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  1. Hi Ldubs, The point of being on a cruise is to enjoy cruise activities and visiting the ports. If people are unwinding by sleeping in their cabin or doing something they can do easily and freely at home, it is a waste of the cruise time in my humble opinion.
  2. The replies are awesome. I have been living in sweats and t-shirt for too long. I will have to upgrade my clothes before I go including new swim wear. How do overweight middle age women wearing solid colour shorts and short sleeve t shirts fit in on a cruise? Is this dressing too casual? I would like to bring enough clothes for a 9 to14 day cruise. I am slightly obsessed with buying a statement everyday necklace perhaps with a pendent, but not mass marketed. Bulgari selling on a ship? Wow. What is this $10.00 boutique? I like the idea of visiting a supermarket. What do you buy there? I would like to try local vendors for a beautiful dress. I have big -size 10 canadian- feet so if I see attractive shoes, I will grab them. I do like handbags, but will probably get a leather shopper before hand. I won't buy a new one unless it is perfect. Your thoughts?
  3. I am not sure where I am going yet, but when I decide I will post.
  4. Thanks for your replies they were informative and mouth watering. I will look at some cruise lines adver- tisements. I appreciate people not smoking when I am eating and not dying of second hand smoke. Is there a way to show I have the answers to my post? Thanks again, Sandra
  5. Hi there, There has to be many benefits going solo on a cruise. I must admit I cringe at the thought of eating or doing activities with others who would rather be by themselves or are not welcoming or I feel out of place or odd some how with them. I also cringe at the thought of being the only person solo at an activity usually done with another, or last to be invited or chosen. How can I handle these situations should they arise or better yet prevent them? Sandra
  6. Is there a way to find out how the cruise lines are different without reading all the reviews but get a good barometer for the feel of the lines? Sandra
  7. Hello, I expect to take most of my cruise's shore excursions. However, if I am on a cruise and desire to go on excursions not offered through the cruise, how easy is it to find and hire people at the port to take me to these sites? Are there people waiting at ports (perhaps wearing a sign, "I will take you to the world famous garden") to take cruisers places, or do you hire a taxi? Any advice? Sandra
  8. Hi cruisers, I am undecided about what cruise destination to choose for my first cruise. I love the idea of going to southern or western caribbean for the warmth, beauty of the Caribbean and to unwind. I also love the idea of going to the western Mediterrean to learn about Greek and Italian culture and some mythology. Then, there is the Holy Land to visit the places mentioned in the Bible and in the news. Would one destination provide a better start to many more cruises in the future than the others?
  9. Your replies have answered my questions very well How do staff keep track of the meals or dining venues you have used? I generally stay away from alcoholic beverages, but love coffee tea and pop. Am I going to look out of place, if I don't order alcohol? I am excited about afternoon coffee or tea and dessert, but dont want to wear out the welcome mat? Sandra
  10. Thanks for your replies. I have never cruised before. Replies strongly encouraged using a tour guide. Do they really do that much? I want to enjoy the cruise and my companions and know more about the.places I visit. Thanks, Sandra
  11. Hi everyone, I am excited about going on a cruise. What do most women dress like on a cruise to the Caribbean? How casual or formal? Also, I am perked up about shopping on a cruise. What women's clothing stores and jewelry shops do they have on Celebrity? How easy and costly is using WiFi on celebrity, if I need to use it?
  12. Hi I am considering taking 8 to 12 people on a southern Caribbean cruise at the end of this 2020 year. I would like to pay for everything in the price of a cruise. I have these questions: 1. Is there a way not to be held legally responsible or fined in case someone whose cruise I paid for says or does something wrong or stupid? I believe this to be highly unlikely. 2. Is there a way to choose a group of cabins in a spot where they will be all happy, and sleep well without noises disturbing their sleep? 3. How easy is it to make group reservations for shore excursions, entertainment, classes and dining? 4. Is Celebrity open to discounts for a group? 5. Is there any group cruise planning resources online for celebrity cruisers? Sandra
  13. Hi cruisers, I am thinking about going on a Celebrity cruise to the Caribbean. I have read about dining, but I a still have questions. All meals are included with cruise package. Drinks can be bought in package deals. What happens, if a person wants a second dessert or desires a snack after a shore excursion? Sandra
  14. Hi. I already know the people. I will just invite them. Here are my questions:I would lime to pay for everything in the price of a cruise. 1. Is there a way not to be held legally responsible or fined in case they say or do something wrong, which I believe to be highly unlikely? 2. Is there a way to choose a group of cabins in a spot they will be all happy with and sleep well without noise disturbing their sleep? 3. How easy is it to make group reservations for shore excursions, entertainment and dining? 4. Are cruise lines open to group discounts? 5. Is there any group cruise planning resources online? 6. I am looking for the best cruise line to southern carribean for people who love learning, shore excursions and need a break from work? Sandra
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