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  1. I have been following the other post where people are receiving their refunds. Has anyone received the FCC if you opted for that? We are waiting for ours, original cruise date was April 18. Is it communicated only through email, or can you see it on your account? I get so many emails I'm afraid I will miss it.
  2. We are looking at the Sept 19 cruise on Seaside, just waiting for FCC Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. Instead of them wasting time reworking wording on promises, just process the darn things.
  4. So the only difference between Aurea Suites and Aurea Balconies is a slightly bigger balcony? Does not seem worth the money.
  5. We are looking to upgrade our makeup cruise because of the expected extra 25% we will get from the FCC. On the Seaside, can anyone tell me the difference between the Aurea Balconies and Aurea Suites on deck 9? Does every Aurea Suite have a whirlpool tub on the deck?
  6. Thanks for the info. I also hear it is better to book an even numbered room as the face Ocean Cay? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. Wishfully thinking ahead, with the 125% FCC we are thinking of upgrading ourselves to a balcony room when we finally get the FCC. Any suggestions on which rooms are better? Thanks in advance.
  8. They need a lawyer to check if money you already paid for something they are now not going to provide can be given back to you? They way we pay for cruises way in advance, it looks like the cruise industry was running a giant ponzi scheme and now the bill has come due.
  9. If you guys are slower than here you are in trouble.
  10. Finally! When was you original cruise?
  11. Don't feel bad. They seem to be ignoring everybody
  12. I was just poking around the NCL board, and people are starting to get their FCC. I think MSC is really dropping the ball here. I am beginning to second guess asking for a credit instead of a refund. I hope someone from MSC is monitoring this site.
  13. Perhaps we can start a thread on how long it is taking to get your FCC so people can start to plan. Maybe give your original cruise date and when you got the credit. My cruise date was April 18. Nothing yet
  14. KennyFla


    Having already been cancelled once, I think it is crappy that we can't get the same discounts that everybody just jumping in now is getting because of the lower demand, because we have to wait on our credit. We are now getting screwed twice. At least let us make a reservation against the credit and they can offset the two when they get back up and running.
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