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  1. I understand everything being said, my point is they should not have multiple policies.
  2. So why when I called them did they only offer a FCC and a full refund. They should have a one size fits all and not several different policies. STILL SLIMY AND UNETHICAL.
  3. Norwegian does it again, i had a cruise on the Norwegian Epic that was supposed to be out from April 4th until April 11th. I would like to have gotten a full refund, but they say i fall/fell under their peice of mind policy, which means only FCC. For cruises as of April 12th and on they are giving full refund. What is wrong with an across the board policy.
  4. I booked mine on Feb 3 2019, it was labeled as a 12 day cruise with all the port stops. So if they truly knew back in June 22 2018, then I should not have been able to book a 12 day 4 port cruise for full price. THIS IS FRAUD!!!!!
  5. I also checked NCL account and there is now a message that wasn't there before. Mine is dated Feb 3 same as when I booked. That message wasn't there yesterday.
  6. I called I called Norwegian and asked if any changes and how the $300 per person can be used, she informed me that it can be used for hotels and travel. When I asked her if I can use it for food she replied no, so I asked her if can I go eat on the ship then. Her reply was that it will be in Dry Dock. I don't think she found my question funny.
  7. That's not 50%it is only 25% because 25% is only because of the shortened cruise which is basically my money anyway and going back to my credit card. They need to up the 25% future cruise credit or drop the bad ports and put the good ports back on.( but we know that won't happen so up the 25% future ).credit
  8. I just received an email from my TA discussing the 300 dollars per person for Airline, Train, and Hotel, but it doesn't say anything about food. Anyone else know.
  9. Another way to send them a message is to not spend money on there ship. I normally hit the cadino, but I am not going to this time. I'm not going to go to the specialty dinner and I'm not going buy anything in the gift shops nor drinks.
  10. So is it true that we can use that up to 300 per passenger for hotels. And 25% off for a future cruise. If so is there something we need to do ahead of time. Even though there isn't much time.
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