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  1. Which is why kids should stick to the main decks, there is no reason to be walking around the cabin corridors. With all the cruises going on every day, how many news reports of child assault? It’s not like someone can grab a kid and not get caught.
  2. One Sunday there was a shortage of customs officials, we did early walkoff, and didn’t get through customs until 10:45. However, we didn’t know to grab a porter to get though customs much faster. Definitely do this (and tip nicely).
  3. We’ve never been to Nassau when there has been less than 4 ships, a couple of times it was full! We make sure to get right off of the ship and into a waiting taxi (family of 7 so we fill it), and we are on Paradise Island in 15 minutes (we’ve done Atlantis twice and RIU once). We are in a pool by 9.
  4. I’ve heard many times on CC that a taxi gets you closer, plus you don’t have to wait for a ferry to fill up.
  5. Looking at the pool deck, I’d assume that there is no adult only pool on the Dawn.
  6. NCL is usually strict about no kids in the adult pool, even older teens. On the Gem, the pool for kids was the same size as the adult pool, diapered kids are not allowed in any pool or splash area. There will be adults in the regular pool, you can join her.
  7. I don’t think that is apples to apples, people are coming and going at shopping malls with no one knowing their identities. The public space at a mall is so much bigger than public spaces on cruise ships. I wouldn’t let a 10 year old wander alone, but go from place to place.
  8. Yes it is. Dd18 missed 1 or 2 weeks of HS every year for international dance competitions with lots of AP’s, but she had reliable internet and downtime, and it took about 2 weeks to get everything made up. I think it would be harder on a cruise.
  9. On our last cruise, I had my 3 kids in HS miss 4 days of school Memorial Day week so that we could cruise after my college kids came home for the summer, before they started summer jobs. I’d have no problem having my HS juniors miss a couple of days of school after Christmas break (I’ll have a college freshman and senior), but the prices!
  10. And I don’t know if you have another policy that covers health care out of the country or medical evacuations, I don’t, so I always buy travel insurance, yes to get a refund if we cancel, but also for those situations.
  11. The person you talked to said they’d be willing, I wouldn’t trust that. From what I’ve read on CC, customer satisfaction is definitely not the #1 priority with the cruise industry, the customer is not always right, quantity over quality. I’d have m6 child send a very polite email about family wanting to travel over the holiday and needing to book, offering to take the exam in advance if possible, or asking if the exam date has been set. My husband actually teachers a class at Rutgers Newark every year, and he’s always willing to work with students (even coming to the school just to let a student take a makeup exam).
  12. Are there entitled rich kids at Rutgers?
  13. I don’t think they need to hire someone, the way they operate seems to be working for them. New cruisers spend more than seasoned cruisers, if you cancel after final payment they have not only your money, but will end up booking your cabin at a higher rate due to the holiday. The cruising industry is known for not considering customer loyalty, sob stories, bending the rules.
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