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  1. I can't correct on that, all I know is we are sailing of of SJ in late February on the Valiant Lady. I've bid on a Rock Star room but won't know if we won it until just a few days before embarking. Even if we don't get it, we are SO excited!
  2. OH! I think I either heard the comment on a video or read it somewhere else. Good to know! I've only ever cruised out of Ft. Lauderdale and Galveston.
  3. I was going to ask - what's the best and most reasonable place to stay in SJ. I understand transportation to the pier is hard to find, is that true?
  4. What terminal does VV embark at, Old San Juan or Pan American? The information I am reading is not specific. Thx!
  5. OMD - WHERE can I get this? I need it for myself and a few as gifts!
  6. Some better than others. 😉 There used to be a secret squirrel listserv for Excel I'd use for the extra bizarro things; once got my answer from someone is Brazil and at the time thought that was just so cool. (Think mid 90s.) That has been merged into what we now know as answers dot microsoft, sooooooo. Meh, mixed results these days. Yes, tg for google!
  7. I'm such a nerd I teach Excel to lawyers! 😆 Good on ya!
  8. @Swells1 can you share a picture or file? I've actually made a bid for an upgrade and have not been notified if we got it or not, so I guess we'd just go by the cabin displayed in our app for now? Cruis is in late February 2024.
  9. Thank you both! I saw a youtube video of a guy who's bag was LOST on VV, soooo - my Type A wants to prevent any of THAT happening. Appreciate your time! -M
  10. I found another post before I joined but now that I'm logged in I cannot find it. One of the responses said "Virgin does the luggage tags at the port, like at the airport." Cool already new the port part - but I cannot for the life of me find an image of these elusive tags. Are they the strong plasticky sticker loops like at the airport? Is that why folks say you don't need those plastic covers for them - they are not paper? This is not my first cruise, just first on VV, any tips are appreciated, images and dimensions of said tags are even better! -Monica
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