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  1. Hi Uktog, Here are our answers as best as we remember. We were allowed one free load of laundry on board. Whatever fit in the bag they gave us. Additional laundry was charged to the room. Not sure what the charge was. We tried to think of negatives about the included tours and could not come up with anything. We would recommend the Vally Camp Museum at Sault Ste Marie, a lake freighter that has been turned into a museum. The carriage tour of Mackinac Island was really pretty excellent. We had not been there before. Good places for lunch and plenty of fudge stores in town. The fort is interesting also. In Cleveland, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame admission is included. It was a highlight for me and their cafeteria was surprisingly good.. We took the basic Niagara Falls boat get drench tour which we really liked. I can’t comment on the premium tour. All in all we have great memories from the Great Lakes cruise. The real negatives were entirely caused by Air Canada on the way home but that’s another story. Hi 3rd Gen Cunader, I’ll give you questions a shot. On Mackinac, we had passes to get inside the Grand Hotel from AQ. We sat on the porch and had a couple drinks while we drank in the view! Glorious! My wife and I do not remember the ship moving to another dock area at Niagara Falls. As far as our transfer to the ship in Chicago. We both remember boarding the bus for Navy Pier at 2PM. AQ will move your luggage separately, all you will need for the bus ride is a carry on if you have one. I don’t know if you have taken the river architecture tour in Chicago, but it was amazing and we highly recommend it. I think about an hour + time wise. You would have to book the first trip so you could get back in plenty of time. Good luck and happy Great Lakes sailing to both of you. Happy to answer more questions Alex M
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