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  1. Nope, I don't agree. I have a friend down in Houston right now (drives to Galveston REGULARLY) and she said they would choose a better line but she just doesn't feel comfortable with flying. It's crazy because Princess used to sail out of Houston and she preferred it BETTER!! Sounds like firefly333 understand this and head office can step it up!!
  2. Princess is definitely not right for everyone, but yes, for me definitely feel like worth a try! Fingers crossed my Westin stay didn't cause low standards for RCL!!
  3. Evidently not EVERYONE agrees, do they?? So make sure you ask yourself what you get for 2 cruises on Princess for the $ option! Yeah, GAME CHANGER!! The good news about having RCL option. . ya know, THE NORTH STAR. The bad news is, it won't get you to the better food and beds you see AFAR!! It's truly difficult to believe that kind of things people will justify comparing food. Yeah, I screwed RCL in 2008 by staying at Westin - WHOOPSIE!! Ridiculous nonsense. Seriously, should we call the next ship Stumbles of the Seas??
  4. The very first time I cruised this was August of 2008. We spent one night at before at the local Westin Hotel. It all seemed AMAZING and I can admit to having fancier taste ever since then. I'm very grateful for a husband that gets we might need to try something new! I'll add that some people still want chicken on a caviar budget! For real RCL can be DOUBLE the $ of Princess.
  5. Joebucks, seriously, it was actually 12 years ago and a lot has happen! And yeah, it wasn't 5 Star either back then but still two different WORLDS. I have never been on Sea Dream before but I bet it would be the best food we've EVER eaten!! Beautiful area too - feels like it could almost reset my soul! Honestly too expensive and my kid need something he would enjoy!!
  6. Yes, that's TOTALLY how it is. I wasn't even complaining about the amusement park because I like SOME OF IT, you know?? At some point food just doesn't matter if people want the carnival foods. . . and an uncharged mac & cheese!
  7. Some do but new cruisers and head office need to know! Yes, and who hasn't had HORRIBLE room service right?! Look at this, seriously?? https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=678965
  8. But we can pay extra for better food, right?? Truth is, when I look at Princess and Carnival, I see better option anyway as obviously I look at the competition, and I have had enough of french fries and mac n' cheese pitched as gourme. But YES SO FRUSTRATING Carnival vs RCL.
  9. I had such wonderful food on our first cruise! Such a fun time too before all the gimmicks!! Well it was yummy while it lasted - instead we pay for a rising tide bar - up and down - up and down, that is impressive! LOL! Seriously, I always think I might remember our first cruise wrong that but then I actually get my feet onboard and something in me knows somethings been RADICALLY SHIFTED NOT FOR THE BETTER! I’ll start by asking why we can’t all come together and ask for better from head office?? I've never tried to turn a blind eye I may have to give it a try again but honestly, the Windjammer and main dining room have gone too far DOWNHILL!! I'm at home now and it definitely bugs me that I can get better food out of a can than some things in the buffet!
  10. I am done wasting my time with you and the MASK DEBATE, ReneeFLL, but now that I've got a list building of other topics to discuss! New cruisers and head office needs to know and we can all be very tame and very family friendly!
  11. I honestly feel like part of my problem is keeping emotions control with with some upcoming financial decisions. I ABSOLUTELY should not have passed that pressure on to all of you. We have not traveled many places throughout the year, but in a weird way, Princess "COME BACK NEW" sounds nice - I'm the first to admit!
  12. I kind of feel like since we were both on Vision, am I right?? You should understand where I'm at tonight. And who is possibly brave enough to dress up as a "cruise critic" for Halloween?!?!?!? Anyone?? OMG one day not cheering, um, seriously??
  13. Because truly, I am so hopeful that head office will see this so that all be able to do it right next year! Yeah, it kinda freaks me out when I have to ride this alone against all the POM POMS!! Seriously I used to love Royal and maybe I'll come back IF Princess doesn't work out! Maybe everyone has become TOO easy to please, ReneeFLL?? Oh well, I am going to keep speaking my mind about Royal on the Royal Forum!!
  14. As I said before, I realize they needed figure out what they were doing in February but I was already ahead of them on MASKS!! And the CDC not wanting cruising returning until March 2021 has me struggling to believe they're taking these Royal Caribbean's guidelines serious! Yeah, at least one ship should be ready for the water now, right?? This flyer is not going to be the REAL DEAL in 6 months. And yes it is ALL about getting more of you putting down more DEPOSITS!! (Seriously the corporate greed has been an issue for this company for quite some time starting with their ridiculously downgrades and reliance on gimicks. I'm no longer any more Loyal to Royal than Loyal to Royal is loyal to me!!).
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