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  1. So the ship had a blackout - no big deal - happens all the time. A few days ago a large RCC cruise ship blacked out departing Wellington NZ.
  2. No - debrowe2 - the poster is NOT incorrect. NONE OF THE CURRENT LARGE CRUISE SHIPS WILL BE DOING "DRIVE -BY" CRUISES AFTER 2021. Please read the above on the new Polar Code & google for more info. Ignore experdition ship adverts. Azamara & Celebrity are just not up to the new rules & it is indicative of the management of these FOC companies.
  3. Beejay - Pacific Aria ex Ryndam is curently working in Australia for P&O Australia.
  4. Normal practise on subs in WWII - read "Iron Coffins" by German U-Boat Captain Herbert A. Werner. He was XO on sub that laid mines in Chesapeake Bay. Emigrated to US in 1957 & became a citizen.
  5. Vasco De Gama ex Statendam is currently in NZ / Australia for the southern summer. Repositioning east bound from Europe in the autumn & west bound back to Europe in the southern autumn. Works out of Germany in northern Summer.
  6. CMV have announced they will have 2 more ships in early 2021 when P&O Australia deliver Pacific Dawn & Pacific Aria to Singapore in March & May. Pacific Dawn ex Regal Princess originally built for Sitmar is 70,285 gt & will work out of Tilbury in May 2021. Pacific Aria ex Ryndam - HAL sister to VdG 55,819 gt. will work out of Germany. The ships new names will be announced in December.
  7. As far as I am aware - Sri Lanka evisa for cruise ship passengers are FREE online via the official government site. 12 months ago for Sapphire Princess call at Colombo - company required before boarding.
  8. Does anyone know why Sapphire Princess is alongside at Jeddah Saudia Arabia today 20th November 2019. May have missed scheduled port of Aqaba.
  9. David - Should have said ports may require more tugs to be used by this vessel as it is now considered to be unreliable. Happens in Brisbane with Pacific Dawn going under the Gateway bridge due to previous power failure. Had there been one of Wellingtons gales blowing when the power failure happened, no single tug in the SW pacific could stop this monster going aground if the anchors failed to hold her.
  10. SeaDog-46

    HOHO in Singapore

    Singapore HOHO is a great way to see the city. There are several routes & they start from SunTech City.
  11. Dim witted media call Ovation a LINER - maybe they should get a dictionary for Christmas - poor show - STUFF [up]. Port authorities may now require more tugs at each NZ port at RCC expense.
  12. There are two 60th parallels of LATITUDE - north & south. Greenland except for a small area is totally north of Lat. 60 N & is fully in the excluded area because the exclusion zone south of Cape Farewell is at 58N 042W - see diagram . South of Greenland is a very dangerous place due to icebergs, fog & mixing currents plus Arctic storms. The brand new Danish ice stengthened supply ship Hans Hedtoft sank on its maiden voyage in this area in 1959 with loss of all 95 passengers & crew onboard. See Wikipedia. The Gulf Stream moves North North East from the Grand Banks & keeps Iceland, UK & Norway clear of sea ice.
  13. Magellan Explorer - another new expedition vessel starting inaugral cruise from Punta Arenas, Chile on 28th Nov. 2019. Ship is 4900 gt, 100 passengers, PC6 with Bahmas flag. From US$13000 for 8 day cruise - $1625 pp/day.
  14. This accounts for why Resolute is still in BA. "Under Arrest" is Maritime Law & the vessel is held until the debt is paid for at least the bunkers & maybe more.
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