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  1. The rest of the ship will get it if the quarantine continues on the ship. It is only a matter of time.
  2. Where are the people who said after quarantine it would not spread anymore? If you just think for a second for yourself, you know it is not going to end well. Trust the WHO and Japanese health ministry? How can people be that naive? So sad!
  3. If China allowed Americans to fly out of Wuhan, who is Japan to say no? If America wants its citizens out of that ship, the citizens will be out of that ship.
  4. New facts discovered every day. So take some extra precautions. Facts from yesterday are not facts for new virus.
  5. Some people refused to believe anything but WHO when WHO was just less than 10 days ago didn't think this was that serious and didn't declare a global health emergency. WHO is not infallible. Good god, if this is related to your health, ask a few more questions.
  6. US already had a lock down in place. And you are comparing Guam to Tokyo? Can Guam handle this kind of large scale infection?
  7. 650 hospitas. Not 650 beds. They somehow managed to make room for 135+ and more to come. Yeah, they can handle a bit more than you think they can.
  8. so why didn’t it provide assistance to the Westerdam being one of the few countries nearby that can provide assistance?
  9. You live in an oxygen tent (worst case), you might be able to walk away without getting infected. You live in your cabin, you will be off the ship with the guy in hazmat suit. I think you would rather take the tent.
  10. And a service to their own citizens as well. Japan promptly turned away the next ship. My own cynicism, but likely due to not many Japanese on that one. Anyway, fresh news, Beijing and Shanghai are imposing partial lock down today. Those are big cities. Mask is a must. Tiny ship, mask is not a must. You see where this is going. https://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/3049891/beijing-and-shanghai-impose-new-controls-residents-china-battles
  11. That's because Wuhan had many more cases than what we are talking about here. And do you believe Chinese official figures early on?
  12. So handling 135+ active cases exposed thousands? So what's the difference here? You probably need to be told this. End result is the same, these people are going off the ship with personel dealing with them one by one, risking the same exposure. So yes, poster is wrong for worrying about something that will happen sooner or later. So it is a non-concern.
  13. What? Wuhan was handling thousands in actual hospital before going to other venues. Japan can absolutely handle that many people without converting gymnasiums. Are you saying they have no bed at all?
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