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  1. I got it through insuremytrip, but Nationwide was the carrier. Bought it again this year. ;)
  2. Maybe you could go to the county you were born in online (or in person if you still live there) and see if you can order a certified copy on a rush?? Good luck, that is a bummer!
  3. Thanks so much, I appreciate your input. :)
  4. My hubby and I are heading to St. Thomas for the 4th time next month, and we're only there from 7 - 3. Looking for ideas on what we can do this time. We are in our late 40s and early 50s with no mobility issues at all. We've done scuba, Megan's Bay, Mountain Top, and Sapphire Beach. I've been searching these boards for inspiration and keep coming up short. I was hoping that someone would share your favorite excursion so that I can maybe get some ideas. We were toying with the idea of taking the Ferry to St. John, but I'm a little nervous about getting back on time. Please share your favorite(s) if you would, we'd be grateful.
  5. We've always purchased through private companies and thankfully have only used it once. Last year for the first time I bought a cruise specific plan. Our cruise got completely re-routed due to the hurricane damage. Instead of Eastern Caribbean stops, we hit the Western stops. After returning, we turned in a claim for itinerary change and received $750 each. I've purchased insurance for 20 years and had never used it prior to this, but it totally paid off. We cruised with 8 other people (all bought their insurance through cruise line). The cruise line didn't give them anything for the port changes as their fine print says that they reserve the right to change at anytime. Only you can decide if it's truly "worth it", but there is no way that I would ever not purchase it. It is pretty inexpensive (based on age) and the peace of mind is definitely worth it IMO.
  6. Thanks for your response. We'll be on the Glory next so no Pig & Anchor dang it!
  7. I was hoping that someone mentioned this....I have Celiac and have to eat g/f too. Do they have actual bowls there or do they just pile it on the plate?? haha
  8. We sailed from San Juan in 2012. Got on, got off, went to the Bacardi Factory, got back on in time for dinner and it was super easy. That was my favorite cruise of all, hope that you enjoy. :)
  9. We always bring our own creamer. In the past because of preference, but now I can't have dairy. We've brought the large bottles of refrigerated stuff and also the individual containers. Never once have we had it confiscated or been questioned. You should be fine. :)
  10. Thanks for the info and awesome pics!
  11. My hubby and I have been to STT several times, but never have been to St. Johns. We'd rather not pay the outrageous cruise tour prices. I know that you can take the ferry at Red Hook to Cruz Bay. Looking for people who have done this recently and can report on 1 - the cost of a round trip ride and 2 - what kind of shape are the beaches of St. John in after last year's devastation. Also - looking for recommendations on a place to find good lunch and drinks. Thanks for your help!
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