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  1. Thank you. I’m unable to find the Roll Call you mention. I saw one thread that had 2 comments. Any chance you could provide a link? Thanks
  2. Taking Oceania Sirena to British Isles April, 2024. Ports of call are: Edinburgh, Kirkwall, Stornoway, Glasgow and Holyhead Scotland. Then Belfast,Dublin, Cork Ireland, Finally Plymouth. I'm concerned about shore excursions and the best use of time in each port. Any and all suggestions and opinions will be greatly appreciated. If you have taken a shore excursion to any of these ports, that too would be very helpful.
  3. I'm on Oceania and I don't see any reviews. I'm leaning toward going on my own in certain ports but also see the value in an organized tour. It's a conundrum!
  4. My wife wants to know the name of "That Shopping Street" please!
  5. Is there a website or other venue where various shore excursions are discussed and reviewed?
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