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  1. Looking forward to the first successful re-launch cruise. Then I will feel like our cruise will go.
  2. Unless it's the rapid test, does that do any good. There is a article today about a small cruise in Alaska that had to turn around because a passenger got on positive, he didn't get the test results back until he was aboard.
  3. On a brighter note, MSC is not going to sell any ships, and looks like they want to make a move up in the industry. They are still a go to start in Europe mid August https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23334-msc-won-t-be-selling-any-cruise-ships.html
  4. You could go to a nightclub the night before you get on the ship. Testing, in my opinion is worthless unless you control the environment the person is in from that moment on.
  5. As of today, Florida is starting to replace the drive up testing with the rapid test, results in 15 minutes. I don't know if the accuracy of these has improved, but this would be a viable option. Have a embarkation time and get a rapid test last thing before you walk on the ship. Something would have to be worked out for ports.
  6. I think that if Europe does get up and running, there will be a lot of pressure on the CDC to start here. Bias or not.
  7. This is pretty dishonest. You can get infected anywhere. One thing we are learning in Florida, a pretty good percent of the population already has it. If you are in an at risk group, more precautions should be taken. Maybe those over 70 should hold off cruising for a while.
  8. I'll go. Looks like no buffets, the only real difference I see.
  9. The good news just keeps coming: "Dominica is anticipating opening its borders to foreign visitors as of Aug. 7, according to Colin Piper, CEO of Discover Dominica. Having closed its borders on March 25, Dominica started to welcome the return of nationals and residents on July 15. The island nation has reported 18 incidents of Covid-19 infections and that all recovered as the country was able to contain and mitigate the virus. Having declared a state of emergency through the end of June, Dominica enforced various restrictions, including a curfew, limited hours businesses were allowed to be open, social distancing, etc."
  10. Yep, written by bureaucrats. I hope that if Europe and Asia get going that will put pressure on the CDC. I have thought for a while that Nov 1st would be the date. I hope so.
  11. Found these new proposed procedures on Norwegian's site. https://www.ncl.com/fr/en/why-cruise-norwegian/book-with-confidence#safety Seems OK to me.
  12. Spare me the condescending attitude. The articles you post are from May and June. Here is from the CDC website updated today: "Updated July 23, 2020 Since the No Sail Order was extended on April 15, and extended a second time on July 16, CDC has worked with cruise lines to help thousands of crew members return home safely. Safe disembarkation of crew has included a requirement for cruise lines to submit a signed attestation and use non-commercial transportation for their crew members. The list on this page provides the latest information on cruise lines that have submitted the signed attestations that received CDC approval to safely disembark crew using noncommercial transportation. This list is updated daily Monday through Friday. Ships that have complete and accurate No Sail Order response plans to protect crew members against COVID-19 can now disembark crew members for non-commercial travel without a signed attestation. Cruise company officials must sign an acknowledgement of the completeness and accuracy of their response plans. Ships that want to disembark crew members using commercial travel will need to meet certain additional eligibility requirements. For more information, visit the Interim Guidance." There is then a very extensive list by Ship of the crew members that have disembarked and the countries they went to.
  13. If you are from the US you can go home, you will have to quarantine. Most other countries, that cruise passengers would be from, I think are the same. Do we really have thousands of crew being held on cruise ships against their will?
  14. I posted on another thread, maybe a change to the travel insurance. Make it mandatory and include a process to send sick customers home.
  15. I disagree with you other than what you said about needing hospitalization. That is harder to get to on a cruise ship. What happened before if someone needed emergency treatment? May be as simple as requiring people to buy an amped up insurance so that they can be sent home if they get ill.
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