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  1. thank you hrhdhd , I am pretty much "sold" on one of these rooms. I cant cruise right now, but when I can, it will be Celebrity, and most likely an S class ship, and one of these rooms. Dreaming until the day I can cruise. Thanks all.
  2. thanks for the replies. Sounds good. Will try to get one ending in even number. Yes it does look like a convenient location.
  3. I have searched but could not find much info on these rooms. I am wondering if there is much noise from the grand foyer area, or the theater. Also is there much foot traffic in the hallways. If anyone has any experience with these rooms, I would love to hear some feedback. Thanks.
  4. thank you for your excellent review! I was going to ask you about weight gain, until I saw your post about having lost 45lbs before your cruise. I say, you deserve a break from dieting! and thanks for the latest post about weight gain, vs time in gym and stairs vs elevator LOL. Love your food review, especially because it is concentrated on the non extra pay MDRs. That is where I will be dining when I finally get to take my Norwegian cruise! It will be some time before I can cruise again, but some day I will, and for now, I am greatly looking forward to a cruise on one of the ships from the Epic on up to the newest. Thanks again! Love your review.
  5. I don't think that there can be too many of them...(well for now), as they are the base client that Carnival can count on to return for subsequent cruises. I believe that they, platinum and especially diamond levels are valued by Carnival, for that very reason. However, the day may come, when there are just too many platinum cruisers, to maintain the current level of perks that they receive, and Carnival may decide to reduce some of those perks as needed. ( ie, back about 5 years or so, the gold level, were no longer included in the past guest party), supposedly because there were just too many to provide that perk. Whatever. I will never reach Platinum on Carnival, so for me it is a moot point. But just saying..that there will always come a point when a company realises that their reward program is suddenly overloaded. Some day maybe Platinum, might find their perks diminished, and maybe not. Will see. Though, have to say, that Platinum and especially Diamond cruisers, are Carnival's cruisers that they can pretty much count on returning, so it would be best for them to treat those cruisers well. JMO.
  6. yes, especially if you add a dollar cash per drink. Amazing, but yes they do remember, at least in my experience.
  7. whether it is "cheers", or "drinks on us" in casino, I always tip an extra dollar, cash. I have always had good bar service everywhere on the ship. It is not necessary to do this, but I just have always done this, and it has paid off for me sometimes with some generous "pours" LOL. Just my experience.
  8. Ok doggielover, and yes I do agree, solo travel is not for all, but can be good for many, regardless of what they, solo traveller is looking to do.
  9. It has been two years since my last cruise, and I have done 8 Carnival cruises since 2000. I am not normally affected by who the cruise director is. I have been on some wonderful cruises, yet do not remember who the cruise director was. Of the 8 cruises on Carnival, the ones that stand out, are ; Triumph 2004, ( John Heald), and I believe his assistant at the time was Wee Jimmy, and they were both unforgettable LOL! However the CD who impressed me most was Butch, on Liberty (Oct, 2009), he was amazing in so many ways, I cant begin to say. So Butch Beganovich, and so sorry to spell his surname wrong, but it is best I can come up with after 9 years LOL. That cruise on Liberty was also one of the best cruises I have ever had, regardless of cruise line. I have been on Carnival cruises since 2009, and have had some other good CDs, but at the moment don't remember their names...One was a lady who wore quite flamboyant dresses and shoes, bows etc...She was CD on Freedom cruise in 2014. I liked her, and don't know why I cant remember her name now. Cds however do not affect my cruise. I just notice the ones who go above and beyond.
  10. I enjoyed your review Sid, and especially because it is the Magic. I have wanted to sail that ship for a while now, but cannot cruise/or travel at this time, due to family commitments, cant be away from home now for even a day. but I know the day will come, that I can go again, but it will be a bit of a time from now. That is fine. I have had lots of good travels, and now need to take care of my parents, and it is they who gave me the travel, cruise and adventure spirit, so I am happy to be here and care for them now when they need me. In the mean time, I love to read your reviews, and live (and drink) vicariously LOL, through yours and others here. Till your next review ( regardless of line), I wish you happy travels.:)
  11. Hi Doggielover, ( I am a doggielover ) too LOL. I am not sure I understood your post quite right, but I must say; respectfully, that just because some of us like to cruise solo ( for whatever our various reasons are), it does not necessarily mean we are lonely. some people do not need to be in company of others to feel good, and that would include myself. I have spent lots of time among people, being family, friends, coworkers and such, and enjoy those times to a point, but I also enjoy my quiet time to myself, and don t need company on a regular basis. This just me of course. But I am most definitely not lonely. Again, sorry if I misunderstood your post, but solo cruisers are by and large not lonely people.
  12. Thanks for the followups, and as others have said , it is an expensive lesson on choosing friends, though Im sure we have all done this, and there are far too many people out there who present themselves as the best friend you could ever find, and somewhere along the way, they show that they they have an ugly side Be grateful, that you all found out before you had invested too much of yourselves into a bad "friendship" As for the "outfits". Im not sure if I missed it, or if you actually described them But if they are reasonably nice, just consider donating them to charity. There are always people who need clothes for various reasons, ie; fires, tornados, floods, hurricanes, and poverty in general. Someone may be able to use those outfits. Just an idea. Enjoy your cruise whenever you get to do so, with your "real" friends.:)
  13. I have travelled extensively solo ever since I was 17 years old. I have travelled with friends and family often as well. I did not start to cruise until I was 40 years old, and by that time, none of my friends were interested in cruising, and the few who were semi interested were "high maintenance", very sensitive to change of environment etc, so I decided to cruise solo, have 6 solo cruises since then and I love it. I also am not very outgoing, not anti social, but just comfortable with my own company, so ever since "your time dining" was introduced, that is what I choose to do. I don't mind sitting at a small table by myself for dinner, and often I do find that I have very nice conversations with folks at the next tables. The tables are mostly very close. At the times when neighboring tables don't wish to talk, that is also fine with me. I don't really do excursions anymore since I have been to most ports of call in the Caribbean by now, and unless it is a place I have not been before, I tend not to venture far from the ship, and sometimes just stay on board. When I do an excursion, I often find that there is someone to talk to, or a family, so I don't really ever feel alone or lonely. I love to cruise solo, and would love to go again soon, just cant get away these days due to family situation. Some day though. And if I have my choice; unless I go with my mother, I will choose to cruise solo.
  14. I know that I am old already...but; back in my day, long time ago...We ripped our jeans, but then put a patch on them. LOL. Somehow I don't think the ripped jeans of today will pass muster in MDR. I guess there might be exceptions, I just don't know, but would probably try to discourage it, though that in itself might make the young'uns just try to push the system.;p
  15. This is one "rant" we all need to read, and learn from. Thank you for posting this.
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