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  1. Exact date you would be doing this? You would likely require 2 vehicles, so figure at least $400+ in transportation for 7 people from LGA or JFK. Flying same day into EWR improves your chances of not missing the cruise if flights are delayed.
  2. Exactly! If the OP does not already have extensive experience driving in heavy traffic on the right side of the road, NYC is not the place to get that experience.
  3. Sand seeker - let us help you with selecting an appropriate hotel. What are the exact dates you need a hotel? Number of people? Hotel Budget range? Sightseeing objectives? Plans for departing NYC?
  4. What exact date would you be doing this? Friday night traffic is notoriously bad. For a 19:30 flight you’d have to leave Manhattan by 15:30 at the latest. Getting to EWR, renting a car, getting yourselves back into Manhattan during the morning rush, and parking is going to be time consuming. Did you consider uber to Schwartz Travel, shopping, Uber to Penn Station, LIRR train to Jamaica, and air train to JFK? I think this is a situation where the KISS principle applies.
  5. What exact date would you be doing this? Two people? Flying in the day of (very risky) or the day before? Do you need a hotel? Got2cruise is exactly right - you have to look at the big picture. EWR is the airport of choice. Transportation costs from LGA or JFK could reduce any savings by $200+ If you drive, there are park, sleep, cruise packages available for Cape Liberty.
  6. What exact date? Which airline are you flying and at what time? Check out this site for possible options (may be too early for next Sept) and post back with questions. https://www.hotelsbyday.com/en/hotels/united-states/boston
  7. You’re sailing on Anthem. The recommended time to arrive is between 10-10:30 to avoid port congestion. Boarding usually starts by 11 am and is very quick. Your seapass is used to board and for any charges before cabins are available. Room keys are at your cabin. Most lunch venues typically open at 11 am, so no real need for a big breakfast. Anthem typically docks early and self disembarkation is underway by 7 am.
  8. Spesh You have gotten good info. I am on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean and will post back more specific details later. Post back what you’re thinking. IMO the easiest transfer from PATH to the light rail 8th St Bayonne train is in Hoboken and not Newport.
  9. Exact dates? Public transit is available to downtown and midtown via PATH and NJ Transit, but PATH has track work on Sat & Sun to World Trade Center that requires a free transfer to the ferry. Read the sticky at the top of this forum. More details can be provided.
  10. Totally agree. If you’re arriving on NJ Transit or Amtrak, you will already be on the west side of NY Penn Station and the natural exits will be onto 8th Ave to 31st or 33rd St. I believe the 31st St exit has the up escalator. 8th Ave heads northbound and the cabs are always pulling up or waiting there. If you’re coming in on the LIRR you would have to troll your luggage from east to west (follow signs the NJ Transit/Amtrak) to get to the 8th Ave side of the station.
  11. The Hoho buses are very popular. Traffic in Manhattan is very congested which makes private tours difficult because there are no places a tour bus can easily park or even stop. Major highlights are the Statue of Liberty which you can do yourself, Empire State Building, Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Center), and/or Freedom Tower for views, and 911 Memorial and/or 911 Museum. Central Park, and museums are also popular destinations. If if you can narrow down your interests, folks can make more specific suggestions. The Statue of Liberty requires time, tickets, and advance planning as does the 911 Museum. Hours for the Empire State and Top of the Rock are much more flexible. From the Times Square area you can walk to these “view” destinations as well as Central Park, but subway would be required to get to the SOL and other downtown destinations.
  12. Great news! Too bad I no longer work in that area.
  13. There is no longer any direct cruise bus service. The cheapest form of transportation would be to drive in 2 cars and pay to park at the port.
  14. https://www.njtransit.com/pdf/rail/Rail_System_Map.pdf https://www.panynj.gov/path/maps.html http://web.mta.info/nyct/maps/subwaymap.pdf Think of it as a big circle trip. 1) Path from Newark Penn Station to World Trade. You will be doing this on a Friday, so no PATH service interruption until midnight. Read the sticky at top of this forum. 2) NYC Subway #1, 2, or 3 or R train “ uptown” to Times Square from the World Trade area. Subway stations are very close together in downtown Manhattan. They are well marked with the same color codes as on the above map. 3). NJ Transit train back to Newark Penn Station from New York Penn Station. $5.25/pp Last train is 1:22 am on a Fri night. If you’re later than that, PATH will be running from 33rd & 6th to Journal Square for a transfer to the Newark train to Newark Penn Station.
  15. It looks like you’re on Celebrity Summit Oct 5, 2020, which means you’re looking for a hotel foe a Fri-Mon or Sat-Mon. Honestly it’s still a bit early to be looking. I’m assuming 2 people. What is your budget range? Hotels are very expensive in the fall and your budget will determine where you can afford to stay. Don’t understand your reference to doing Uber last trip. Did you stay in a hotel last time? If so, where? Are you interested in anything besides the HoHo trolley? The problem is that the cheaper places you are seeing might be relatively isolated or in not such a good neighborhood.
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