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  1. The best was an assistant waiter on Explorer from India. He was the most attentive and professional dining room employee we ever encountered in our 16 cruises.


    At that time he was working for 9 or 10 years trying to save money to open a restaurant. This great fellow had a little son back home, missed him tremendously.


    TWO YEARS after our first meeting we took another trip on Explorer. We were having breakfast in Windjammer when someone approached our table. It was the same assistant waiter. He remembered our names and the kind of juice I liked! We couldn't belive it considering how many passengers he sees every week.


    To this day I can't forgive myself that I lost my note with his name. May be someday we'll see him again on Explorer. :)

  2. Great review and you seem like a genuinely nice guy. However, I dont know how to say something without the risk of offending you but is important enough to point out.


    Imagine for a moment if the raunchy song was about someone gay? I bet you would have been uncomfortable and freaked out since a gay character and a gay joke offended you. It is just inconsistent and is a shame that just a gay character in a play was not funny but a raunchy song was.


    Just something to think about next time someone says, they are not homophobic BUT

    gay jokes and gay characters are out of line in a play.


    Please take no offense. I am not attacking you but just trying to get you and others to to honestly think about themselves and others.


    Straight macho men totally comfortable with their sexuality can find gay jokes and gay characters funny in addition to a raunchy straight song.


    Thanks again for the great review. Just could not resist this chance to show how homophobia still exists today.[/quote]




    Here we go again. Political correctness at its finest. Sara, we DO "honestly think about themselves and others".


    But can we just enjoy a review without comments like this? Geez.....

  3. Ok, so most of you said "that you will not take another cruise from SJ" because there are too many "locals" in the ship. So we all can understand that you would not ever sail from a ship leaving from Spain, because there is cheaper for the Europeans to take a ship than you? It is packed with people from different places of Europe. Lot of cultures.


    If you see, the only difference in a price for a cabin here in Puerto Rico is the air transportation, the cruise fare still the same. About the cultural thing, yes, we are very cultural different than you but for worse or good we share the same citizenship.

    AGAIN, and AGAIN, and AGAIN... Where in the world did you see in the OP ANY mentioning about "locals" ? How in the world did you get to the "racist" conclusions???


    UNREAL, as OP said...

  4. i gave MY view..I didn't ASK people what they paid,,I saw it,,and printed it out off the RCI website the Friday 12/10 BEFORE I left..I dont want argument,,smart remarks,,I merely am telling,,what happened to me,,I am not asking anyone not to cruise out of SJ,,I praised the cruise overalll..the waiter,,room attendent, what is the purpose of these boards if when a person states his/her opinion,,they get hammered? If you don't like what I said,,IGNORE it,,..this is RIDICULIOUS~Thanks of those who are opened minded,,and just reply,, :))


    Please don't be upset about some of the replies here. You are absolutely have the right to express your opinion. "Unreal" is the word to use. So many times on these boards I saw threads turning into something that OP didn't even mean..


    By the way,those who read MY posts on this topic, know. I will NEVER sail from SJ again.


    MY experience, MY opinion. Not forcing anything on others AND do NOT mean whatever you think I "mean". Just in case someone tries to pin their points of views on me.


    (Counting minutes for this thread to be deleted...again)

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