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  1. I have no cruises scheduled but if it was me, I'd get a refund ASAP, not cruise credits. IF and I mean IF, cruise lines go bankrupt their is no guarantee you get your money back at all. They will not go bankrupt subject to US law. They will be subject to the place they are incorporated in. And then...well....who knows.
  2. I know that everyone wants to believe that Princess is doing this out of caution and the goodness of their heart but it's a business decision. If these cruises were booked up, they would go as scheduled. No one is booking cruises right now.
  3. I don't see many cruises happening until 2021. One of the reason for all the cancellations is no demand. 50% occupancy restrictions with 25% of those cabins filled is not going to happen.
  4. This will be extended. Don't see them starting again until 2021.
  5. If the home countries of these cruise lines what to bail them out be my guest, just not the US government. None of these are US based companies. Don’t bail out the cruise industry
  6. I've taken many cruises, but the US should not bailout this industry. Let them sink or swim alone. They picked their business model.
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