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  1. Where are the new itineraries listed? Any for 2025?
  2. We may have waited too long to change. When we got our cancellation notice Thursday, our TA said we could have had the same cabin on the Scarlet Lady, but we did not have a chance to talk amongst ourselves until Thursday night. TA was off Friday, so I called VV and our cabin category was unavailable. I am hoping that the TA can do something. THer rumored itineraries published on VV insider do not work for us. SO, we will see what happens Monday. We may end up taking a refund if we cannot get a good itinerary value.
  3. LibraryLady: Thanks for the info. I am not seeing anything great as a sub for a 10-14 TA crossing. Most are short hops except for Australia, NZ
  4. The increase in fares is one of the reasons we may be better taking another itinerary on Monday and use the RC Oasis for our TA. We chose a TA as it was a bigger bang for the buck to get to Portugal for a river cruise as opposed to flying.
  5. We have a back up TA on the RC Oasis. We can cancel that by December.
  6. After weighing our options, we wanted to go on the TA Scarlet Lady. Cannot get same class of cabin XL v. regular balcony. VV agent told me this morning that new itineraries are opening on 9/11. Is it worth to wait and see what the offerings are?
  7. Why would you think TA to Lisbon will be available?
  8. I guess the next question is how long the offer is good for?
  9. Just got this: An important update regarding Brilliant Lady Ahoy Sailor, Because of unexpected construction, supply chain, and staffing challenges, we wanted to let you know that we’ve made the difficult decision to postpone the launch of Brilliant Lady — and with this, your voyage has unfortunately been canceled. We know how much planning goes into taking time off to go on vacation, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. While Brilliant Lady is delayed, we still have all three of her sister ships sailing to gorgeous destinations during the same time as your original voyage. Specifically, Valiant Lady and Scarlet Lady will be sailing through the very same Caribbean waters on incredible itineraries — allowing you to set sail to all of the same stunning places you’d hoped to. With that said, we want to make sure you have as many options as possible in terms of rebooking or getting a refund if that doesn’t work for you. Please see the details below so you can select the best option. Your Impacted Voyage Details: Ship Name Itinerary Sail Date Res ID Brilliant Lady Transatlantic Puerto Rico to Portugal 4/20/2024 427185 Offer 1 — Rebook Any Ship, Any Date With Bonus Onboard Credit and Price Guarantee Choose a new voyage date and we will protect your original voyage fare no matter the duration, as long as it's in the same cabin category. Plus, we'll still honor any previous promotions you had when you first booked, including your Bar Tab bonus. If the new date you choose costs less, we'll refund the difference if you’ve already fully paid. • As an added benefit, we will include $300 in onboard credit to enjoy while you’re sailing with us • Bonus: Rebook by October 11th and receive an additional $300 as a bonus credit, making it a total of $600 in onboard credit Offer 2 — Refund 100% of Your Voyage Fare Back to You Should you decide not to rebook at this time, you have the option to request a full refund, or we will automatically process your refund after December 28th. Request a refund using the form here. • 100% Refund of amount paid to original form of payment So, what to do next... Starting on September 11th, our systems will be all set to rebook your voyage. Once you’ve decided which sailing you’d like, you can use the Offer Request Form to choose any ship on any available date that works for you. If you need help deciding, feel free to check out our handy Sailor Itinerary Options PDF with all our available voyages. If you’d like assistance, please contact your Travel Advisor (First Mate) or Sailor Services to help you find a new voyage date by clicking here. Travel Reimbursement In many cases, you may be able to move flights associated with your sailing — at no cost or a nominal change fee. But if that’s not the case, and to make this (a little) easier, Virgin Voyages will assist with travel penalties up to $500 per person. Simply upload your documentation (receipts, etc.) in the form linked below, and we’ll work to compensate you for incurred costs. We'll review your submissions and provide details on the reimbursement process, which may vary based on your location. If you purchased travel insurance, please reach out to your insurance company for further assistance. Click the button below to fill out the form, and we'll help you get squared away. Again, we are truly sorry for the inconvenience and our hope is that our offers not only show just how much you mean to us, but still gives you an incredible getaway to look forward to (with extra perks!). We appreciate your patience and kindness through this process, and we can't wait to see you on board soon. The Virgin Voyages Crew
  10. The only problem is that our TA cruise was a ridiculously low price, so I suspect that even double that will only mean we get one cruise fare out of it. Not sure if that is a good deal for us.
  11. Andy: Where did you get that information? I just spent 20 minutes on the phone with VV and they provided me no information about my TA cruise other than it was still going. They also would not provide me with any information about the ship or other cancelled sailings. I read the agent their own words from the website about the delay, and she just kept apologizing for no information and told me to contact my TA.
  12. I am on the phone with Virgin right now. Our TA was told that BL TA cruise is not cancelled yet. That is what agent told me so now I am on hold to speak with supervisor.
  13. The two articles are conflicting. the first says the VL will go on the April TA cruise, the second seems to say it VL will stay in the Caribbean. Ugh.
  14. Is this for all cruises scheduled so far? Do we know how long the delay will be?
  15. We have a back up plan, but will cost us more than the deal we got for the BL. Also, we will not stop in the Canary Islands and Funchal as we would have on the BL
  16. If they use a different ship and give us similar cabin and no other charges, that will be OK
  17. If that is the case the TA voyage is scuttled and we are screwed.
  18. There have been rumors that they may keep the boat in the Caribbean and not send it back to Europe as the Caribbean sailings are doing better, reservation-wise than the TA and European voyages.
  19. It seems ambitious that the Boat is in Italy right now, they are going to bring it to San Juan for a few sailings and then send it back to Europe
  20. It will be interesting to see if they put it back in the inventory for the TA sailing 4/20/24.
  21. What is the significance of the 9/7 date? Is virgin making an announcement?
  22. Yes. If I go into my account the cruise reservation is there, and the itinerary. However, Cruise Mapper port schedule does not have a departure time for the boat leaving San Juan on 4/20/24 nor does it have an arrival in Lisbon or departure time from Lisbon. I am still uncertain about this and we have a back up cruise reserved. We will have to decide by 12/20 in order to get a refund of most of our money back, or take a chance on the cruise getting cancelled and getting a credit.
  23. We are booked on the 4/20 transatlantic cruise from San Juan. We are concerned about whether this cruise will take place or not. I have checked with several agencies that have advertised the cruise and they are concerned as well. They currently cannot sell any cabins for this cruise and do not believe it is sold out yet. They say that they do not get any information from VIrgin other than the ship is "inventory control." We have a backup cruise just in case we feel as though this cruise will get cancelled. Frustrating.
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