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  1. Which cruiseline? What time of year? If you’re really hungry, grab something at the airport and wait to eat lunch on the ship, which should be available at 11:30 and no later than 12. When I sailed last Sun, the porters were taking luggage at 9:30.
  2. Bad news. No Manhattan hotels offer any kind of shuttle to the Manhattan Cruiseport. Being near to the Cruiseport is not necessary. Hotels in midtown west would be close enough and you would cab, Uber or Lyft to the port.
  3. It will be light late in May. I think the area will be very comfortable for you in the evening. It’s a major transportation hub and there are people around. The views are spectacular day and night. If you want to go out to the Statue of Liberty, you take an Uber to Liberty State Park to do the round trip from there. I’m not sure about the scooter. The web site says a limited number of wheelchairs are available to use, so I’d research it carefully - https://www.statuecruises.com/accessibility . The “accessibility” is definitely there - it may be more a question of whether you are allowed to take a scooter through security.
  4. NYC yellow cabs are metered, so the fare will vary depending on the traffic. There are possible tolls should the cab decide to use the midtown tunnel or the Hugh Carey Tunnel to get to Brooklyn. Taking a cab from Penn Station to Pier 11 should involve a straight shot down the west side on 12th Ave around the tip of Manhattan to Pier 11 and IMO the fare should be more predictable and the route is more scenic. How about Uber or Lyft? Take a chance on the ferry. It’s $2.75. It’s a mini cruise across the East River right to your ship with lots of photo ops and an easy unique way to arrive for your cruise. The ferry will stop at Dumbo and the Brooklyn Bridge. Much less angst than riding with a NY cabbie through the streets of NYC to get to Brooklyn.
  5. I really need your exact date to check prices. Please give me a range for a “medium” budget. Do you have any favorite hotel chains? How about port transportation? Do you use Uber/Lyft? Please verify that you are flying into Newark. Flying into LGA or JFK is a PITA for Cape Liberty and you will pay $100+ each way to get to and from NJ.
  6. There are no hotels in Bayonne. What exact date do you need a hotel? Hotel budget range? Number of people? Bed size requirements? Are you flying or driving? Are you sightseeing in NYC? Dinner requirements?
  7. Here’s the ongoing saga about LGA. Personally I love Alaska Airlines and fly them to Portland 1-2 times a year. I avoid SWA and would never choose to fly them to LGA if there were other options. The WTC Memorial is free, but the WTC museum requires tickets.
  8. I would be making a cancellable reservation now. There are lots of hotels in the $200 range or less for a Sat night in early Jan. Look at the Marriott site for your date to see the wide choice of hotels within your budget. I don’t see a traffic issue if you plan to leave around 9 am so that you arrive at CL between 10 and 10:30. I cruise every Jan-Feb from CL, so I know a lot about getting there in the dead of winter. You need to have a plan B in case of a snow event. I am arriving by train on Jan 26 and staying at Marriott brand hotel near Penn Station. I plan to walk or cab to the accessible PATH station at 33rd & 6th (elevator entrance on the west side of 6th just north of 32nd) and go to Hoboken to get the accessible Hudson-Bergen light rail to 34th St Bayonne where I will get an Uber into the port. I’ve been caught in snow events sailing from CL and trust me - you want to have a public transit plan if that happens to you. This is an easy trip outbound after 9 am. The trains are uncrowded and my luggage and I have always gotten a seat.
  9. It would be helpful if you could identify your sightseeing objectives so we could recommend hotel areas. If you fly SWA to La Guardia in Queens, you have to pay for a cab, Uber, or car service to get to your hotel in Manhattan. You don’t want to stay in Queens if you’re sailing from Cape Liberty because it will cost a lot more to get yourselves to CL in NJ. Another thing to consider is that LGA is under serious construction - look for threads about that on this forum. Another option is to forget about SWA and use your Alaska companion fare and go round trip to Newark. Train to Newark Penn Station from the airport is $13.25/pp - free airtrain to the Newark Airport Station and NJ Transit to New York Penn Station. If you’re really on a tight budget, consider staying at the Hilton Doubletree Newark Penn Station (newly refurbished as a Doubletree), which has an AAA rate of $127 plus tax for 2 doubles for May 15-18 plus a free hotel shuttle from the airport. The hotel is connected by a skywalk to NJ Transit train to New York Penn ($5.25/pp) and PATH to World Trade ($2.75/pp - read the sticky at the top of this forum about weekend World Trade Service which involves a free transfer at Exchange Place to a ferry to World Trade). Uber to Cape Liberty should be in the $20-30 range. Post back for more suggestions when you focus your plans. You have to balance time, money, and stress when dealing with the NY metro area.
  10. That’s a tight budget for Manhattan. Lastminutetravel.com is offering a bunch of Holiday Inn properties that are non cancellable that would come out about $200 including tax and a bit more if you get 2 double beds. Are you buying trip insurance that covers your whole trip?
  11. The dinner menus are the same in all 4 restaurant venues. American Icon is open to everyone for lunch on sea days and breakfast.
  12. I’m not the best one to comment on the cost of an Uber from Newark Airport to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. $57.25 sounds very reasonable from EWR to Pier 11, especially when you consider the $15 Holland Tunnel toll plus some turnpike toll. I would definitely pay the $2.75/pp ferry cost for a nice relaxing boat trip on the East River with photo ops of the ship I was going to sail on rather than subject myself to a ride across the Brooklyn Bridge onto the BQE or pay the $8.50 Hugh Carey Tunnel toll to get to Red Hook.
  13. What is your hotel budget range? What bed configuration do you require for the two of you?
  14. On the East River in downtown Manhattan 1 Block south of the east end of Wall St.
  15. Great firsthand feedback! Thanks for posting your experience.
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