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  1. Sorry - Wrong Possum. Did not do the beach bath as it was high tide at the time we passed. I think they still sell Possum fur items.
  2. Photo - Sheepjam foils car thieves. You will see much roadkill on NZ country roads. These cat sized bundles & flattened bodies are the Australian Ring Tail Possums - a feral animal that does no end of damage to NZ wildlife. New Zealanders say - the only good Possum is a dead one. Another Coromandel sight is Hotwater Beach - where you dig a hole in sand & have a hot water bath.
  3. There is a ferry terminal at Northside Hamilton just up river from the Gateway bridge [Toll] but it is 19km. by taxi from Grain. Only another 6 km. to city. See Translink City Cat.
  4. Mic we notice you cannot help yourself. Maybe you should become a ship comedian like Jeff Stevenson [UK]. Funniest man afloat. Then you would get your cruises for free.
  5. grt - one fact I did not see mentioned. When I went to sea in 1964 about 10 years before containerisation - we learnt that 100 cubic feet = 1grt. Ship owners had many dodges to reduce grt uncluding Shelter Deck general cargo liners that I sailed on. Also the funnel / stack & other non watertight spaces were not included in grt. Metrification & to remove the cheating GT was born. To download a great explanation by an Australian marine pilot see -- wss-vic.org.au/articles/marine_glossary.pdf
  6. Terry I think the white birds are another type of Cormorant. At Taiaroa Head there is the Royal Albatros centre that is a good place to visit & there is a nice cafe also. This place is one of only 2 places in the world where Albatros nest on the mainland & not an isolated island. Google - Royal Cam for view of the parents & chick that hatched on 24th Jan. 2019 - one of 28 chicks on the headland this year. Gives a good view of weather & marine traffic entering & leaving the harbour.
  7. Pacific Dawn will be in Singapore for her regular required drydocking. No info on other work.
  8. The place is Airlie Beach - Whitsunday area. Google - tours at this place or any other. As it is a tender port getting off in time is the problem.
  9. Some masters are shy & don't enjoy mixing with passengers. I know a lot of them hate it when ignorant passengers come up to them & say - Captain who is driving the boat. The new female master in Celebrity has a note on her badge - see attached,
  10. Had a for'd balcony on Sapphire Princess for 50 days last year. The balcony was larger than most but there are no chairs or table. Use at sea at normal speed with a wind forward of the beam would make it unusable. With the wind astern it is not so bad & good for entering port.
  11. When Sun Princess arrived in Vancouver she had just finished a North Pacific crossing & with a white hull there would have been many rust stains showing. Any rust stains on Disney Wonder would be harder to see with its black hull. Sun Princess is actually 24 years old & as others have said many middle sged ships are for sale for the right money. During the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo the Sun Princess is chartered for floating hotel duty at Yokohama.
  12. There are multiple reasons why the use of tenders could not go ahead as has already been mentioned. The ship is "Unseaworthy" if it goes to sea without the required lifeboats being usable. No cruise ship master would be so stupid to do this. If you do not comply with the masters instructions or cause trouble by starting a mutiny among other passengers then you can expect to be put ashore. If you do not like this fact you should not cruise.
  13. Terry - sure the orange Antarctic ship in Hobart is Aurora Australia - our Antarctic supply & research vessel.
  14. CRUISE4MON A Cruise SHIP is NEVER a Boat. Note what the Celebrity lady Master says
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