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  1. I concur. My sole point was that I had a face-to-face conversation with an executive casino host from Club Royale, who displayed an interest and willingness to explore various methods of making the casino program more customer friendly.
  2. I had a lengthy discussion with an CR Executive Casino Host recently. He agreed that their IT need to provide a hyperlink in the offers webpages to the listing of eligible sailings. He also agreed that cruise certificates earned, should also afford those receiving them to select from lesser tier level cruise category offerings, on a first come, first select basis (but at the ascribed cabin category for those lower tier certificates - seemed quite reasonable). Here’s hoping for a modicum of progress.
  3. Just reached Signature status on RCCL's casino program this past weekend, so I have not had to pay cash transaction fees at casino for a long time (since I became Prime in April 2019). 1. Initially, I was applying for casino credit in advance of each cruise, and was "graciously" afforded a line of credit on each sailing. 2. Then, I discovered that I could get cash from the room at no additional charge being Prime. 3. Later, I discovered that I could charge cash against the room, having a BofA Preferred Rewards credit card, and earn 3% on each transaction, as I designated TRAVEL as my preferred bonus category. 4. Finally, I have charged cash to the room, knowing the AP play of getting 3% on the back end through my credit card. However, that all being said, I cannot bring myself to allow money to be left on my cruise statement, and find myself going to Guest Services on the cruise ships, paying off whatever has been charged to the room. But, I first have to ensure that I win sufficient funds at blackjack to be able to do that. I guess that's not a bad thing. Just not making 3%, but having piece of mind, probably worth a lot more. Paraphrasing the MasterCard "priceless" campaign commercials: Being Prime, and having $0 casino transaction fees; Earning 3% credit card reward fees on every casino room charge; Not having any charges on your cruise statement, priceless. There's some things you [don't want to] charge, and for that, [you get peace of mind)!!!
  4. LgsD, if you are looking for an explanation as to how it works, or how to do it, just ask the ship's casino host for help. It is really very simple once you have seem it, and done it once.
  5. OHCruisinDad, Thank you. Did you sign up for your BofA RCCL Visa (and perhaps MC) credit card in person or online, at a BofA branch office, or onboard a RCCL cruise ship? Any recollection as to when you saw BoFA and/or RCCL during the course of a year offer the best sign up bonus points?
  6. OHCruisinDad, Using your BofA Visa Card, do you get charged a balance transfer fee when converting points to OBC? Other purchases or cash-outs? i have BofA rewards cards for business, and interested in maximizing my points/rewards. Being Prime with RCCL’s Club Royale program, I can charge money for slot machines or chips for table games, without RCCL’s 5% fee, as a room charge. I believe that will earn credit card points as a travel purchase, but just getting off Symphony OTS, so will not know definitively until my next statement issued. Appreciate your feedback, as I want to maximize my opportunities with my BofA accounts.
  7. Yes. However, if you use your linked credit card, and can get cash by charging to your room, with NO fee, and get triple points on your credit card, that’s a 3% win before you make any bet.
  8. BirdTravels, both my wife and I have Prime status, so no charge from Club Royale nor RCCL for cash charges in slot machines to the room. Simply have to remain aware that there were charges which will come due when credit card bill arrives. Beyond that, getting triple points on those charges help defray some of the costs incurred playing and using the credit card for source of funds for playing in the casino.
  9. Apologies, but my account was affected, so had to create this one. Same South Florida Attorney. Just a name change.
  10. Which holiday event? The Jingle and Mingle? I am going to it but on December 14th, onboard the Independence OTS. From what I hear, there will be a white elephant gift party for CR members.
  11. Royal Caribbean Dude, I am curious as to whether you can provide some clarification as to how the casino deals with providing OBC or free play to players earning a lot of points in a specific cruise. For example, I have read posts where players had different experiences earning points toward Prime/Signature/Masters levels, and being contacted by (or asking) the casino host for OBC for say 5000 points. Some received $20 OBC/free play per 1000 points, others got more, less or nothing. Tyia!!!
  12. seasidemama, Thanks. I understand. I could not expect to be able to double dip, and use points a second time. However, say you opt after the first night to use 5,000 points for free play, and then earn another 5000+ points on subsequent nights. Those are separately and independently eligible for use as OBC or free play? Finally, did you have to raise this issue to the casino host, or did he/she approach you? Thank you. EDIT: I just saw your comment regarding this conversation with the casino host. Sorry I missed it before.
  13. seasidemama, So that I am 100% following you, you kept all accrued points, but the casino host “additionally” provided you OBC at the rate of $20 per 1000 points earned? The points were not forfeited, nor reduced? Did you approach the host to inquire, or did they notify you? Tyia!!!
  14. pcakes122, While RCCL surcharges solo cruisers, the same does not hold true for comped cruise offers. I have a few booked solo, as my DW cannot leave work at those times. No additional charges, and I save on second passengers port fees/taxes, and no prepaid gratuities for her. Food for your thought
  15. Grew up in Boston suburb. Moved to South Florida after completed school. Been here for 30+ years. Still practicing law, some day I will figure it out, stop practicing, retire, and book even more cruises since we live so close to the Port of Miami and Port Everglades. I only accrued so many points in the last cruise because I was willing to see what points could be accrued playing slots. But it cost. Slots provide more points than blackjack and craps for a reason. I did not know about earning OBC based upon your ADT (which determines your earned points?). Please elaborate how you discern your total points during a cruise, and how to best approach the casino host re: OBC. Also, does using the OBC reduce your points earned? Tyia!
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