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  1. Thanks everyone...we did end up changing our tour because of a 30% discount but no drink promo, oh well.
  2. We have the classic drink want to upgrade to the premium there is a 20% savings. If we upgrade $10. Per day plus gty. Is it 20% off of that price or is it the whole priced package.
  3. Is there a resort with 7 mile beach that we can use their pool for a fee??
  4. Thanks, love it!! We did love it on the Edge, so glad they are doing this on the Equniox!!
  5. We were on the Edge and when you get on the ship you go immediately to your stateroom and get your room key from your mailbox by your door and then drop you baggage off then head to lunch. Does the Equinox have this?
  6. We would like to pay up to $250 per night no more. Thanks a bunch
  7. Thanks!! We were on the Summit this past December out of San Juan. My husband was in Bourbon heaven 🥃! He was even given a list as he worked his way down day by day many choices, boy things sure changed after a few months😥
  8. Hi we were on the Edge in later September and my husband loves his bourbons. He was very disappointed with the lack of selections of whiskeys and Bourbons available and he did have the premium drink program as well. We thought maybe because we were in Europe it’s a little different? We are actually thinking about booking a Western Caribbean on the Equinox in January but we’d like to know if somebody has the latest list of whiskeys and Bourbons so he can check it out. Thanks!
  9. .I see these cabins are on the hump... 1..do they have extra big balcony? 2..is there any issues with the emergency boats in view? 3..are they In a noisy area ? thanks!!
  10. Wow, wonder if this is the norm for Celebrity now with just a few limited bourbons/ whisky’s??
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