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  1. Is the beverage card for just one person or can it be shared? Thanks.
  2. Loved our TA Southampton to NY in July 2018. I wore a nice dress and husband a sport coat on all non-formal nights. Formal nights I wore a long black skirt and different sparkly tops and husband wore a tux. One thing the QM2 has that lots of ships no longer have it self serve laundry facilities. The machines are free and they even supply the detergent! You could always take fewer things to wear during the day and wash them as needed. That leaves more room for your nice evening wear!
  3. Oh, thanks for the follow-up. We did get shows booked a few weeks ago and just last week we downloaded the Royal app. Wish we could text on the Royal app but it doesn't look like that is available yet. So, we have all downloaded the Royal IQ app as well hoping we will still be able to use it to text. Leave next week so we will soon see. Thanks again.
  4. First Royal cruise the end of this month. On other cruise lines we usually found out our table number for the MDR when we got into our room and there was a card telling us. On Royal Is our table on some of our cruise documents and I haven't noticed? How do you know your table assignment so you can check it out when you board the ship? Thanks.
  5. Sorry to hijack this thread but this is our first time sailing on RCL. We should have OBC that was a perk from RCL when we booked the cruise. Would it be possible for someone to please post a picture of a Cruise Planner to show me where that would be. Very possible that I'm not looking in the right place. Thanks.
  6. I agree at the current cost the features sound like they are worth it. Thanks all for the replies.
  7. We will be sailing our first RCL cruise on the Anthem 8/29 sailing. I have downloaded the Royal IQ app. I am assuming I cannot really see or do anything on this app until I am on the ship is that correct? Also, I believe I have read (although I just searched and couldn't find anything) that if we have the Royal IQ app we can call and text others in our party who have also downloaded the app...correct? I also think I have read that there is a cost to do that and if so when and where to we purchase that ability. Last, I believe I have read that you put your phone in airplane mode for the app but in the app it says to select royal-wifi once on board. I'm sorry for all of my questions. I have been reading the boards for a while now preparing for this cruise and I guess I should have been taking notes when I saw something that might apply to our trip as I may have mixed up somethings I have read. Thanks.
  8. Just checked and still cannot book entertainment on the Anthem 8/29 sailing. We are only 48 days out...
  9. This is our first RCL cruise and I may be doing something wrong. However, we are on the Anthem, Aug 29 sailing (57 days out) and when I click on Entertainment on my cruise planner I get the message: Sorry, we cannot reserve this right now. Try again on board. Been checking daily since we booked in early April and always the same message. Will continue to check.
  10. I have checked the website and it says the mailboat run is daily. But just wan to double check...we will be there on September 1st which is the Sunday before Labor Day. Would it be affected by the holiday? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I saw the Work room on the Anthem deck plan and wondered what that was. We will scout out these suggestions once we board. I have purchased the refreshment package for $20/day as it seems like just a couple of specialty coffees would put us close to $20/day.
  12. This will be our first cruise with Royal Caribbean. We are sailing on the Anthem on August 29. My first question is specific to the ship. Is there a 'game room' or 'card room'? We are traveling with family and like to play a particular card game. We have been on some cruise ships that have a room for card or board games. Other ships we just have to find a spot to play. We much prefer it when there is a game room. My second question is regarding the Refreshment Package. The description says premium coffee and teas. Is that the same as specialty coffees? I know it wouldn't include Starbucks but if we wanted an iced coffee or a cappuccino would that be included? Thanks.
  13. A few weeks ago we booked a 9 night Canada/New England cruise on Anthem of the Seas leaving 8/29/19. This will be our first RCL cruise. I have tried to make reservations through my Cruise Planner for some of the shows but I get a message saying, "Sorry, we cannot reserve this right now. Please try again onboard the ship". So, does that mean there are no reservations available but check onboard incase someone cancels? OR...do they only allow so many online reservations and we will need to wait in a line to make a reservation on the ship or show up for the show and hope to get a seat. Not sure how seating for the shows works? Thanks.
  14. We leave next Monday (March 4) for our cruise and I have already printed our e-ticket and luggage tags as we leave for Sydney tomorrow. Happened to look at the e-ticket online today and see that we have been upgraded to an obstructed oceanview cabin #4109. Now, no worries as to where my husband will sit as I finish getting ready for dinner because there will be a love seat. We certainly don't mind an inside cabin but are delighted with the upgrade!
  15. Oh perfect, Roscoe, you have been in the actual cabin. Thanks for replying.
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