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  1. If you’re flying back home from ATH, allow plenty of time at the airport. Long line at United check in counter (highly recommended that you upload all the documents online so you can print out the boarding pass and bag tag). If you fly back to US, there’s long line at passport control.
  2. Last night of the cruise I had dinner at Jasmine - free asian restaurant. Food was surprisingly great! I had better service than Le Bistro. Specialty restaurants were very busy and I feel like the wait staffs were super tired. If you come to Jasmine late, you can enjoy the live music from the stage downstairs while having dinner.
  3. I talked to a couple who is flying back on Tuesday. They postponed their test until Saturday morning. But test has to be done before leaving to Santorini.
  4. They ask you to leave the room by 8:30am and leave the ship by 9:30am. I left around 8:30am and there’re still quite a few people on the ship. Pre-arrange a ride is probably cheaper than taking a yellow taxi from the terminal.
  5. Plenty of yellow taxis waiting at the terminal on the debarkation day. My taxi driver charged me a flat 30euro from the port to Syntagma square (I paid 13euro from hotel to the port). I don’t know if he intentionally skipped the meter or it’s always a flat rate fee. But it’s a bit more expensive than I expect. You can prearrange some transportation service to pick you up at the terminal. If I remember correctly, on the embarkation day, the Jade was docked where the Apex is in the picture below. I think they switch the berth location a little bit but still in the Terminal C area.
  6. You can still sit in the far back of the lounge. You might try to postpone the Friday afternoon testing to Saturday but they’ll keep announcing your name on Saturday morning. The time on the test result letter is the time when they collected the sample. The swap was performed by NCL crew.
  7. Wifi on the ship is super slow to the point that it’s barely useable. I still have over 200 minutes on the last day since I can’t use it for anything. On the last day I saw quite a few people who bought the WiFi package coming down to guest service to complain. I’ve the roaming service on my phone. Good signal when the ship is near the port. Depend on your cell provider, have the cell roaming service is cheaper and better than buying the ship wifi.
  8. You definitely can’t delay it till Sunday. You might try to postpone the Friday afternoon testing to Saturday but they’ll keep announcing your name on Saturday morning. Everyone needs to be tested before we d reach Santorini.
  9. I booked Charming Oia Village. It’s very popular - we have 3 busses on this tour. The guide will bring you to this location for obligatory photo shot of this view. On this tour, you’re back to Fira around 3:30pm to explore the town on your own, so there’s plenty of time to get back to the ship.
  10. Le Bistro was superb. I had tried a couple times before but never like it. This time the food was surprisingly good! The portion may look small but in the end it’s quite filling.
  11. The famous Espresso Martini. There’s $3.60 up-charge if you have UBP. I’m not a martini guy, so probably won’t try again.
  12. Santorini - the highlight of this cruise. It’s very windy and cold in the morning. I thought Santorini was going to be a dud. But by the time we reached the island, it turned out to be a nice sunny afternoon. I took the ship excursion to Oia - tender brought you to the old port (ferry port), then the bus took us to Oia. We got to the village around 1:30pm and stayed there until 3pm. Then the bus took us back to Fira. The guide gave us a cable car ticket and you choose your own time to get back to the ship (last tender at 8:30pm). Ship tour is more expensive but save a lot of time to get to Oia. Summer is over now — chilly weather in the evening, so bring a jacket if you want to stay for sunset.
  13. The Covid test is performed on Friday afternoon (after departing Corfu). It’s mandatory for everyone. If you skip the test, they’ll keep announcing your name. Test comes back around noon before you leave for Santorini. Mine is negative and so far haven’t heard of any positive test on this ship.
  14. We docked in Katakolon today. It’s a very short walk to the town on the right. By the town, I mean the the port tourist area. I took the ship tour to Olympia archaeological site - the birthplace of the Olympic Games. This tour turned out to be quite interesting. The tour guide was very good - she explained a lot of history and mythology of the Olympic Games. Even though it’s 4hrs history tour, it’s not boring at all. This’s the best ship excursion so far. Highly recommended if you haven’t done before. Picture below is the original site of the Olympic Stadium. There’re many ruins on the site and in the museum. We got back to the ship around 1pm. It’s nice warm weather in the afternoon, the pool deck is quite full. The sail time is at 5pm, so I left the ship to explore the town and go to the beach. There’s a small beach near the port. If you leave the ship and turn right you’ll get to the tourist shopping area. But if you turn left, you’ll see this small beach. It’s not a big beach but good enough to enjoy and relax in the afternoon. It’s free and very close to the ship (5-10min walk). The waterfront shopping area. This gelato shop seems to be very popular. I saw a lot of people stopping by getting a cup of ice cream. It did taste pretty good - very rich and creamy.
  15. Last night the main dining room menu was not bad at all. I’d have a hard time choosing between the shrimp, red snapper, or hawaiian pork belly. O’Sheehan special looks good too. Buffet had Mediterranean theme with mini chicken gyro.
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