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  1. Citypass Small is not valid in the suburbs do it needs to either the Citypass large or Copenhagen Card.
  2. You need to take the S train from track 9 or 10 (northern direction) 2 stops to Nørreport. From here you use the exit that is located in the same direction as the train travels. From here bus 25 goes every 20th minute or so directly to the bus stop near terminal 1 at Oceankaj. But this is the info for 2019. The new metro line to the north harbour opens in spring 2020 and this may change how bus 25 runs. But keep an eye on the Wonderful Copenhagen 2020 thread when I get to do that one next year.
  3. There is no place for the luggage besides the seats and the area for strollers/prams. But the times I have been out to Oceankaj with both 25 and 27 there has been plenty of space.
  4. Some suburbs that I would recommend are Vanløse, Rødovre, Hvidovre, Gentofte, Glostrup and the suburbs out on Amager (Tårnby, Ørestad, Sundby etc). Generally I would avoid the suburbs like Gladsaxe, Avedøre, Ishøj, Brøndbyøster, Brøndby Strand and Tingbjerg (Surrounding Brønshøj should be okay).
  5. Normally i would prefer a break in the middle of a long haul flight but 4 is maybe to much 🙂 The longest I have flown was to Thailand and there I had a break in the middle of the trip in Qatar and that was wonderful to be able to walk a little bit around for a few hours.
  6. Take the train (not metro) from the airport to København H (central station). Direction should be Nivå or Helsingør.
  7. I'll take it that you don't know how the Danish wellfare system works 🙂 But this is clearly not the subject of this forum and I should never have voiced my opinion on that matter.
  8. Lately May has been a good month weatherwise in Denmark.
  9. I'm no expert on this but I think that most tour operators in Sankt Petersburg offers tours in the other cities as well. Or else you can contact the people at guides.dk, its the official guide union for Denmark. There is also the "free" walking tour. But its a little bit dodgy. The tour is called free but the guides don't get a salary. They only get payed if they get a tip. I understand that some people here on this board don't see a problem with this business model but they don't work there either 🙂 Problems like to report how much you earn in order to pay tax. Pension savings are non existing. The guides can't be sure about their monthly income because they don't now how many people there will be on their tour and how much they will pay.
  10. The Øresund train is actually 1 minute faster to reach Hellerup. 🙂
  11. Just a quick note. The train numbers are not listed on the destination boards. Only the departure time, type of train and destination. Most useful train is the Øresundstog train (marked with the letter Ø in a green square) with destinations like Helsingør and Nivå when going from the airport towards Østerport. When going from Østerport to the airport the destination is either any of the swedish town's (Göteborg, Kalmar, Växjö etc) or the airport.
  12. You can't compare these 2 line. The Circle line is 15,5 kilometers long with 17 Underground stations. The north harbour line is like 3 or 4 kilometers long with 1 underground station and 1 overground station and only around 1,8 kilometers of tunnel. The tunnels are done, the tracks has been layed and the official opening by the metro company is still spring 2020. That can off course both mean early March but also late May. I understand that we danes can be very pessimistic and negative at times (like all the time) but on this one I trust then to be ready in time. I would like to bet you a beer on it. 🙂
  13. Guys, today is the day when the city Circle metro line opens. So if any cruisers are in town (i know there is some ships in port) then join the festivities at Frederiksberg or Town hall square. Service should start at 16:00 but I'll expect the line to be very busy today. Personally I have time off tomorrow so I'll do the trip tomorrow. Regarding the M4 line out towards the cruise pier it is still expected to open in Spring 2020. But until that time it isn't certain how things will operate out there. I'm still thinking that they will cut the 25 bus from Nørreport so it only runs from the cruise terminal to the Orientkaj Metro station, it will only be a short 5 minute trip a d the metro will stop at most tourist sites in downtown Copenhagen and it will be easy to get to the airport.
  14. Recommended arrival time for us flights is 3 hours!!!!!!!!! But assuming you can be at the airport around 9 then it should not be a problem. Travel time with taxi is around 30-40 minutes depending on traffic. So you should leave the port no later than 08:30.
  15. It also depends on your destination. Flights outside Europe (including UK) requires a possible long line at the passport control and if it's a flight to USA you also need to clear the US pre check. If you are going overseas but has a layover in Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt etc you will handle all that stuff in these airports. Ideally you will have to be at the airport at 7:30 to 8:00 to be on the safe side so leave the ship around 7. Remember that it can take some time to check in your luggage, clear security, walk to the pier and perhaps also pass control.
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