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  1. The 50% for club members is only on some ships & certain cruises. The Diadema for instance offered it for our three Christmas & New year cruises yet not offered on the Favolosa this year. Never even heard of any discount for the internet for suite guests but they did have lots of offers for their Anniversary year which did include reasonable deal on internet packages. Again different Countries different rules it seems.
  2. I really think Costa need to sort this out. Last year we had to cancel our September cruise around your 60 days before departure, yet we only lost £100 they returned the remainder of the 25% deposit it was in our bank within the week. Seem like there are different rules for different Countries, not only with this but also other on-board perks. OBC and even some transfers. These with the introduction of the 'New Club Rules' are making mockery of the word LOYALTY.
  3. tenpin

    MDR Menus

    Very hard to get a hard & fast menu now, the kids club is great & they often have meals together. The new 'cut food waste' is ongoing & menus are limited however there is still plenty of great food & if worst come to the worst just ask Maître 'd for some you or kids would like, most times they will try to accommodate you if they are able to. The buffet is the place for the greatest choice or the burger bar aft on most ships.
  4. As far as I know you can still purchase a meal in Club Restaurant and subject to there being room the whole cruise. The upgrades given by Costa to a Suite means far more people eating in there although some still enjoy the evening mean with others in the MRD. The Samsara restaurant was another option however I am not sure of the lay-out on the Smerelda yet Costa was thinking of moving to more any-time dining with more new venues.
  5. Hi Riana, That is okay in practice however just had a big row with Costa over that exact wording in T & C's. Phoned them in Southampton & after a long winded argument where they kept asking for final payment they agreed that although somewhere it states 30 days before departure or 45 days it was in fact 56. Finally they agreed 30 days, next day got a phone call from H.O. in Genoa demanding payment but stating your list above for any cancellation, although we don't really care when we pay for cruise with our travel insurance it's covered. Since then I posted a new thread about this and replies from different Countries are applied, like everything with Costa. One other thing T.A's often ask for final payment in advance of Costa's.
  6. Even though you paid in full or even just the 25% deposit you only lose £50 each if you cancel within 56 days, it then increases each 14 days until 7 days before cruise when the whole cost is non-refundable. This came in last year before which we only paid £100 deposit balance due 56 days prior to cruise.
  7. Interesting though, in the late 1990's & early 20's Costa was renowned for the fabulous Pizza restaurants on board. I really miss those on the current new ships although the Diadema has one of sorts, but merged with a burger bar.
  8. The savings between a Classic cabin & Premium price must be considered especially if you are a drinker of coffee water or alcohol, it does not take much to reach the premium cabin price which carries a drinks package. The other options are purchases of the water/wine/ coffee/beer packages offered by Costa once you have booked. Friends on one cruise had a basic inside yet paid more when we finally worked out how many drinks they had to pay for than us in a premium balcony over the nine days.
  9. On the Diadema in the club restaurant we were able to order a pizza as it was outside the restaurant, that said the Maître d' was special nothing was to much trouble for him & he tried to fill any request we made.
  10. tenpin


    I think you may be a little early looking any further than the first two pages, best to start looking 3/4 months before departure or start your own & get notified for any replies. Costa is not a popular line for rolls calls do not seem to attract to many English speaking guests. Although from Singapore you should get enough replies a bit closers to your sailing date.
  11. Yes to both. Although as a PS guest you will eat in the Club restaurant which does have slightly better choices. The internet package is okay, but it is very slow on board. Long time since our time on Luminosa but over all Costa's latest brain wave is ' Stopping food waste' so selection is limited, but with five courses to choose from adequate. As said above given the price Costa is value for the money, so if itinerary is what you want the time is right then go for it. The Luminosa is the ship of light so take sunglasses.
  12. It seems different for each Country, but it is clearly written in the T & C's as 30 days. As I said I emailed then phoned both times told 30 days, yet within two days they were asking for payment. They really need to make it clear, although it makes little difference to the refunds if cancelled. I am not sure I agree with all these different rules & even perks different Countries have. Thank you for your replies.
  13. 3.1 When the contract is entered into, the Passenger shall pay a deposit of no less than 25% of the price, and the balance shall be paid at least 30 days before departure. This is part of Costa's T & C's contacted Costa last month to ask when our final payment for the cruise in Sept was due was told 30 days before departure, yet Monday got an email saying final payment is overdue & they might cancel our booking. Phoned & after some time was told that it is different for the UK we have to pay 56 days before departure, when I ask about the above clause they then agreed I need not pay until the 30 days. Second email yesterday demanding final payment. We phone Genoa & was told we must pay balance then or lose the cruise. My question is are other Countries paying 30 before or are we all paying before 56 days. Just interested as I often get ask on forums & prefer to give correct information so not to miss-lead guests.
  14. The only time I ever saw luggage taken ashore from tender was in Guernsey from the Sea Princess when friends of ours departed our cruise although we all boarded at Southampton. The luggage went ashore separately & was held in a store for the ten or so passengers who disembarked there, my friend said that passport were checked against each suit case taken.
  15. It is very rare that the de-barking will be in a tender port, This is not practical for many reason one of which you stated (luggage) although it can happen if very small numbers of passengers are getting off. Only once have we left the ship by tender and that was in the Caribbean & receiving some bad news. It was not fun even with plenty of help from the crew.
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