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  1. Thank you. That’s what I thought. Sent videos photos and like you made and received calls
  2. I’m onboard Venture and have been using What’sApp to send pictures home. I’m presuming it’s free…Hope so
  3. Thank you so much. Our original itinerary had weight but no dimensions so we are panicking at last minute. Thank you again we are relieved. Now we can go back to being excited
  4. Has anyone on Venture or Pursuit carried a normal size case on the charter flight. Mine is a normal size carry on and is a total of 45inches. I read they don’t measure but worried if it will fit. It will be correct weight of 22lb.
  5. Not sure if this thread is closed but wanted to ask you how warm are the cabins? I’m used to cool as I keep my bedroom at 65. Just wondering if we need to bring warm pajamas if it’s cooler than that.
  6. Thank you for all you great information and advice. You have helped greatly with some of my packing decisions
  7. JJS217 when you say you saw people fall over can I presume into the zodiac and not the water ?
  8. Shark B8 you sound like a very lucky man. Thank you again for sharing your great pictures. What a lovely welcome home from Sundance.
  9. This is all wonderful information and very much appreciated. Again so glad you are fully enjoying
  10. So glad to hear you are having a great time. Thank you for the info. Someone on here mentioned you could rent polls on the Venture but speaking to a rep this morning she said no. One more question to answer when you get more down time…We got a pre cruise email and it advised bringing bug spray. Can’t imagine needing that ??
  11. Bilbobill How is your cruise going. Would love to hear. Are you finding a need for poles?
  12. I can’t believe you get these pictures with an iPhone. Now I’m very excited to see what I can do
  13. Look at those deserts. Our pre cruise hotel is Alvear Icon. I wonder if they have afternoon tea there.
  14. Hate to beat a dead horse but a currency question again.,When paying Hotel bill and they ask if you want to pay in dollars or Pasos, I guess pasos better right?
  15. OMG!!! I can only dream of getting photos like this. That first one is magnificent. I want it enlarged above my fireplace. You are a great photographer .
  16. So happy to read your updates and to hear you are feeling better. I presume you got to land on So. Georgia. How does it compare with Antarctica. We won’t be stopping there on twelve day cruise. I also love watching the Gentoos on YouTube. They are so funny and lovable. Safe trip home, take care of yourself and thanks for posting.
  17. This is fantastic information. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. Safe flight and hope you enjoy your cruise.
  18. Nice to know Seabourn is kind in these situations. Can only help create loyal customers
  19. As I wrote on another thread there are many viruses out there, some even worse than covid for certain people. I think it’s important to be careful while traveling to you cruise to mask up with N95s at airports and practice good hand hygiene and even then things happen. It’s just sad to book an expensive bucket list trip and not be able to partake in the adventure.
  20. Hope you and your wife are feeling better.
  21. Hope you are starting to feel better. So sorry this had to happen you, especially coming from so far. You have made me rethink how we should handle our travel to our cruise on Jan 31. We have recently gotten more lax about being cautious regarding Covid and all the other viruses cropping up after the holidays. We will wear masks for the entire journey and hope for the best. Sad to say but what happened to you is a wake-up call and could happen to any of us. I hope you get to enjoy the second half of your cruise and get to land on So. Georgia . Happy New Year to you and your wife
  22. Thank you so much . Wonderful information. We travel in Jan 31st. Can’t wait. The breakfast issue is a little concerning. I could never eat before 8am. Great to hear the gym is not crowded. Good way to get steps in. sounds like overall you have been very lucky with the weather
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