked if we had felt sick or had been to China in the last 15 days. A verbal 'No" was all that was needed and we were sent on our way.
  2. Oh, I don't take it personally. I simply was just saying that others shouldn't be negative immediately. I'm not personally bothered by any of the posts here at all. I may have been irritated as the events unfolded, but now I'm not bothered by comments. I know what all we were able to do and not do and that is all that matters to me. Bags were not dropped with porters. People were passing out the papers and advising us of no boarding before the start of the drop off loop at Cape Liberty. No luggage issues thankfully.
  3. As the OP, I figured I would leave my final take on this cruise. The cruise didn't end up being worth it FOR US. Everyone is different and has different expectations. As mentioned before, I was traveling with a toddler and pregnant wife. My son loves the water. He was not able to swim on the ship due to the cold weather to and from Bermuda and the ships no swim policy for swim diapers. The baby splash area (which was a huge joke) was outdoors and closed all but the days we were in Bermuda. Obviously, it was not needed while we were on the island. Bermuda was beautiful. my wife and I said we would visit again under different circumstances and probably during summer months. its easy for some of you that weren't there to say "you had great weather in Bermuda, what more could you ask for." Like I said, sure, Bermuda was beautiful, but that was 36 hours of what was planned as an 8 day cruise. This cruise just wasn't our idea of a good trip. If you are someone that likes the casino, nightly shows, Bingo, etc. then yes, this was a cheap 5 day cruise that still had all of those indoor offerings. I know I will get some replies about Royal Caribbean not having any control over a virus, or weather. Some will say give it a rest. That is all fine. I am just giving my final take on the thread that I started. I do challenge the posters that are critical of us that were on the trip to go back and read the concerns we had. No one blamed Royal Caribbean for a virus scare. It was communication, or lack thereof. Some were shuttled to a hotel with RCCL staff and given a hotel. How did they arrive to the port? By RCCL ground transfers? Not everyone got there the same way and had things communicated the same way. Some will say, you were in the biggest city in the USA, I wouldn't call it stranded. Have you thought of everyone's personal circumstances or just your own? Maybe you can get an Uber and go to the empire state building or do whatever else NYC has to offer. Have you thought about what others can and cannot do? Whether its fear of an unknown city? family situations? a handicap that makes catching a ride more of an obstacle? My last thought: I didn't write this looking for some fix on the cruise critic boards. I wrote this to touch on how our trip ended up being. In summary, it wasn't for us. We probably should have flown home and tried again down the road. The rest of the post wasn't written to share my complaints. Not everything I listed was even an issue I had to deal with. I'm simply saying that if we were asked to bare with the cruise line for unexpected circumstances, then the rest of you that didn't deal with a ruined vacation bare with us as we air our concerns. A lot of us had planned on this for over a years time. Not all of us get to go 6 times a year. I am just saying, think of others and how it may have affected them. Not just with this sailing, but any sailing that may encounter a similar situation. I look forward to contributing more to the boards as my young family and I continue to see the world. We were disappointed in this cruise but will not be deterred from cruising again. Have a great day and happy cruising!
  4. We were simply asked if we have traveled to China in the last 14 days and if we have felt ill recently. Nothing more than that. This was done by the lady checking us in and taking our picture for our card. We were greeted on board with champagne (If you’ve followed from the beginning, yes my wife passed) and smiling faces. I’ve always admired the staff of cruise ships. These last few days have been trying for them as well, and here they are today making sure we still have a great trip.
  5. Boarding stays open tonight until 7 pm. It looks like they do have some activities planned, but I for sure will be skipping the Caribbean Band on the pool deck. There seems to be a good crowd of people so far, but noticeably less people than an average cruise. We went to see if we could get upgraded from our obstructed balcony to an unobstructed. They had people taking room numbers down for upgrade request so you wouldn’t have to wait in line. We aren’t expecting anything, so it was nice to get our name in the hat without a long wait.
  6. A look at boarding at 3:02 pm local time. Not nearly as busy as expected
  7. To confirm an earlier post, we are allowed to board at 3 pm today! Our hotel has graciously offered to let everyone out of tonight’s reservations. We will be boarding today and will finally get to unwind a bit. To both the negative and positive commenters here, thanks for your input. Whether you agree or disagree with what some of us have said about our situation, it does helping getting others perspective on things. My son (2 yo) has been extremely excited to see the big giraffe on the ship. Today is the day!
  8. Just received an update from Royal Caribbean stating the test have come back negative and we will proceed with the Bermuda sailing on Monday. It seems like we have finally reached the end of the delay!!
  9. May be grasping at straws, but anybody have any experience requesting an upgrade once on the ship? Maybe go from our obstructed balcony to just an obstruction free balcony?
  10. We are not at the mentioned hotel nor have we seen any RC representatives. The communication has improved some, but from what I gather from other guests is the anger came from initial lack of communication. I personally was upset with that aspect of this situation. I understand that they don’t know test results until they come in. But to turn us away at the port without any indication of where we should go was upsetting. My driver looked at me and said where do you want to go and my wife and I looked at each other with blank looks on our face. We flew into LaGuardia the day before, so going back to our hotel was not a realistic option. Like I said, things have improved a bit and I see RC working to make it right. We will se what tomorrow and Monday bring.. for now we are planning on a 5 day cruise to Bermuda. We booked for Coco Cay, but I completely understand that itinerary changes are common regardless of situations like this.
  11. Bahamas out. Now to sail to Bermuda.
  12. S: Here's your Anthem of the Seas 3 PM update Sorry - we hate to say this, but we are still working through everything. We know you are anxious to know the details, and we are working hard to coordinate all the moving parts like confirming weather, speed, route, and availability of ports. We apologize and hope to have it all settled soon. We'll send our next update by no later than 5:00 PM EST today.
  13. We are at the Embassy Suites in Elizabeth. A majority of folks here are from the postponed sailing. They have been very accommodating, and we have a room through Monday morning. I would assume they are taking reservations until they are full. Luckily, this morning we decided to book the room for tonight, with the idea that we’d leave at 5 pm for the cruise. I went down after the recent update and told them I needed another night, and they gave me the same rate and had it extended in a matter of 2-3 minutes.
  14. S: Here's the latest update for your Anthem of the Seas sailing We've been diligently working on a new itinerary for your Anthem of the Seas sailing. We need a little extra time to ensure we have every detail finalized and will have an update for you at 3:00 PM EST. Sorry for the delay.
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