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  1. re question, have you ever stayed on deck one? yes , twice, once as mentioned earlier on the Liberty. Great room, just noisy neighbors in a connecting room, lesson learned; deck one is fine, just don't book a room with a connecting door to another. Other time, I forget which ship offhand, but it was deck one forward porthole room (Im thinking Victory in 2015). Again a great room, once you get used to the sort or noises you will hear there, like waves on the hull of the ship, and early morning docking in ports, rumbling and vibrating, but really was a great room, large, roomy. I have had these rooms before and always try to get them as a solo cruiser, so I knew about the noise issue. Did not hear the waves crashing but maybe one , max two nights, I guess might have to do with how fast the ship is going and the seas. I would not hesitate to book a room on the lowest deck. Another good thing about that location is that when you reboard the ship in ports or call, you are very close to your room, only one deck up from where you come in.
  2. I had to think on this one for a bit. In my 8 Carnival cruises and 2 on other lines, I really cant say I had a terrible room. The only one I had issues with, had nothing to do with the room or location, but with the people in the neighboring room. It was a connecting door between, the only time I had one of these, but there was someone the next room who coughed and coughed and hawked and coughed all night long. It was an Oceanview on Riviera deck on Liberty, mid ship, and was a very smooth, comfortable cruise motion wise, room was nice, everything nice except the hawking and coughing of the person the the room net door. It was very disruptive and did sound like said person was right in the room with us. It was ten years ago, and I did not complain to guest services, as that is not something I do unless I figure someone is doing something that can be dealth with. I know, that with some conditions, coughing cannot be controlled, so we just dealt with it. Actually was a wonderful cruise, an this was our only difficulty, complaint on that cruise, but for 7 days we were able to live with it. However ever since then, I do make sure that I don't book connecting rooms on cruise ships or for that matter in hotels too.
  3. I think this a good topic that Geckoaz has started. I am sure there are some less than great cabins on ships. We can all get some good advice from others who have been in them, so we either avoid them, or know what to expect if we end up stuck with one.
  4. loved your review! Glad to look forward to your next one too. Oasis class not likely to be one that I will choose in the future, but I never say never, and no matter what ship, or itinerary, will always love to follow your review, and your adventures with the family! Thanks again.
  5. On Carnival this only seems to be a problem on Conquest class ships, because for some technical reason, they have to conduct muster drill outside on those side decks. I think it has to do with space on those decks per passenger numbers, but something like that. I have come close to passing out during those muster drills, not because I am claustrophobic, but don't like to be jammed up next to people where you can feel other people next to you. Hate that, not sure why I am like that, but just seem to have some sort of phobia that way. Last cruise I had a legitimate physical problem that limited the time I can stand in one place, and so I requested and was granted special muster drill inside for those with special needs. Thank heavens for that. In the future, I will not need this special needs, because I have recovered from my physical disability of that time. However I will say, that while I do like and enjoy ships of Conquest class, I will likely avoid them in the future, only for that reason of muster drill outside, and my extreme dislike of being crammed in. Fantasy class ships and Dream class up ships, do conduct Muster drill inside in various locations through the ship, so for me, just because I hate the cramming in body to body, in often hot and humid weather conditions, along with the late arrivals of many people, meaning a late start to muster, I am sorry to say that I will be very picky about which ship class I cruise in the future, whenever that may be.
  6. re the new dining times. I still prefer early, or your time dining, but if I ever get stuck with late dining, 7.45 would not be the end of the world LoL. even the 30 mins, makes it more workable for me. Enjoying your review. Loving the photos of places I have been, though not in a few years now. Hope you and yours are enjoying your cruise.
  7. Hi, I am still following and enjoying your review as always. You and your family always have so much fun together and so nice to see the happy faces. Yours and their photos are wonderful, and inspire me to get a better camera and try to get back into something I used to love to. Re the Husky breed. Your Loki, is adorable, and reminds me of one in my neighborhood, also very calm and laid back. My poodle terrier mix 15lbs, loves to jump up to him to get at eye level. First time it happened I got so scared, but the man with him, said no worries, he is as gentle as could be, and so he is. When we meet out on our walks, he still lets her jump up to say hello at eye level LOL. Thanks again for your great review.
  8. good review! thanks for posting your thoughts. I am hoping to cruise on this ship some day.
  9. I am loving your review! I have been wanting to cruise on Magic for quite some time, but unfortunately at this time cannot leave home due to family situation, but always love to read about this ship, and feel like I know it well for some one who has not been on it yet LOL. I love your writing style. Very detailed and informative, yet also filled with humor. Looking forward to more.
  10. Looking forward to your review! Legend is from Tampa I believe? If so, then I love to read reviews on cruises from Tampa, where I have spent much time in the area over the years, and would love to cruise from there again. So, will be following your review. thanks for posting it live.
  11. Hi, I am looking forward to this review, and so happy that you have gotten back to cruising again, after your fall and injury. I do hope that you did not encounter any difficulties given your injury, but I will be following your review. I was once booked on Escape, (and Epic, and Getaway) but had to cancel each cruise do to family issues at home. Some day I will get to sail NCL again finally. Looking forward to your review.
  12. Thanks for the review! I have only been on one fantasy class ship, the Sensation, and would have no problem sailing on one again, but I do prefer the longer cruises. On the last paragraph, I hear you! I feel much the same way. And, am I just an old grouch? Heck no...LOL. But really, for the same reasons as you say, when I do ever get to cruise again, I will also be looking for a more restrained cruise experience. Thanks again, enjoyed your review very much.
  13. I have never sailed on Cunard, but do not rule it out completely. However I doubt that I ever will cruise on them, due to price and itineraries, as well as departure ports. But I don't rule it out. Before I would sail Cunard, I would likely venture back to 'Celebrity first because they do offer those ports and itineraries that interest me. As far as snooty passengers go, I have cruised mostly on Carnival, and have met a few snoots on there as well LOL, sailed once on Celebrity, and met just a few snooty people, most were just like us, and it was a good cruise. sailed once on Norwegian long long time ago, and cant remember meeting anyone snooty or otherwise. I think that everyone has a type of cruise they are looking for, and with a little internet research they can find what kind they look for, we all have different tastes with everything, so it is a good thing that there are multiple cruise lines out there to suit every kind of preference. That said, you cant please all the people , all of the time. At this point in my life, where I cant cruise or travel at all, I would be happy to experience any of the the cruise lines, and hope to do so again some day.
  14. Yes, thanks again Organized Chaos, I enjoyed your review. I also would sail on Valor again, given the right itinerary and departure port, have not been on the Conquest, but have seen pictures, agree with you on that one too LOL. Keep on cruising, and enjoying them. I am land bound at the time, but some day will get back to it. In the mean time, I will live vicariously though reviews like yours and others on here. Thanks again for the review.
  15. Do I regret purchasing cheers? Yes and No, LOL. I purchased it on my last cruise which was way back in 2016. My only regret was that I enjoyed it to the max! never hit 15 drinks a day, don't even think I could, but certainly hit at least 10 a day, which also included specialty coffees. My regret was that it resulted in a significant weight gain over that week. However, the reason I do not regret it was that once back home and on my regular routine, that weight gain was quickly lost, and more since then due to healthy lifestyle. Also, it was likely my last cruise for quite some time to come (family reasons, cant leave home now), so I am very happy that on that cruise I went for the total enjoyment factor. Had my wine, my special coffees and a few special mixed drinks. (twilight zone, loved that one). so in that sense I am happy that I got cheers, for probably my only time. In future though whenever I get to cruise again, and I will, then I will likely not purchase it because at this time in my life I drink much less alcohol, and certainly not enough to make it worth while for me. So yes and no!
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