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  1. We usually use parking panda. We chose the garage mostly based on price. Keep in mind that minivans and SUV’s are considered oversized vehicles and there will most likely be a surcharge.
  2. Sure, you can also book it cheaper directly from Atlantis or resort for a day. Keep in mind, the pools and slides close at 5.
  3. It should be full on rush hour. DH drove into midtown at 5 last Friday, 1 1/2 hours, 12 miles. Definitely surge pricing.
  4. Most agree it’s just more convenient to park at the pier. Your Uber will be at least $50 each way. $40 is not a lot for Manhattan.
  5. Yes, there is a limit, I’ve never experienced crowds even leaving from cold NYC.
  6. No, I have not tried it, but I’ve read here on CC that others tried it, and failed. Therefore, I’m going to say no, it’s not allowed.
  7. Yes, I’ve always allowed charging privileges to all of my kids, even at 10, on all sorts of vacations. I tell them their limit for the duration ($25 on a cruise) and if they go over, they will pay me back. No one has even reached their limit, they know I’m 100% serious and will make them pay.
  8. They owe nothing after final payment, sometimes you n get a small amount of obc or upgrade your cabin. It’s pretty standard across the industry. You TA owns your reservation, NCL won’t talk to you.
  9. That makes sense! I thought the age restrictions for the night clubs were 18 + at certain hours (but with drinking restricted to 21+ Unless on a line with a waiver).
  10. 18 years and up are absolutely not allowed in the teen clubs.
  11. If you want a longer cruise, maybe a back to back. I think the longer the cruise, the older the demographics.
  12. I think your plan for staying an hour or so away is a good one, it will be cheaper and most likely nicer.
  13. Our family of 7 had to book 8, were reimbursed onboard, no big deal.
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