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  1. Pat, i think after the cruise you should open a CC dispute as one poster mentioned, CC companies usually err in the side of the consumer and the burden of proof would be on Azmara, you could upload the confirmations and boarding passes as proof. Do not think you will have anything to lose..
  2. I apologize that was never my attention, I sincerely hope that the OP gets his trip honored for what he originally purchased.
  3. Thanks! The itineraries for Azmara look great compared to some of the others, it sounds like the trip itself is a great experience too and our TA has said nothing but positive things. Have you ever had any issues with them canceling your reservation or switching ports/rooms on you last minute? I just want to avoid that and it seems like there are a few post out there online where this situation has happened.
  4. Hi Laurie, I am not ruling them out by any means, but I definitely find the post disturbing. I would be furious if something like that happened to me. Based on what I can read it looks like a trip was booked and then confirmed and then Azmara threatened to cancel because they made a mistake on the price. When we got off Royal Independence after the Norovirus, there were lots of news stations there conducting interviews with guest coming off the ship. We chose to avoid speaking with them because we did not think something like that is in their control and felt that they had handled it as best as they could. If I remember correctly the RCL stock even went down 3% after the negative news went public. This situation seems a lot different, it looks like Azmara was the cause of the error. I am curious to see what the final resolution will be.
  5. Thanks for the recommendations Dave we will definitely check them out! I have about 180k Chase Sapphire Reserve points saved up so I am hoping that covers the flights. We like Royal so that is why our TA recommended Azmara. It is hard for us both to get 2 weeks off at the same for work so we can't plan that far ahead until my wife retires, she is in Medical and I have my own business.
  6. Great write up thanks. I took my son on Disney Dream for his 3rd birthday a few years back, aside from not knowing there was no casino (my fault) it was one of the best family experiences of a life time. Well Worth the cost!
  7. I am so glad I came across this post. My wife and I are about to book our first Luxury cruise for our upcoming anniversary in September and she told me to do some research on Azmara before pulling the trigger, because of the cost compared to other cruises that we have done in the past. We have been on 4 Royal Caribbean cruises out of Tampa and Fort Lauderdale and we only ever had one issue (Norovirus Independence of the Seas back in December of '17). Would anyone recommend any other Luxury cruise lines that visit Europe, we would like to book something in the next few weeks so we can still get a decent deal on flights. We are flexible on ports and cities. Thanks!
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