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  1. It’s back on the website for sale so it doesn’t look like it’s canceled! It was off the website yesterday but it’s back this morning. Happy cruising!
  2. The different policies are linked about the middle of the page https://www.ncl.com/freestyle-cruise/booksafe
  3. Except we already know that they are paying expenses of the people that are the subject of this original post. Washington State also has their own public health department with their own requirements. Call or email NCL with your questions. Get it in writing. That is the only way that you’ll be satisfied. No one here knows and all you want to do is pick everything apart.
  4. You are correct. Not required but if you want them to assist with expenses, it is necessary to have. NCL tests you again just before boarding, which NCL pays for.
  5. The key is that there must be written proof meeting the following criteria. Proof of negative COVID-19 PCR or antigen test taken within 72-hours of sail date must show guest name, date of birth and date the test was taken in order to be eligible.
  6. It’s in the FAQs toward the bottom of the page. https://www.ncl.com/sail-safe Edit…sorry to double answer! I just saw it was already answered. Happy and safe cruising to you!
  7. As another person said, Carnival did absolutely nothing and they were on their own. So…. We have first hand experience posted here and NCL came through and treated them very well. So happy to hear of this first hand experience rather than pure conjecture.
  8. Nothing says they have to pay anything at all. I, in fact, am surprised and happy if they pay even $1. That’s why insurance was invented.
  9. Because they won’t and they already stated that you must take the 72 hour ahead of time covid test and they will only cover expenses above and beyond your insurance coverage. There is nothing “nebulous” about it.
  10. Exactly right. Washington State also has their own requirements, along with the federal government.
  11. https://www.hhs.gov/answers/public-health-and-safety/who-has-the-authority-to-enforce-isolation-and-quarantine/index.html
  12. Wink said they took the tram in his post.
  13. Testing hasn’t been in the same two places for two weeks in a row, as of yet. You will have to wait until you get there and they will direct you to the best place for your hubby.
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