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  1. Yes I did and read some things about royal suite which is close to penthouse, but was hoping to get some specific info about PH by posting here….
  2. Has anyone had an experience staying in the penthouse on edge or any of it sister ships? If so I was wondering how you felt about noise from the public areas right above your cabins. It does not look like a major high traffic area because it seems to be the spa. But was interested in hearing what peoples actual experiences were vis a vis noise from above.
  3. I could not agree more with Syesmar. Just a little info from HAL would be helpful. So many of us are sitting at home, getting ready for a cruise, but wondering if we should go, or even more importantly if we go, are circumstances such that we will be stranded somewhere in Alaska or sent back to port on day three. I realize that HAL cannot predict the future, but gee whiz.....with absolutely no info we are left with no basis upon which to decide what to do.
  4. Thank you for the summary of the NA’s color-coded history! Very helpful to have those links. And I agree with you, I wish there was a little more info given as to what the basis is for these determinations.
  5. We are sailing on the new Amsterdam soon and of course I’m keeping up with the CDC color-coded ratings for the cruise ships. I saw yesterday that the new Amsterdam had been put into the yellow category based upon information the CDC had received on July 30. Has anybody heard exactly what information the CDC is relying upon? Has anybody on board the ship currently heard anything about Covid cases? I saw the post about new facemasks being used by crew members. but I’ve not heard any other information about the current cruise. Thank you for any info share.
  6. I hope you have a great time (and tell us all about it too!) We are doing this cruise in a few weeks ourselves so we really want to hear how it goes. If possible, could you post pics of the dailies?
  7. When I look at the CDC article referenced above, it shows that as of today, New Amsterdam is green.
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