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  1. Not available after first day (realized it was answered by a previous poster but wanted to "second" the information)
  2. Yes. There are premium menu items that have an additional cost + 20% gratuity. They are clearly marked on the menu.
  3. Technically, it really is their business...... they are the front line of both enforcement of the SDP (making sure it's non transferrable) and also security (to make sure the card being swiped is actually being used by the owner). I'm sure you'd have a different opinion if you dropped your room card and found your SDP was emptied or someone ran up $100s in PBP extra charges or purchased a new Nikon camera or.........
  4. Most items are still complimentary but a few select items are ala carte and that's where the 20% is applied. * sorry, meant to quote the OP
  5. This has been my experience as well. Specialty restaurants have ala carte items so it makes it much easier for staff to swipe and charge accordingly.
  6. Sorry you didn't get the upgrade but to be "very disappointed" is sorta dramatic. Could've purchased the upgrade outright and guarantee the stateroom you wanted or easily could've bid more for a better chance. Just my opinion: to be very disappointed places too much emphasis on not getting a deeply discounted upgrade that now diminishes excitement for a great cruise / vacation. You will be comparing your current stateroom to "what if... " or "it could've been...." The Upgrade Advantage Program feeds into people's competitive nature and the emotional let down after not getting it is very real. I always tell people to bid like you play Powerball..... set the expectation to win realistically and super low so if you lose it was expected and if you win - celebrate.
  7. Since you didn't mention your child's age..... I'm not 100% sure of NCL's policy concerning single parent travel so it may be worth calling.... Most cruise lines do not require a child travel consent form if a child is traveling with only one parent. However, if parent and child do not share a last name, many lines do require you to bring your child's passport and birth certificate as legal proof that you're related. Some cruise lines, such as Princess and Holland America, require children cruising with only one parent to provide a passport, even on closed-loop, round trip U.S. sailings where a birth certificate is otherwise acceptable travel documentation. (This is for emergency situations in which families might need to be debarked in a foreign country.) It's always a good idea for adoptive parents, legal guardians and separated or divorced parents to bring copies of legal documents showing their status, as a precaution.
  8. You should explain why you're taking the picture and not assume they know what it's for. Complaints made to Guest Services require the same information.
  9. I think you misunderstood...... they don't have dinner with a passenger they can have dinner with a fellow crew member (guest)
  10. Agreed that the concierge is there for that but I've been burned by the conceirge getting distracted by another task or the sticky note flutters away.
  11. @lixogab mentioned the privasea and those would be considered obstructed, any balcony that may have a lifeboat UNDER the balcony and obstructs the view of the water directly below is considered obstructed, a lower balcony with the "waterfront" area (not on the Jewel class) UNDER the balcony and obstructs the view of the water directly below is considered obstructed. This is for the lawyers when people whine that they can't see the water directly below, etc. I'm not being critical because bidding is not for everyone but I'd recommend bidding is probably not for you as your anxiety over location and category will not make it enjoyable. Call NCL or your TA directly and see about purchasing an upgrade so you can pick the room.
  12. Haven is 130 On line reservations are capped at 8. Just have 2 people book 6 each and then make sure you go to the dinner reservation desk once onboard and make sure they're aware it's for a party of 12. If you arrive at dinner and expect them to do it on the spot it probably won't happen. Just an FYI..... Teppanyaki is a "table" for 8 so keep that in mind if you are going there.
  13. Safer that you personally set a reminder at 121 just so you remember and go over last minute changes for day 120. If you don't get your desired time, don't panic as you can always make them once on board (only about 27% are available for on line booking) There's a reminder within MyNCL.com but nothing that actively reaches out to you.
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