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  1. The Doubletree is one of the closest airport hotels to the port. There is easy access to NJ Turnpike Exit 14 with additional easy access to the Turnpike Extension to exit 14A (Bayonne) without having to actually get on the main turnpike. My advice is to go between 9-9:30 to minimize any backups on the 2 mile port road. Last cruise I got caught in a traffic jam for over an hour on the port road. Much much better preferable to spend that time going through security, checking in, and waiting a little bit to board. Anthem usually boards very early by 10:45-11 am. I see see you are a solo traveler and are on the same cruise as I am. Please feel free to email me at cc138east at gmail dot com. We have a small informal group of solo cruisers who dine at 5:30 and do beach days in the Caribbean - no obligations.
  2. https://www.ferry.nyc/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/2018-route-map.pdf https://www.ferry.nyc/routes-and-schedules/ It looks like it would take a little over an hour from Astoria with a transfer at Pier11 Wall St.
  3. You’re right to plan to stay an hour away. When you decide on a route, post the date you need a hotel, number of people, budget, and any special requirements and we’ll make suggestions.
  4. Your choice - one is free and you have to roll your luggage and the other will cost In the $20 range. On the Silver Line you go through the Ted Williams Tunnel and get off at the first stop which is the World Trade Center outdoor street stop. If the construction is still there, you walk back to the previous corner to cross Congress Street. There are signs that point that way for the pedestrian crossing. Once you cross Congress Street you make a right and walk down Congress Street along the back of the Seaport hotel to Seaport Lane where you make a left and the hotel lobby entrance is right there. When I was there last month, the crossing on Congress Street directly across to Seaport Lane was blocked off. You can see what’s happening currently when you get off the bus.
  5. Uber or Lyft. Get off at Atlantic & State and walk in. What kind of shopping do you want to do? Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market has regular stores and lots of carts with touristy things. https://faneuilhallmarketplace.com/shopping-directory/
  6. It’s in the $55-60 range. What date are you arriving? What time is your plane? There are also shared shuttle options from the taxi dispatcher. Uber and Lyft are less.
  7. The SOL can be seen at a distance. You will not sail by her. However, she will be visible from the port side after docking (the ship turns) and visible from the starboard side while coming into Cape Liberty.
  8. Please post back more details as requested before, especially the exact dates. Also identify your major sightseeing objectives. You’re looking for a more specialized kind of room, so your goal should be to book a cancellable reservation by the end of July. Rooms or suites that accommodate more than 4 people are scarce. Are you flying in? Which airport?
  9. I found this for inside cabin 8133, which should be similar to 8543. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Msm3yxUEc0M IMO you have an excellent location for an inside cabin. It’s close to the elevators. But most important it is on the same deck as Central Park, which means you have quick access to the outside - Park Cafe, Giovanni’s, and several bars are at your fingertips. There are also public restrooms on that deck. In effect Central Park can be your outdoor “living room”.
  10. TV, hair dryer, desk area with makeup mirror, air conditioning, sofa (chair in connecting rooms), little bedside tables, telephone. google “Oasis of the seas” and your cabin number and “youtube” to see if there are any videos out there. What at is your cabin number?
  11. Could you provide the exact date you need a room? Hotel budget range? Number of people? Number of beds and bed size requirements? Children & ages? As folks have said, no real reason to be close to the terminal, particularly if you want good access to public transportation.
  12. Hilton Newark Penn Station - 2 double beds - skywalk connection to Newark Penn. Free airport shuttle. Tryp - no feedback on this new hotel. Family rooms. Free airport shuttle and local shuttle to Newark Penn. Embassy Suites - king & sofabed or 2 doubles and sofabed - near Jersey Gardens Mall. From Newark Penn To NY Penn train fare is $5.25/pp adults and $2.45/pp under 12. The actual ride is supposed to be 20-22 minutes. From Newark airport it’s $13/pp adults and $4.50pp kids (best guess). 25-30 minute train ride plus time to shuttle from hotel to P4, Airtrain from P4 to train station, and wait time for train. No vehicle access to airport train station. Downtown Newark is highly urban. After dark you can use the skywalk to Hilton Penn, but should take the hotel shuttle or a cab back to the Tryp. IMO it’s never too early to book a refundable reservation, particularly if you need a good setup with 2 children.
  13. Bar Harbor Laundromat is 7-8 blocks from the tender pier.
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