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  1. I have back to back Med trips booked first one starting tomorrow. Big disappointment for me they did this especially on such short notice. How many people had plans with prebooked third party excursions screwed up. Makes no sense to do this with less than 1 week notice. This is a way to save money on fuel. More time so they can cruise slower. Maybe less port fees too. No way it is based on customer feedback. Like people surveyed said they wanted to leave Ibiza at 4pm instead of 6pm. If the ship leaves at 4pm it means you have to plan on being at the ship for 3pm. Cuts the day short. Not worth going to a beach club or much else other than lunch. I had to cancel my plans. I suspect Virgin is bleeding so much money they are getting desperate. Glad I am using up all my credits this trip. Next they will be cutting the food quality. When they do stuff like this they will lose current customers and it makes the cruises less attractive to new customers. In the end bad for business all around. They already can’t fill the ships up. Bad move IMO.
  2. It is only valid for 2022 cruises. You could book another cruise either before or after your current one for free to extend the cruise to a back to back or you can cancel your October cruise, get a FVC for what ever you paid for the October cruise which I think they give you at least a year from the cruise date to use and then book the same October 2022 cruise using the free cruise access key. You can then use the FVC from your canceled cruise to book a cruise in 2023.
  3. I am booked for two 7 day med cruises this summer. One in a regular balcony cabin and the other a rock star. I was able to book the Wake 3 times on each cruise. If you are on a shorter cruise I would recommend hitting each of the restaurants once. They are all good. No reason to book any twice unless you are going for more than 5 days.
  4. Anyone have any luck getting a refund on travel expenses such as airfare due to the canceled cruises? They are offering up to $500 US per person. The webpage where I have submitted mine still does not seem to work (spinning wheel forever after submitting). Anyone get something accepted or get money back? If so how did you do it and was a booking receipt enough?
  5. It probably should read "died with covid" which is what they actually keep track of. If someone fell over board and the body was recovered and had covid that would be a covid death.
  6. Here are my two bookings other sailors can use for $200 in free sailor loot. You can book directly with the booking link online through the VV website (just click it before booking) or call VV and use the link and booking number and email me for any other info you need. If you are not planning on going to the Med this summer reconsider. It is going to be great! French Daze & Ibiza Nights Barcelona • Marseille • Cannes • Olbia • Ibiza • Barcelona 14-21 Aug, 2022 7 nights Booking link: https://virg.in/ofYR Booking reference: 291374 Email: westguy99 at shaw.ca ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Irresistible Med Barcelona • Toulon • Marina di Carrara • Ajaccio • Cagliari • Ibiza • Barcelona 21-28 Aug, 2022 7 nights Booking link: https://virg.in/oxf2 Booking reference: 287994 Email westguy99 at shaw.ca
  7. I just found out CC does not have direct message. My email is: westguy99 at shaw.ca
  8. Sure if you can make it work. My booking number is 287994. My link in my previous post. Let me know if you need anything else.
  9. I went to my account on the Virgin website and under access keys there was a new one with no information other than it was an access key (it didn't say free cruise or anything). I clicked on it and it sent me to the booking page with all the cruises listed. I selected a sea terrace for the cruise I wanted and it came up as $240 total which was the taxes. I booked it, paid the $240 and that was it.
  10. Aug 14 to 21 French Daze & Ibiza Nights Barcelona • Marseille • Cannes • Olbia • Ibiza • Barcelona Link below for $200 sailor loot. DM for booking number if needed. https://virg.in/ofYR
  11. Just found the access key in my account and booked it.
  12. Has anyone received their free voyage access key yet after booking a 2022 with the FVC? Is there a set date to email them out? I was told by the Virgin rep they would email it which was last week but still nothing.
  13. Link was incorrect (it was from my canceled cruise. Correct link: https://virg.in/oxf2
  14. Link above is incorrect (it was from my canceled cruise). Correct link:
  15. Aug 21st to 28th 2022 The Irresistible Med Barcelona • Toulon • Marina di Carrara • Ajaccio • Cagliari • Ibiza • Barcelona https://virg.in/ox4K DM me for booking reference if you call in to Virgin or you can do online with the link only. Get $200 is sailor loot!
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