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  1. I have not cruised on Carnival since the deli changed menus, but I do like the new increased menu, with much more options. could find lots of things on there, but I do love Cuban sandwich, so that will probably be where I start, whenever I can get back on a Carnival cruise.
  2. Nerjagirl, I think you were on the cusp of the cruise lines shutting things down due to the dreadful pandemic that has inundated our world. I have not read all the responses here, but did the first few, and possibly but the islands were already in pandemic mode, and cant blame them if they were, because they dont have the resources to deal with this sort of thing. I do sympathise with your disappointment, but hope that since your first post you realise that things are different now in the travel world, be it cruise ships, airlines, hotels, restaurants and life in general. Some day , hopefully sooner than later, but I suspect will take a year (just my opinion), travel will get back to where we were. Dont write off cruises yet, they are wonderful ways to spend vacation, but at this time, and possibly yours was affected by this, the world is in a different place, unprecedented, and we just have to wait it out, and hopefully stay well.
  3. mitsugirly, thinking of you and yours. hoping that you will soon get back to good mobility and health with regard to your limb break. I know that you and your family love to travel, cruise and even though I have not been able to do so in recent years I have always enjoyed your reviews. Looking forward to the day that you and your family, and so many of us can all get back to cruising and travelling. take care of yourself and yours, and will always look forward to your next review whenever that may be, but mostly just make this time matter by getting you better.
  4. my first experience on a carnival cruise might not fit your request, but for me it was Carnival Sensation out of Tampa in October 2000. it was a 7 day western caribbean cruise and was also my first solo cruise. I had by that time cruised already one before but not solo, but had also done many many trips to many places solo. But because it was my first solo cruise I was very nervous about going to the dining room for dinner, because I am somewhat an introvert. I remember at sailaway, debating whether I would go to the dining room or just go to buffet, but felt that i should at least go the first night, and if I did not enjoy my table mates, I would then go the buffet after. I sucked it up and went. It was the most wonderful group of people I have ever had the pleasure of dining with. it turned out that that going to dinner was a highlight of the day, not just because of the good food and service, but because that large group of people, some solos, some couples, some group of friends, were so enjoyable to talk to and discuss plans for shore excursions etc. Still one of my best cruise ship memories of all time. Had i caved in to my fears of dining with strangers, I would have still had a good cruise but a much less sociable one. Looking forward to hearing of others memories.
  5. thank you all for your responses, memories, and photos. I am so enjoying all the responses. makes being unable to cruise right now, a way that I can, and hopefully we all can still stay in the cruise mode, by enjoying these posts. Thanks again for all the responses.
  6. I also have gotten many offers, some free cabins and drinks on us etc. I just got another one right now. I barely ever look at them now, Even before this horrendous pandemic, I did not really pay much attention to them because I must stay home these days to look after two elderly parents, one who is very ill. Even if I could travel, I would be leery to book something and then have to cancel it later, or wait for them to cancel. It would be just too tricky for me to plan, since there would be air travel involved for me as well. All is moot for me anyway. Cant leave home anytime in the foreseeable future. I am not surprised though to see these offers, since they are trying to keep up their bookings. It is a terrible time for the whole travel industry, not to mention businesses in general.
  7. I am one who also always enjoyed the Farcus decors. I know that nowadays it is not a popular design or choice of the younger generation, but I have enjoyed them all, except one. The Valor did not appeal to me. It was a great cruise, but just somehow did not appeal decor wise. I am also not a person who needs decor to make my experience, just something that I notice or observe. I have not been on any Carnival ship newer than Conquest class, but have to say that from photos I have seen here on reviews or elsewhere, the Dream and the Magic, do appeal in that sense. The Breeze not so much, and the newer ships are just ok. Not bad, but just not something memorable. This just me though. I am someone who does very much like color, eclectic, and glitz. Not a fan of muted, brown and beiges. Again just me. But have to say, that I would love to sail Magic some day, not just because of the decor.
  8. Oteixeira, thank you for that link to the YT video. It brought back so many memories. Will check out more of that. thx.
  9. agree, but I guess this will largely be a point where I will or will not cruise again. I did smoke for quite some years myself, but since I quit many years ago, it is something that I no longer can tolerate as a side consumer. It will certainly be a huge consideration for me int he future with regard to travel in the future. At this time in life, and in the current situation in the world, I am sadly finally thinking that travel for me is a thing of the past. I hope that life for most will somehow come back to normal again soon.
  10. it will be a long while till I can cruise again. Now 24hr caregiver to two elderly parents, one very ill at this time, another not very well either. I dont have any other family nearby to help, so I am happy to be here for them, but still hope that some day, I will cruise and or travel again, though, it will be at a time of loss for me. However, when I do eventually get to cruise again, and on Carnival, I will just enjoy what I always enjoy, the food, the drink LOL, bring on the funship specials, mai tais, and whatever new drinks they will offer by then, and hopefully, by that time, I will enjoy a smoke free casino. Have always enjoyed Carnivals casinos, but the last two cruises, 2015 and 2016, the casinos were so smoky that it severely altered my time in there. Next cruise on Carnival, look forward to good food, smoke free casino, and also hopefully a room with good temperature control. Last two cruises were terribly warm in the room, and did not sleep well because of inability to cool the temps.
  11. I am enjoying all these posts and photos, it keeps me feeling positive and hopeful that we will all some day soon get on a cruise again. Memories are a great way to keep us motivated and hopeful.
  12. I forgot to add to my first post, that my first Carnival cruise was on the Sensation in 2000. It was a 7 day cruise, and was also my first solo cruise. I was really nervous about cruising solo, especially with regard to dining. I almost did not go to the dining room the first night, but I forced myself to. It turned out to be the best group of people, and I looked forward to going every evening. Great memories of that cruise.
  13. I saw another post on a different board, and remembered my first cruise, made me feel good, with remembering the things that I loved on that ship and cruise line, that got me hooked on cruising. I ended up after that, and one other cruise line, making most of my cruises on Carnival. Loved all my Carnival cruises. Yes some complaints over the years, but in general, loved Carnival, and therefore in 10 cruises over the years, 8 were on Carnival. I would love to hear from the regulars here, or those who dont post often, when they started cruising on Carnival, and why they remain with them. Even those who have strayed a bit, but come back. What brings you back to Carnival. Of course we are all on hold right now, given the current health crisis in our world, but hopefully we can all spend some time reminiscing, and hoping towards a better day to come.
  14. I am loving this thread also. It is a comfort amid all the current frightening news, and situations with cruise lines, airlines, hotels and the travel industry in general. My cruise on Norway was twenty one years ago, and I look back over those years and see so many life altering events for our world. I am feeling down about it all right now, but this thread, bringing back good memories helps me cope. Thanks to OP for starting this, and helping us all remember better times.
  15. the cabin I had with my parents was a cabin for three. Three single beds, arranged haphazardly, three port hole windows, and it was located just behind, a few steps down the hall behind Sven's ice cream parlor. down a ways, turned right, and down a short walk way to our cabin and another next to us, and across from us. Loved the room, best cruise ship I have ever had. Have done one Celebrity, and 8 Carnival after that first cruise, and though some of them were comfy beds, the Norway's was the best!
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