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  1. You sound arrogant with this statement, about 3.5% of Americans travel overseas each year. There are millions who will never have opportunities to travel.
  2. Those are connecting and rarely available last minute.
  3. I think about $40, port days only, and it’s not always available for sale.
  4. We are 7, but we e always have been able to get extra key cards and switch up the sleeping situations.
  5. We’ve been on 4 NCL ships and have been impressed each time. On our last on3 she was 14, and she called the guy twice a day when we headed out to breakfast (buffet) and dinner (MDR). Her orders always were perfectly timed.
  6. I have a 16 year old with celiac and a 23 year old who is mostly keto, unfortunately the only choice my 26 year old has is gluten free, my 23 year old has some cheats.
  7. Yes, being gluten free for medical reasons isn’t the same as keto, they want to make sure they have enough gluten free carbs available (pasta, bread, cookies, waffles, pancakes...), gluten free sauces and gravies.
  8. I don’t think there is a limit on suitcases. You should carry in on yourself.
  9. Saunders beach does have restrooms, and the beach looks nicer than the Hilton/Junkanoo. We went to the Hilton back when it was $15 pp, was not impressed with the beach, especially since cable and cabbage are gorgeous (but no restrooms).
  10. Only the first 2 in the cabin get the beverage package, if she was the #2 passenger she’d get the soda package. You can sign a waiver so she can order beer and wine, to be paid for oop.
  11. Look into Saunders beach.
  12. Take a cab to cabbage beach, you will be able to rent chairs and umbrella.
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