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  1. Some of the cruiselines, airlines, hotels, etc... circled down the toilet a few months back. Crystal is next. Btw, they still have 1 of my deposit, and Chase won't do anything because it's past certain time. I certainly would not go on Viking River because the value is not there.
  2. I like to know who her clients are. Looks like they have a lot of money and don't know what to do with them.
  3. Uh, he can do whatever he pleases. I find your post annoying.
  4. We are talking about Europe river cruise. All ports are within reach from major cities. Europe already opened. The river cruise is not less safe than going to a local restaurant or going to the local store. As for USA, 5 millions people already got it. A few cases here and there from the cruise don't make you run for the bunker. I can tell you with absolute certainty that in CA, anywhere you go, it's less safe than on the boat. Each days, thousands of new cases reported and no one really stops going to so and so just because someone actually got coronavirus there. That is the reality.
  5. It's already passed the point of no return. If you go to costco and you heard someone working in costco got covid, would you quarantine yourself for 14 days? Most people don't do that right now. So if a passenger got it, well, the passenger got it. The rest should carry on. Before, when they had limited cases, quarantine is a must. Now, it's not feasible anymore.
  6. Again, true during normal time. But for a lot of people, they are taking vacation locally because they have no other choices. People in FL are willing to go on a ship to nowhere just to be out of the house. I am taking local vacation for the first time in my life. I know so many people who are doing the same. I think you will find the locals are willing to do a lot more in this hard time. Again, business has to adapt to survive. If Crystal is not adapting and showing they are willing to reach out for different customers and staying afloat, they will fold.
  7. We need a list of TA that charges fee for using credit card. Crystal is handling the Amex charge, so they are the one taking a hit for credit card fee. Why is this TA charging Amex fee? Name and shame these TAs. They don't belong in this industry.
  8. I agree in general about the points you made, but this is Crystal river cruise specific. Just like you said, it's hard to restart, they have to show they can restart successfully for new booking to come. Right now, no one is going to give them anymore money until they see they can do it. What's a better way to do it than doing these river cruise in countries that have low infection rates? The crew are mostly European, the guests are normal time is probably 10-20% European. If they market it right, they can get more guests and maybe reach 50% capacity on the river cruise. Isn't that what the other line is doing with lower capacity. The river cruise is easier to deal with Covid-19 since it is so close to town. No one is going to be quarantined, they can just send you to the hospital immediately if you are positive.
  9. I think it's hard for NA passengers to come at this point. Like I said, they need to go after EU passengers now instead of waiting for NA passengers. Start small again. Most business adapt to new changes, reduce capacity, serving certain things only, doing smaller things, offering different things. If Crystal wants to survive, it needs to do things differently as well. The only way to get NA passengers to come back and book future cruises (when EU countries allow it) is if Crystal already runs successful trips with EU passengers.
  10. I thought some companies already restarted river cruise successfully. Why is Crystal still cancelling? They cannot get american guests to come? Maybe do a little cheaper and get some new EU clients. Show people they can restart successfully, then people will come back.
  11. sure, they have high dead rates, but they are slowly vacating their spot for other countries. don’t you forget china was #1 in both infections and dead rates and now they are way down. Sweden dead is approaching 0 while everyone else is going up and up. in a week, you will see them fall out of the top 10 and continue to fall further.
  12. When the numbers went up, they still did not reverse the course of action. This is very well reported all over the world and a lot of snide remarks from all over the world regarding their bonehead decision at the time. They went on with social distance, mask, etc... Their gyms stay open, but with social distance in place. Their indoor cafe/restaurants stay open. And who said anything about doing nothing and waiting for herd immunity? I said very clearly to do all that extra precautions and move on with your life like Sweden. That is how you beat second wave, not shut down, and open, and then face the second wave. Maybe the Swedes have more common sense and common decency than the Americans regarding social distance and face mask, but that is one approach we can take instead of random shut down until who knows when.
  13. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-07-28/sweden-unveils-promising-covid-19-data-as-new-cases-plunge I noticed this trend about 2-3 weeks back. Suddenly everyone is reporting this now. They have more testing now compare to last month. This is as good news as it gonna get. You can lock down and wait for the second and third and forth wave, or you can social distance, wear mask, and go on with your life and there won't be second or third wave coming your way.
  14. Didn't take Sweden 3 years to get there. Sweden and USA both got hit with coronavirus at the same time. They managed to get it under control somehow without closing anything. You can look up their data. It is significantly better than almost every countries in the world in term of new infection and dead. Unless you don't believe their data.
  15. The one beacon of hope is Sweden. Their new infection rate is lower than these countries and their dead number is approaching 0. And they have always been open. Maybe at some point, we will have much lower new infection because we reach that critical mass like Sweden.
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