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  1. We and 50 friends are booked on the Silhouette for Feb 2022.. Hope it goes
  2. The way things look our next cruise is the day after never. We won't even consider of looking for a cruise until we see what the revamped cruises look like
  3. Had an Aft on a cruise a couple times back .. Loved it Enjoy
  4. Looks like Carnival has no idea when it will start cruising again ??????
  5. Part of our group rent ed all of their trikes and had a great time Well worth it
  6. Done that one a couple of times Great Time .....My last cruise was on Feb 1 this year on the Sumitt and I think it might be the last one I'm not in a hurry to get back on a ship We have been on over 25 cruises and will wait to see what future cruising is like before will get on the next one
  7. Part of the problem with this question is nobody knows what cruising is going to look like when it does return . We have done 25 cruises over the years and enjoyed every one Not so sure that I'm ready for what the future cruise will be like ?????
  8. The problem is ....How many other people will pay more and how much more????????
  9. Thanks for explanation of Afib is .. My wife has it and has had two ablations the first one corrected the problem for a couple of years but the afib came back and she a second one last December and she is and was able to cruise last February We had a lenghty discussion with her surgeon and he said there is no reason to cancel our cruise
  10. I have been NFL season ticket holder for many years Cannot see have having people in the Stands . Just the problem of getting 60 to 80 thousand fans in the stadium is insane Can't see it happening I'm certainly not going to take the risk
  11. Quick question The Media made it it out to worse than it is ???? How many people died in this country ????? Everything will be back to normal by the Fall ?????
  12. You do know that that that next port may two or more days away ????
  13. I think that it would be a lot different. One thing to consider is what is cruising going to be in the future It is not going be the same My guess is will have to go up in price and lord only knows what else will change
  14. The real question . How much more are you willing to pay ???? Secondly what is going to go away At this point nobody knows what the new cruise is going to look like
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