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  1. I will go back to my question.... the list of 15 suite perks is pretty concise so what are you specifically asking??
  2. and also includes a list..... midway down there is a section "indulge in exclusive amenities"...... clicking on those 3 items (special services, delicious extras, thoughtful touches) is a total of 15 suite perks (or a list)
  3. The ability to use iMessage without purchasing an internet package has been permanently disabled.
  4. What details are you specifically asking for? The link I provided in #6 has the perk list for suites and penthouses....
  5. Literally the 1st link returned when placing "NCL Suite Amenities" (your words) in the Google search bar is the NCL Suite Amenities page that lists the amenities: https://www.ncl.com/why-cruise-norwegian/cruise-accommodations/cruise-suites-and-penthouses Not being a jerk but as Captain Obvious might point out..... you asked a question and the list was easily found on Google. If you asked incorrectly then that's not on those who try to help
  6. Google has a useful and powerful search engine....
  7. If you have crappy printouts..... place them in your luggage in case they get lost and just grab some tags at the terminal. The porters always have some.
  8. Sounds oddly like post #9 ☺ 😁
  9. I have actual experience with this. Port Canaveral Shuttle to Cocoa Beach is approx $17 (or something like that) .....the $17 was charged and a line item credit for the promo was $17. While at the Shore Excursion Desk chasing my Latitude discount, I asked about the $50 and they pointed to the T&Cs where it said the promo has "no monetary value". It made perfect sense to me so if I was the exception I am fine with only the $17. If you were to get the full $50..... it's a no brainer to choose the cheapest excursion, never go or cancel, get charged, get the Latitude discount and make money on the balance. That would be one of the biggest loopholes that would light up every cruise board.
  10. and if only one of you want to do the $35 excursion then the promo will only be $35. The $15 balance is not available for another excursion etc
  11. So when NCL accepted your voluntary non-refundable bid and upgraded you..... you defined it as being taken for a ride. Did you even look at the OV locations?? But when NCL does an absolute 180 degree turn on their posted T&Cs to offer you a refund and original room on a choice you made..... all you say is "NCL saw SOME sense". If it were me I would be singing praises to NCL for giving me the gift of this.
  12. and if it's only one of you then you will get $35 (there's no credit for the $15 balance)
  13. Nope.... as numerous people have already posted.... the excursion credit is applied at the completion of an excursion. This will include those excursions you PRE PAY on line thus not having a shore excursion on your stateroom portfolio. The promo will appear as a $50 credit on your stateroom portfolio which can be used for anything other than DSC and if you have a Latitude discount that will be a second line item credit (that one you typically have to visit Shore Excursion Desk because of pre paying).
  14. Yup ...... "combative and aggressive in support of a belief"
  15. Maybe you don't need a lesson on verbiage but certainly you could use an afternoon with Webster...... the OP asked for the "earliest" not "a more realistic timeline" or "normal" or "average" or "most likely" ....... we all answered the OP's question exactly as it was asked asked. and post #7 verified it's not always "a few days before a cruise" when someone was awarded at day 60. NCL's own promo flyer states "a bid can be awarded at any time after being submitted"...... and thru your own posting "a bit out in some cases" is anytime between submission and a few days before the cruise. The OP's question was asked and answered.... Happy sailing
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