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  1. Hello! My fiancée and I will be heading out on Royal Princess for our honeymoon and never been on one of their cruise ships before. We will be on the Royal Princess ship. Anyone ever travel on their and any suggestions for us? We have a Deluxe Balcony room and have dinner reservations at Crown Grill one night. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hahaha YES! Will do. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Yes, thank you! I have already looked into it! I feel like it sounds so comfortable I'd fall asleep once I get in!
  4. This is all great information! Thank you for it all! Already booked a meal at the Crown Grill and have another complementary meal through our travel agent. May book Sabatini's. But will definitely look into speaking to the Maître D and ask about the Newlywed get togethers. Sounds like a good time. And I'm all about the free promos!
  5. Thank you! I'm more of the planner and she loves to explore and go with the flow. I hope you an your wife had an amazing time! We both love the idea of cruises so maybe one day we will book a suite!
  6. We have upgrade once already, don't know if we would be able to afford a suite. But thank you for the advice. I'll look into the Chef's Table. Sounds like a memorable experience! And yes, fingers crossed!
  7. Yes I have! I have already booked a meal for the Crown Grill one night and heard amazing things about that place. Just talked to my fiancée tonight and looked up the "Ultimate Balcony Breakfast". She said, "Let's do it!" We do have a very good insurance policy in place through our travel agent. Whatever happens, we will find ways to enjoy our time. We have thought of and looked at places to go that we would like if we aren't able to cruise.
  8. Thank you for you're advice! I have done so and looking forward to what we may get as surprises! Im continually praying that we are good to sail in March. If we don't, we will just move to another cruise later that year to celebrate. But hoping that that doesn't happen.
  9. Hello all! My fiancée and I will be going to Mexico in March 2021 for our honeymoon. This is the first time my fiancée will ever be on a cruise and my second cruise, but well over 15 years since I first went. Any advice, tips, or tricks that you all could think of for our trip! Thank you in advance!
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