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  1. Some news regarding the recently completed docking of Westerdam at Sembawang, Singapore. Some areas of Teak decking replaced & other areas completly redone with immitation teak polymer. New carpets in public areas. Part of Crowsnest refurbished. Theater refurbished. Info from Piet Sinke who was a guest of both masters that were changing over. See Maasmond Maritime - Shipping News Clippings - 2020/018 Free to subscribe to - Google.
  2. casofilia - It's not a good idea to use local JR & other trains if you have more than a backpack. A better idea is to see if you can fly into Haneda. The Limosine Bus is just a coach service but efficient & easy to use. I flew into Haneda with Singapore Airlines - got the Limosine bus to their terminal & then another connection direct to the Prince Hotel at Shin Yokohama on the Shinkansen Line. Limosine Bus have a web site that shows the routes they have. YCAT is the nearest to Yokohama port & hotels in that area, but some stop at some of the hotels on the way in.
  3. One Ocean is bankrupt & has gone into administration.
  4. Willis Island - an exciting weather station on a remote coral cay in the Coral Sea.
  5. A week or so ago CMV Vasco Da Gama ex Pacific Eden, ex Statendam anchored for its scheduled call at Kangaroo Island SA. They already knew all tours were canceled & nobody was allowed ashore due to the fire at the western end of the island in Flinders Chase NP. The ship made itself available for evacuating the visitors & locals. In the end she was not needed & continued on to the next stop at Port Lincoln.
  6. Australia Merchant Navy manned rig supply vessel Far Saracen, a Norwegian flagged vessel, gets supplies to Mallacoota on 1st January - 24 hours ahead of RAN. Brought to light on a rare F/B post by a Victorian Police Officer who lived aboard for a week. He thought the crew & operators needed recognition for all the hard work & urgently needed supplies. From ABC report.
  7. Thanks - just saved 20% for 15 day undercover parking while flying to Tassie. I have found this company better than some others near BNE.
  8. HMAS Adelaide is anchored in Twofold Bay at Eden. MV Sycamore is waiting off the coast a little further north & HMAS Choules has rounded Wilsons Promontory east bound.
  9. On one of the last cruise ship calls at Stanley in March 2017 we were advises by our shuttle lady that Zaandam had not missed putting passengers ashore the whole season. I believe it was Zaandams 13th call of the 2016 / 17 summer. Passengers were advised prior to arrival that all trips to Volunteer Point were cancelled due to the very wet ground. Patrick Watts who will be about 75 this year was a bit of a hero in the Falklands War & received an MBE from UK. To understand the Falkland Islanders - visitors should look up the 1982 Falklands War.
  10. Roy - The deaths have been reported in Samoa not American Samoa. As there was not the same trouble in Suva - it could have just been an over zealous quarantine officer in Savu Savu.
  11. The attempt to retrieve the bodies on White Island started this morning & 6 bodies have been moved to the RNZN vessel off the island. Yesterday some of the Australians from the hospitals were airlifted out to Australia by RAAF planes.
  12. There are 6 confirmed dead, 8 missing on the island & presumed dead. It is proving difficult to identify some injured with severe burns.
  13. Yes I agree the media are so ignorant & full of sensational rubbish. To refer to the master of a ship as a skipper is an insult - for all spend many years studying to achieve there high positions in the maritime industry. He would certainly had nothing to do with the engine shut down. The shutting down of the operating generators would have been automatic as it has to be fast to stop any damage occuring. Restarting cannot start until the Chief Engineer knows what caused the shut down. When the problem is known they can restart but it takes time. In my 45 years at sea I experienced many power blackouts but most were resolved quickly, Even the one on Pacifc Dawn on my first recent cruise was sorted quickly & they had one generator up & running within 10 minutes.
  14. So the ship had a blackout - no big deal - happens all the time. A few days ago a large RCC cruise ship blacked out departing Wellington NZ.
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