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  1. Sailing to Stockholm first means that you will sail with land mostly on the port side and seaview on the star port side. But I don't know if they sail to close to land that you can see anything
  2. Normally there won't be to crowded so it should be possible to get a good spot no matter when you are coming. There is a little bit more info here. http://www.kongernessamling.dk/en/amalienborg/palacesquare/
  3. Why does Carnival never place a ship in the Baltics. I have seen some of their ship many years ago but for some reason they seem to the the only one of the major cruise lines that never stops by. In Copenhagen we get the odd P&O, Cunard and Disney ships so it happens that we see someone else than the usual suspects like MSC, Norwegian etc etc. I just wondered if there was a reason why Carnival doesn't place a ship here in the summer (or just on some selected dates)
  4. There should be no difference so just buy it at arrival at the airport. When you exit the baggage claim area you will find the information desk on your left hand.
  5. Stevns klint is very large so if you both want to visit the church that has nearly collapsed into the water or the military installation (Stevns Fortet), Mandehoved or the quarry it is way better to do it by car. There is a bus from Køge to Mandehoved but the walk to the other places will simply be to long.
  6. I have no major inputs to your plan but I have a few notes. First you can´t take the metro to Vesterport. You either have to take to airport train to the central station and walk from there (or take the S-train one short trip to Vesterport) Or take the metro to Nørreport and change to any southbound S-train and exit at Vesterport. I would probably combine the Frederiksborg Palace trip with a trip to Hamlets Kronborg Castle.
  7. If anyone wants to try gomore they can safely do that, at least in Denmark I have never heard about any major issues and I'm guessing its the same for Norway.
  8. both Amalienborg, Rosenborg and Christiansborg is in walking distance from Nyhavn.
  9. The real city pass (not the Stromma one) is clearly the best because you will easily earn the cost of the card and you don't have to figure out zones etc. I always see taxis all around the city so I'm guessing that it will be easy to pick up one from most tourist sites.
  10. Taxis at Oceankaj are first come first served. But it should be possible to get one without to long of a waiting time. What ship are you on and on what date?
  11. So do you have any problems with taking luggage on busses and trains. In my opinion I would say that Marriott is a little bit to far away from the central station to wall with luggage (no problems without or just with one bag etc) But its also just like 1-2 stops away with the bus and it seems like a hassle to drag all your luggage on a bus for such a short trip. So if money is not a issue I would go for a taxi. Im not saying its impossible to use public transportation but when I don't know you fitness level (or what we should call it) and the number of luggage then its hard to tell. Because you will have to change from bus to train at Østerport and then from train to bus at the central station to Marriott or walk the 650 meters with luggage.
  12. Both Scandic and Tivoli Hotel gets good reviews (but with a little edge to Tivoli) so for these two I would go with the best price you can get. Bethel is rated somewhere in the middle of the 2 other mentioned hotels (4,2 compared to 4,0 and 4,3 on Googles review) but for me I think the location is far superior.
  13. I would add that Bethel has the best location. But what Scandic hotel are we talking about? There is no one with Tivoli in its name but Scandic Palace, Scandic Webers, Scandic Copenhagen and Scandic Kødbyen are all located near Tivoli.
  14. @ Shudie If Tivoli is too touristy then I will recommend the worlds oldest amusement park Bakken in Klampenborg north of Copenhagen. They would probably also think that a trip to the Viking ship museum in Roskilde would be alot of fun. Here you can book a sailing trip on one of the Viking ships. The Zoo and the Blue Planet aquarium is always a hit with the kids and so is the Experimentarium science museum.
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