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  1. I completely disagree. Obviously you are "vaccinated", so why the worry? Quit worrying about what others are doing and just do as you see fit for yourself.
  2. I'm sorry I have no input to give. I have been following your cruise adventures for years. I just want to say that we are going on an all-inclusive to Cozumel in May - first time for AI, wish it were a cruise. Anyway, I hope you share your adventures. We would love input. I think we're going to try and get our Scuba certificates while we're there. We've done the beginners and wanted to get certified, but last year (2020) we were going to go for it on our cruise and of course we know what happened with that. I will share what we experience in May with everyone here on CC.
  3. I just hope they don't all go belly up. My husband and I were finally at that age where we were comfortable with maybe taking a cruise a year, and at that financial stability to afford us to do this very comfortably. Cruising is our favorite vacation.
  4. So yes, I understand the medical and evacuation. In the past I have just purchased evacuation insurance. My Credit card has travel insurance for things like lost baggage, baggage delays, airline cancelations and delays - things like that just like the insurance does. It does not cover the other things, but I have good medical insurance that does cover all medical issues even out of country, and it does cover transportation costs to the nearest appropriate medical center. As expensive as evacuations are, I like to purchase extra - as it does not cost much anyway, so why not be covered as much as possible for that. I understand not everybody has a good insurance though, so it definitely makes sense for that. Good points though. BTW, I purchased insurance, I feel like even needing it for even one thing would pay for it, and I just figure it as part of the cost of cruising.
  5. No, not just cancelations, but I mostly buy to cover the majority of expenses I might be out of f something happens. BTW, I still purchased, but am just wondering. I think now that cruise lines are allowing FCC for cancelations that trip insurance will be applied less often than it has been in the past. The majority of people on here at CC I see post about using their insurance is for canceling due to un-forseen circumstances before the cruise.
  6. Yep! That's me too. Except mine is scheduled for Aug 23.
  7. Right? This whole thing has been a crap shoot from the start. I feel punk'd at this point.
  8. Hi all. I'm here making my final payment and thinking about trip insurance, which I did not purchase when I booked b/c we booked in February at the beginning of this Covid mess, so I've been watching the cruise news and waiting. It's looking like our cruise will be a go, at least at this point (end of August). I'm now wondering if it's even worth it for us to purchase trip insurance, and what do the rest of you feel about it? Now that the cruiseline is offering a full refund if they cancel, or a full FCC if I cancel within 48 hours, plus the airline is offering no change fees and future credits if I cancel. If they cancel I get refunded. Basically I will be out a lot less money now than I would have before covid. What do you all think?
  9. Wearing masks. If we are required to wear masks, that will be a deal breaker for both my husband and myself.
  10. I have a cruise booked at the end of August. If it leaves, I leave.
  11. I am not loyal to any brand. Pretty sure I would love them all. I've cruised Carnival, RC and MSC. I have an upcoming cruise booked on Celebrity.
  12. 100% money back. I am not loyal to any one brand and with my job and the limited days available for me to take off, I have to take what is available.
  13. What is the entertainment? That's what we're most concerned about on our upcoming cruise in August. Glad to hear it is better. It's the one thing we've seen others post over and over that was lacking.
  14. I'm going to resurrect this post. Please update when you're back how everything went. We are going to these same exact locations in August 2020 on our Celebrity cruise. My husband and I are wanting to pick 3 dive spots. We are newbies - we went on our first scuba adventure on our last cruise, in St Maarten. We absolutely loved it, which I knew we would. We'd like to get certified. If anyone has any advice for me, please let me know. Thanks!
  15. This is exactly the kind of info I was looking for. Thanks guys. On this trip we are not looking for entertainment such as slides and rock walls, etc., but more laid back entertainment, and wouldn't expect all the other stuff from Celebrity anyway. With this being so port intensive, it wouldn't be necessary anyway. We do like live music, wine tasting, etc. We are really not too picky, but we do like to enjoy entertainment while on vacation. We are not big drinkers, so not into the heavy partying scene. I just want to be sure that there is stuff to do other than just sit poolside all day or evening.
  16. Hi all, I'm now in the search mode for our next cruise. A little about me and dh and how we cruise: We have been on approximately 7 or 8 cruises and have cruised Carnival, RCCI and MSC. We love them all, and we are not picky. We've learned things are different, from ship to ship and company to company, and yet many things are the same, and we like the diversity of trying new things. We prefer port days to sea days, as we are people who are always on the go on vacation - we like to experience things. I do tend to forget that we are in our late "ahem" 40's, and not in our 20's anymore. My poor husband. We are recently empty nesters, and our young adult children will not be taking the trip with us, I don't think. Our first priority when booking a cruise is that it matches our vacation dates. My husband and I both have to bid for our vacation dates every year, and I do not have wiggle room in my dates, which makes it tough to work around. I'm throwing around a few ideas, but one I really like is the Equinox 12 day Caribbean sailing, it goes to several ports, none of which we have been to, and we really want to do a lot of scuba diving in different areas. I coerced my hubby into scuba on our cruise last year, and it was the highlight of our trip, and now we are going to get certified. He likes the idea of cruising and diving rather than do a land based scuba vacation. I have some particular questions about the entertainment onboard the Equinox. We will be going to several ports, but there will still be about 4 sea days, plus we're going during hurricane season, so that can mess things up and it's a risk we are willing to take. We like to go to all the different shows and entertainment venues - comedy, music, acts, etc. I'm curious if there's good evening entertainment onboard? Also, although we are water people, we do not like to just hang around the pool all day. We do for a little while but then get bored if there's no activities. We do love to soak in hot tubs and saunas and things like that. On our last cruise we actually went on two different cruise lines back to back and I had us doing ship tours, escape rooms, bowling, zip lining, and the list goes on. Again, my poor husband. I'm going to have to scale that back. All this just to ask if there's any recommendations, or things for me to consider, or any messages to point me to. I appreciate it!
  17. Ha ha. Sounds like what I will be doing as well.
  18. This sounds like my husband and I as well, although we're 48-49. I do like a mix of age ranges and we're not into the partying, but we do like to participate in things and stay up and have fun. I hadn't considered this line, but it will fit during my vacation days next year, and looks like it might be worth a try.
  19. Wow. We went on Seaside last August and this was NOT the case with us - we absolutely loved it, the staff was amazing and ALL spoke English to us. The ship was probably the cleanest I've ever been on and the food was on par with Carnival and RC - not top of the line, but we always found plenty that we liked. I also did not notice a lot of smoking areas, and we are not smokers. We did not have the YT experience, I'm not into that, we just had so much fun and there was a lot to do. We will definitely do MSC again.
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