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  1. Further to your post. Just found this on FAQ on the Costa site You can agree on a special diet at the time of booking at your local Travel Agency or by calling our Contact Center. Special menus can be requested on all Costa cruises - gluten free for coeliacs, hypoglycaemic for diabetics or specific for any allergy or intolerance.
  2. Hi as I said in another reply contact info@uk.costa.it with any questions about allergies or look on the Costa site for your Counties phone number they will reply either with a phone call or email. This is better done before the cruise it is then added to your cruise information, but check once on board.
  3. Buffet times do alter to suit the coming and going of tours, but almost continuous up to 9/10 pm. Late breakfast in aft pool bar. Yes there are only two mains but again this depends on the ship & most cases the waiter. They are very accommodating if you have an eating problem, but you must inform them either prior to the cruise (info@uk.costa.it) for the UK or Maître 'd in MDR 4pm day of boarding. You will have a separate menu either brought to you or spoken by your waiter. Although the menu's have been reduced remember there are five courses starters, soup, pasta, main desert & cheese. Just looked at last daily news sheet from Favolosa breakfast started at 6.30 to 11.30 (late bar) lunch started at 12pm. till 2pm, afternoon tea 4.30 the evening meals at 6.30 & 9.15. If you want fresh fruit in your room you can request it, unless you are in a suite when it is changed every day. Sorry don't have recent menus but take a look on Costa site log-in to 'mycosta' with your booking number at look at restaurants for a rough idea. Room service is quite limited but again ask your steward they always try to get anything you want, at least for us they do. Premium cabins get breakfast menu's delivered at night.
  4. Just got out a menu from 2001 Atlanticia in the Caribbean for Christmas, seven main courses, pasta cooked in front of you in MDR, five deserts, two soups, six starters plus cheese board. Bit different from Favolosa three weeks ago as I said just two mains & beef six day out of seven in club D.R. Saying that food waste must have been vast, and I could understand that looking at the buffet even now.
  5. Hi MaryAnn, Sorry but Costa's 'war or waste' is now in force which means every restaurant serves same two choices even in the Club Restaurant although there are several other choices you can purchase, & they will always try to get something else if you don't like their menu. The days of being able to choose a steak, salmon or chicken are long gone. Although to be fair we have not cruised the Caribbean for about six years so might still be available there.
  6. Hi Again, You will get a choice of two or three wines with your package, most are quite drinkable. Is really is not worth upgrading your package as even if you choose from the full wine list & unless they change policy before you cruise you will get a discounted price, other than that even by purchasing a couple at full price it ill be better than the Intenditore or Pui gusto price for a weeks cruise. All wine is serve from a bottle. Water is available by glass only (bottled) or you can purchase a water package or even by the bottle on board about 3 euros each. There are very few tables for two, if you are not happy with your table (look in MDR before first evening) see Maître 'd at 4.00 pm look in daily news sheet in your cabin when first on board. Also you will need to see him/her about your allergies or contact H.O before cruise. Not sure about gluten free pizzas, but again ask they normally will do everything to accommodate you.
  7. Hi, What you are talking about are extra dishes that can be purchased both in MDR and all other restaurants. Frankly, & although I do have at least one during the cruise, usually because I really don't fancy that days menu, they are rather overpriced for what you get, (5 tiger prawns with Pasta) or half a lobster. You will not get offered cold meats as a starter but can have cheese before or after your desert. I have ordered a Pizza in the MDR but this is the exception as they are served elsewhere alongside a burger bar on most ships. Normal charge applies to both Burgers & Pizzas except in Buffet. You can order any of the extra dishes while dining the same night.
  8. Hi Bob, My opinion is not the same as yours, loyalty must be rewarded, while I would be the first one to say there was to many higher club members three years ago the increase in points has lead to even more on the highest level, the upgrade's to suites are much to blame 450 points per day is double & booking a basic inside receiving a suite is totally daft. We cruised with them up to four times a year in the past & always thought they gave great value (still do) Club levels are easy to control by making new higher levels harder to obtain, rewarding those of us who still cruise with them even though we are never give an up-grade, unless we cruise with them four times next year, almost impossible for us to predict this time next year or later. Although we will remain Perla Diamante after June we have five cruise points being taken of this year, and next year even though we still cruise with them last year I was only able on due to illness then we will lose Perla Diamante status. 36 since 2000 yet downgrade at club level so much for being loyal yet still think of staying with them as we know so many personal working for Costa. One point I would make is with enough points and only cruising with them once every other year, you could in theory book an inside basic get upgraded to a suite, priority boarding, Intenditore drinks package, 75 OBC, club dining and free baggage transfer to & from ship, they must be losing out on those deals, almost paying you to go.
  9. Hi, Hi they did experiment closing the buffet at night but now in general it is still open until 9 pm this also depends on ship size & use, the Mediterranea is a small ship & normally does not need to open late. Bear in mind though when the ships tours get back the buffet is always open for those who would rather eat later. There is only two choices now in all restaurants but 5 courses so you have still a good selection, plus three or four pay for dishes. You may select a table for two/four in MDR but availability comes first, ( see Maître 'd if not happy) Breakfast in One MDR is normally from 7.30 to 9am but again depending on ship docking & tours. Don't forget you can get room service free in premium cabins this still includes some main dishes.
  10. Well this is a new one on me, but I think you should be able to leave the ship early morning if Custom's & Immigration have finished all their checks, you may have to take your own luggage ashore with you so keep it in the cabin. This is because it may not be in arrivals hall quite that early & don't forget to book a taxi transfer. You will also need to inform reception the day before so they are aware of your early flight & departure time next morning.
  11. Hi Raj.K, As Riana said some of those ports are busy and ships tours sometimes are the best option, it really does mean a lot of researching & as we now rarely venture ashore things do change quickly. Best deck for sightseeing, well Suites aft are wonderful for me I can view those, drink wine & nap to my hearts content. I guess deck 9 & ten (Armonia & Cleopatra) but if you are up early Aft by the Apollo Bar on 9 is best spot, but balcony cabins are second option I guess if you like it quieter. They should know me by tenpingeo but Geoff & Pat from Kent should do.
  12. Hi, Well seeing that you are a family of four do research all your POC's as usually a taxi is best option for four people, most ports on that cruise are doable either via taxi direct or try Cruiseexcurtions which we have used. Not absolutely sure the Mediterranea is a good ship for children although sailing from Amsterdam would give you more English speakers' on board and the kids club is very good, is there any sea days on the itinerary? Costa are multi-lingual & do look after the children but depends on the number of English speaking on board. If there are mostly port days then they will enjoy the experience. A direct phone call is better for cabins, get them to phone you back to discuss your requirements often Amsterdam is block booked, but next Port has better cabins on offer we often get on at Dover rather than Amsterdam same price but no flights to pay for, ask to speak to Silvia or Simona if you are able to join somewhere else better.
  13. Depending on how much you drink each night, but on the whole the Brindiano is perfectly okay for most people, you can always just pay the extra for any other drink without costing you the price of the upgrade. You will be okay in a premium balcony which gives you choice of dining times & Suite on Mediterranea are not much bigger, she is now classed as a small ship but we do like her (4 times) ship excursions are more expensive than DIY however the Icelandic cruise is a one of & maybe you are better off sticking to ships tours which we did & enjoyed them. The ship is different to others of the fleet as deck two is the main entertainment deck, but she is just about the right size & does not seem as crowded as the much larger ships. Once you have booked (25% deposit) you are only charged £50 each if you pull out before 56 days, then you can go to their web site and look at all the tours being offered, food, water, wine, restaurant's, by going to mycosta at bottom of page.
  14. rJust of Favolosa water was still available by the glass in bars with packages. But come on if there are two of you that drink lots of water buy the water pack not bad value if you have to pay for it. Not sure even Costa would not include a glass of water on the drinks menu.
  15. Speaking as a UK resident water is available in the buffet only, unless you have a package. All drinks under 9 euros by the glass is roughly included in drinks packages which are reasonable. Water is available by the glass or purchased in cabins/bars. Water by the bottle in MDR's is charged for .just under 3 euro's Only suites & the Intenditore package hand out bottles in the cabin. ( the US has a deal that gives water free in MDR's) Booking in the UK having a suite or premium cabin normally gives you one of the packages which as said above covers all drinks by the glass up to 9 euro's. Overall depending on 5 drinks a day these packages are good value even for Classic cabins. Having a Suite & Intenditore is the best value about 50 pp per day included. There are several other options including water/beer/wines packs once you have booked.
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