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  1. Also I’m getting married on the carnival Vista September 21st
  2. I’m only bring on wedding favors, supplies for the sand ceremony, our guest book, and cake topper.
  3. I’m doing an embarkment day wedding and plan on changing my dress 3 times! It’s not as crazy as it’s sound seeing that the top all see through lace layer of my wedding dress comes completely off for a reception dress. Then I found this amazing $30 dress that I can really party in! It fits my lace beach theme and looks so good with my crown, wedding jewelry, and wedding shoes. Below is the “third dress”.
  4. How much time did you all have for your reception, the 1 hour or the 90mins
  5. We are all dying to know all and any details! Especially since many reviews are from the old price package. Please update us!!!
  6. I’m a vista bride coming up this September 2019!!! As you mentioned Carnival’s packages have changed and become more expensive for newer ships. I am debating if a 1 hour reception will be enough time, we decided to only do our first dance, the cake cutting and toast. I have read to add a 1/2 hour could cost as much as 2,500 for 50 guest. That is not worth it to us as we plan on having a housewarming/newlyweds party once return home for friends, co-workers, and church members.
  7. How was everything? I’m desperate for new reviews as I have booked and are getting married this September 2019.
  8. Hello Brides! We are getting married on carnival Vista September 2019!!! I’m so excited I can barely stand it. We are having 50 guest most non sailing but that’s fine with us, we just got engaged in February(Valentine’s day on carnival Valor) and had less than a year to plan.
  9. Yes, from the reviews I read you do. My wedding isn’t til this September but the photographer is too high in my opinion and we have a friend photographer who is stepping in!
  10. I have already booked my wedding for this September as an embarkation wedding. I went with the carnival classic gold package. Also beware that price on the brochure change depending on the ship. I booked on the vista that is one of their new ships and my starting free was about $850 more than the brochure. Family and friends can bring their own cameras and take photos. They just can’t set up any try pods. DJ: you can either give him a iPod or phone with a list of songs already in order for $150(we chose this option. Or you can pick a theme for 250: did not like the themes none really fit our music style which is really all over the place. Your guest can eat at the buffet before the wedding but it’s an extra $17 per person. We decided to skip this option seeing that the reception will have food. However any guest who are sailing may of course eat at the buffet. Lastly, an hour feels super rushed to me too. So when they sent me the form of how we wanted our reception( first dance, dad and bride dance etc.) we decided to just do an introduction of just us, our first dance, and then enjoy our guest. Especially since most are not sailing with us. Hope this helps! I will do a full review after my wedding.
  11. Just relax, everyone probably won’t come. I’m getting married this September on the vista and already people who said the are definitely coming have started to drop out. Have no hard feelings and just know you are marrying the man of dreams on the beach!
  12. I booked my wedding for this September as an embarkation wedding. There are definitely extra cost that’s not on the brochure!!!! I went with the carnival classic gold package, this package is more expensive depending on the ship( I booked on the vista and because that is one of their newest ships it cost me about $850 more than the brochure). Also Brochure prices are only for 20 guest, it’s about $30 per adult after that and about $18 per child. Other things that cost extra: photography: insanely expensive (My friend will be on board during mine for me but beware you can’t have outside photographers but family and friend may have cameras) DJ: you can either give him a iPod or phone with a list of songs already in order for $150(we chose this option. Or you can pick a them for 250 ** Best way to get real pricing is to call Carnival wedding department. They will give you actual prices for exactly what you want and on what ship. Hope this helped! #148moredays!
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