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  1. Jim, I see “subtle” is not you middle name 🙂
  2. This is why we need smaller government.... Much smaller.
  3. Poor Trump, he worked so hard to get a vaccine out via the Warp Speed Initiative, only to have it arrive just after the election. This spring will likely bring a booming economic recovery because of the rapid development and deployment of vaccines. And the headlines will read: ”Biden presides over the greatest economic recovery in history!”
  4. Some encouraging news on the vaccine front: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/10/16/pfizer-says-could-apply-for-us-emergency-use-approval-for-vaccine-in-late-november.html This comports well with what we are hearing from some folks that work at hospitals. They say they are being told by management that they will get vaccinated in November.
  5. That is why we built the medication storage room 🙂 By the way, almost finished with the bottle of Parton Anejo we bought for your visit. Is great the way you mentioned you had it on Viking, on ice with a squeeze of lime! The skinniest of skinny margaritas. However, we recently did some shots, with salt on the hand and limes. Did a side by side of Patron and Sauza Hornitos. Hornitos was better for that, more agave flavor up against the salt. So, Hornitos for shots and margs, Patron for sip’n. Mix-master Ragnar (Sorry for the thread hijack.)
  6. My ex-wife and her sister referred to me as “The Prophet of Doom”. What really upset them was that I was usually right, especially regarding the consequences of their decisions... Mrs D, though, sees me as Mr Sweetness and Light 🙂 I sure have her tricked...
  7. 11 days at sea on a small ship that picked up international travelers at four different countries? What could go wrong....
  8. Not yet, still in the design phase. The architect is in high demand, so it is taking a long time... Aiming to swim by June 1.
  9. €500 notes are excellent for lighting cigars. Burn with a hot, low smoke/residue flame. Learned it from my Russian friends.
  10. Plus, throw in “expected returns”. For example, it has been shown that when the the number of doctors in an area increases, which should increase competition, prices actually increase. Doctors have an “expected” level of income. I saw the same thing with construction contractors during the great recession. Also, restaurant prices increased during the great recession. Frank del Rio as much as said this regarding not reducing Regent fares. Elasticity of demand/pricing only goes so far with many “goods”. ”Professor Ragnar” PS - A little travel example. Back in 2009, after “the crash” we wanted to stay at the Ritz Carlton in St. Thomas. I checked their on-line prices and they were very high. So I called the hotel to see if I could wrangle a deal. The very snooty lady on the phone said they were not offering any discounts because they were heavily booked on the dates I wanted. I checked back on line a few times and miraculously caught a 30% discount that lasted all of an hour on one day. I checked back a few times and it never showed up again. When we got to the hotel it was practically deserted for our entire stay! Another example of price inelasticity wrt demand, which is particularly true of luxury goods.
  11. I just had this horrific vision of what all these ships could be recycled into. Imagine if you will, a gigantic, many-level barge. So big that it dwarfs the current mega-liners. It could be used in a similar way as the private islands some lines own, but open to any ship. This thing would be so big that a dozen or more mega-liners could dock with it. It would contain sanitized versions of cultural and natural experiences from around the world. Imagine the top deck hosting an entire safari park, complete with “the big five”, etc. The deck below that could be a rain forest, the deck below that the Forbidden City, the deck below that a recreation of the Vegas Strip, and on and on.... Oh the humanity! I need a drink.... or three.
  12. I think “ship recyclers” would be a more positive term... Perhaps all those ships in the photo will arise again in the form of the new giga-liner “Phoenix of the Seas”.
  13. Here’s some good news on the treatment front: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/09/29/regeneron-says-its-covid-19-treatment-reduces-viral-levels-improves-symptoms.html Treatments have a lower regulatory hurdle to jump than vaccines, since they are only given to sick people. Lets hope this one fully pans out.
  14. Thanks, he was a good dog, and lived a long, happy life.
  15. Oh, that little thing? It only costs us one of our social security checks each month.... Fortunately, it only goes up 2% per year, generally equalling the soc sec COLA of said check. And wonders of wonders, Cali doesn’t tax soc sec income! For now.... Uncle Sam pays Comrade Gavin, at least for property tax.
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