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  1. No surprise: RSSC's sister company, Oceania Cruises, is also parting ways with Canyon Ranch. It is launching its own brand, Aquamar Spa and Vitality Centers, starting this December. Looks like it made the announcement last Monday. One article said most Canyon Ranch employees would be offered positions with Aquamar Spa. Good trade article on the change: https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Oceania-Cruises-replacing-Canyon-Ranch-with-Aquamar
  2. liptastic: Thank you. I must not have structured my search correctly when I checked before posting.
  3. I believe The Apollo Group provides all the onboard "Hotel Services" (i.e., Pursers, Reception, Housekeeping, Sanitation and Waste Management, and Food and Beverage services). So, I wondered if they had added spa services to their menu.
  4. Just received the email announcing Serene Spa & Wellness as the apparent replacement for Canyon Ranch. The email states it will be across their fleet by January 25, 2020. Does anyone have experience with this provider?
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