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  1. It wont let me message you. Can you send me a message? deep green marine at mac com remove the spaces and add in marks
  2. Hello all! Wanting to book a cruise next month and looking for a CN certificate. Can PayPal for quick payment. Or if you want to lend me the certificate, I can replace it when I cruise next month (unlikely anyone would do this with a stranger, but if you just want it back or more, I’m open to it).
  3. It was organized and the crew was nice. To not put a damper on the lack of manatees, I focused on enjoying the kayaking. You will hug the mangroves and land. There were a couple of homes where we peered into the yards with cool design. Unlike a river, the other side of your view was wide open waters that you could not venture over. As experienced kayakers, we were expecting a bit more. Oh, and all of the the kayaks are tandems. I was not expecting that when we showed up.
  4. We are at the same point. Cruise is not until September. However, I saw the flight number shortly after we booked and went to Delta to pick our seats. Now, my eDocs don’t show specifics on the flight. However, Delta app is still showing the reservation with seats selected. I’m going to have patience with you.
  5. We did this excursion. Sadly, we did not see a single manatee. It was a bit chilly in March and we kayaked around the mangroves in search of them. There were a few times in which the group got spread out and we had to wait for everyone to gather. There was a sign saying manatee zone, so I’m sure we were in the right place. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t support the conditions for us to meet with the manatees. Good luck if you go on this excursion!
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