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  1. wow... almost 2 months ago... its like science or something...
  2. there are 2 reasons why there is not a bed shortage yet. First is that we are not up to that stage yet. we are still in the positive cases phase and we started in the hospitalization uptick phase. The next phase should be ICU uptick. It might not happen because I believe they have seen that when the patient gets bad enough to need the ICU beds... its not effective so they are not going to that anymore. But I hope ICU beds stay low and more important, deaths (we will know in a few weeks) stay low
  3. the numbers will not readjust the numbers announces Saturday (9585) was for the TOTAL for Friday the numbers announced Sunday (8530) was the TOTAL for Satuday the numbers announced today (5266) was the TOTAL for Sunday there might be slight adjustments but those are the numbers https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/96dd742462124fa0b38ddedb9b25e429
  4. they announce the before numbers so todays numbers are for yesterday (Sunday). they cant announce todays numbers at 11:00am today.. unless they can predict the future 9585 was friday 8530 was saturday 5266 was sunday (announced today) they cant say what today is at the moment.
  5. 8500 is Saturday number . 5499 (from Florida government site) was yesterday weekend is always low. Sunday especially. 5499 is very high for a Sunday
  6. to be determined... first is the positive cases... a few weeks later hospitalizations go up (it is starting to tic up), and then a few weeks later, deaths go up so we need to wait to see if that pattern holds.
  7. california did not follow the CDC and government guidelines for opening up
  8. the earliest is september 16 so that is not 'closer' to september, its mid september and with the pandemic going out of control and higher right now in more than half the country.. I seriously doubt september at all unless the US is not part of it at all.
  9. the issue is, if the trend is right, first there is positive cases and then the hospitalizations and then the deaths, there is a 2 week gap in between each.. we are just at the start of the hospitalization part. I think we will know in the next 2 weeks I truly truly truly truly hope I am wrong.
  10. I totally disagree. There was a plan in NY and they stuck to the Government and CDC guidelines. Texas and Florida did not so this spike was preventable.
  11. i pray i am wrong.... I just look at the statistics and science. the problem with the age dropping is that they still interact with older people (parents , grandparents, etc) and its still going to be an issue. Hospitalizations are going up (at least in Texas and Florida) so we will see
  12. first increase in positive cases, then a few weeks later, hospitalizations, and then a few weeks later, deaths... its early yet
  13. Hospitalizations always lag a few weeks behind the positive cases, deaths follow a few weeks after... Hospitalizations are on the rise in Florida as expected https://www.orlandosentinel.com/coronavirus/os-ne-corovnavirus-record-numbers-hospitalizations-20200626-p5335ddw45f7xdlxiaezqzgjha-story.html COVID-19 hospitalizations in Central Florida are rising in line with the increasing number of cases. As of Thursday, 185 patients with COVID-19 were hospitalized in Orange County hospitals. That’s 50 more cases than June 21, and 112 more than June 15, according to the latest available data from the Florida Department of Health. The county reached a low of 27 hospitalized patients on May 10. Of the 185 patients, 31 are in intensive care units. we can debate and debate and debate but this virus will march on... First positive cases, then hospitalizations followed by deaths
  14. I think the Virginia site can be questionable... here is a Virginia news site and their stats. Seems similar to Worldometer https://www.wavy.com/news/health/coronavirus/virginia-may-11-covid-19-update-va-passes-25k-cases-lowest-daily-increase-in-deaths-11-in-two-weeks/
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