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  1. Australian Marine Safety Board referred it themselves, as ship is now (or was) UK owned / registered. Also referred so surveyors could conduct investigation into incident.
  2. Seeking other passengers effected by fume incident on deck 5 - starboard side. Seriousness of inhalation warrants input from all passengers who may have been denied adequate compensation. Unfortunately response from P&O has been initial denial, then through dogged persistence, an insulting offer to compensate. On refusal of this offer, further emails now fail to be responded to. The seriousness of this event was evident by the number of passengers relocated in the early hours of the 7th Aug. I also witnessed other passengers attend reception on the morning of the 8th attempting to gain information on cabin allocations for the remainder of the cruise. Some of these passengers appeared quite unwell. This was not a 'black water' event as indicated by P&O and I would be very interested in hearing your stories. I have personally sought assistance from the Marine Safety boards of both Australia and the UK. Please respond if you were affected.
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