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  1. General manager of the ship? Or of the Haven. It really was the shoreside girl who messed up, I feel. She didn’t communicate with us at all and left us.
  2. Yes I don’t want to make a stink while on board bc I don’t want a label on my back (and also I didn’t know it wasn’t common until I posted this question), but will definitely address it via comment card/survey after the cruise. When you make a big decision to double the money you’re spending on your 20th anniversary cruise, it was a little disappointing! And again, the other couple we were lost with felt the same. And she appeared to be in the middle of cancer treatment.
  3. There isn’t a separate security line at Miami....but before you even walk in the terminal you check in at a little kiosk (picture Lucy’s psychiatrist booth on Charlie Brown) outside the terminal, where u wait for a Haven person to walk u through security and into the Haven waiting area.
  4. No, I think it’s the same security checkpoint for everyone in Miami. Honestly it seemed disorganized from the time we walked up outside the terminal...there was no one at the Haven kiosk and we had to wait 10 minutes outside in the heat while everyone else in regular rooms was going right into the terminal. Then when we got into the little Haven room inside the terminal, the girls at the check in COULD NOT understand that we were not travelling with the other couple who had come in same time as us. We tried every way to tell them we were not together. They kept looking at us blankly and asking if we had two rooms, did we have adjoining rooms, etc. It was almost comical! Finally the other couple said we don’t even know them!!! Lol. That makes sense why it was awkward when we walked into the Haven, they’re used to people being escorted in. Oh well it didn’t ruin our trip, it was just not what we expected 😊
  5. What is everyone’s experience with embarkation as a Haven guest? We checked in at the terminal and were taken to the little room where we waited with a few other couples to be escorted to the boat (NCL ENCORE). Then a woman came and got us and we all followed her upstairs as she carried her little sign through the terminal. When we got to the top, we had keycards swiped by security and then we had no idea what to do. Our escort was gone and we didn't know if we were supposed to stay there, go ahead and board, or what. Our escort never spoke a word to us and vanished like a ghost. We were ghosted. So we stood there for a minute and decided to go on board. When we got on board we had no idea where to go. We walked around and asked someone where the Haven was. It was a little awkward since we just wandered in on our own, but everyone was very kind when we got there and it’s been great so far. We were just wondering if thats the typical experience...the other couple who was lost with us felt the same way! It wasn’t the first impression we expected, but maybe we expected too much!
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